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Tire Kingdom Coupons

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Tire Kingdom

Tire Kingdom originally opened in 1972 in a farmer’s market in West Palm Beach. At the time, the company had an inventory of only 50 tires on consignment and $150 in operating funds. They conducted business in a stall measuring only 200 square feet located in the West Palm Beach Farmer’s Market.

Just starting out, the company operated completely on a cash and carry basis. When customers began to explain that it would be easier for them to have their tires installed at the same location where they purchased them, the company borrowed $500 and purchased tire-changing equipment.

Business began to increase at an exponential rate and before long the owners had opened Tire Kingdom stores in other cities, including Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Sarasota and St. Petersburg as well as around West Palm Beach. Tire Kingdom continued to expand and by the year 1988 they had stores located throughout South Florida.

Tire Kingdom History

Over the next twenty years, the company continued in its expansion efforts and opened stores throughout the country. Today, there are now Tire Kingdom stores located in many other states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Ohio and Vermont. TBC Retail Group acquired Tire Kingdom in 2000.

TBC Corp. is known as being one of the largest marketers and distributors of tires in the country. Along with owning Tire Kingdom, TBC also owns and operates National Tire and Battery as well as Merchant’s Tire & Auto Center. The company is based in Juno Beach, Florida and has a total of 730 stores. In addition, TBC also takes care of franchising for nearly 500 stores under the Big O Tires brand.

Tire Kingdom

Throughout the years Tire Kingdom has become known for many things, but primarily for selling name brand tires at competitive prices. Just a few of the tire brands offered by Tire Kingdom include General, Toyo, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Yokohama, Sigma, Uniroyal and BF Goodrich. Tire Kingdom also offers a distinctive one month guarantee.

Under this program customers receive the benefit of being able to return tires purchased from Tire Kingdom within a one month period and exchange them for a new set if they are not completely satisfied with their purchase. Tire Kingdom also offers a promise to customers that they will install their tires within one hour. This feature has made Tire Kingdom extremely popular as it helps to minimize the wait time for customers.

Tire Kingdom Services

Tire Kingdom offers a variety of services beyond full tire replacement such as wheel alignment and balancing. The company also provides warranty plans and extended service protection. While Tire Kingdom is perhaps best known for its tire services, they do also offer other types of auto services including suspension system repairs, brake service, air conditioning service, drive line service, fuel system maintenance, oil changes and cooling system services.

Most tires carried by Tire Kingdom are offered year around; however, customers should note that the company does tend to offer more options for all weather tires and snow tires during relevant seasons.

Tire Kingdom Coupons

While Tire Kingdom does offer very competitive prices, it can always be helpful to locate Tire Kingdom coupons to assist in saving on the cost of tires and other services. There are many locations where you can find Tire Kingdom coupons, but the best place is the company’s official website at www.TireKingdom.com. By clicking on the savings page you can find the special savings and deals the company offers.

All you need to do is click on the coupon to print and then take it into to your nearest Tire Kingdom to begin saving money. In addition, Tire Kingdom also makes it available for customers to sign up for their email list. As a member of the email list, you will receive notifications regarding special deals, Tire Kingdom coupons and new products.

Furthermore, Tire Kingdom also frequently advertises with printed coupons in local markets. You may also be able to find special deals advertised in your local newspaper.

Tire Kingdom Online

At the current time, Tire Kingdom is offering a number of coupons and special deals on their website. For instance, they are offering a basic oil change service for only $17.99. this special deal is valid for most vehicles and includes up to six quarts of conventional motor oil, a filter change, four tire rotation and 22-point inspection.

Semi-synthetic or high mileage incurs an additional $17 charge. Other current deals and Tire Kingdom coupons offered on the site include a coupon to buy four tires and receive a $100 Visa card. The company is also offering a special deal on NAPA shocks where you receive a fourth product free when you buy three. You can also receive a reward card valued at up to $20 after purchasing a Valvoline oil change.

There is also a coupon worth $20 off maintenance services as well as a $80 mail-in rebate for Goodyear or Dunlop tires. You can also receive $10 off the purchase of batteries as well as special discounts on wheel and tire packages. Tire Kingdom is also offering a tire maintenance package for only $19.99.

The best way to keep track of Tire Kingdom coupons and special deals the company may be offering at any given time is to frequently peruse the company’s website and also to sign up for their email list. Coupons and deals offered by Tire Kingdom do change periodically, so it can pay off to stay on top of the changing ads.

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