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TimeSaver project:

TimeSaver 0.5 running in Gnome

Improve your productivity

About TimeSaver

TimeSaver is simple time management application. It is designed to improve productivity by keeping track of the time spent on different activities.


TimeSaver is developed with c++ using wxWidgets. Project is created using Kdevelop on Ubuntu linux. Win32 port is in progress, made with Microsoft Visual C++ and MinGW

Complete API documentation made with Doxygen can be found here.

Latest news

  • Fixed tab order in New task, New subtask and Edit task window.



  • Managing session with many tasks
  • Each task contains:
    • Name
    • Type
    • Description
    • Duration
    • Command
  • Save/load session as xml file
  • View report in browser using xsl stylesheet
  • Simple task inserting
  • Manage subtasks
  • Run command after task has expired
  • Play sound after task has expired
  • Session and task duration preview
  • Task searching
  • Task editing
  • Session autosave

Suggestions and requests

Feel free to leave here your suggestion or feature request for TimeSaver. Things submited here and in TimeSaver tracker will be considered and implemented as possible.

Please keep the list in order so that is easy to read.

External links

More details about TimeSaver project, bug reports and forums can be found here:

TimeSaver wiki todo

  • FAQ
  • Usage help
  • Hints and tips

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