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To Win the Royal Heart: Princess Master

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Princess Background Questions

What do you enjoy about being a noble? What do you dislike about being a noble?

How did the King and Queen die? How did you take it?

What are you looking for in a Suitor?

Who is your best friend? Who is your worst enemy?

Are you excited to be the queen of a kingdom? Why or why not?

What do you look like?

Do you have any secrets? What are they?

Why is your Independence so high / low?

Why is your Intelligence so high / low?

Why is your Purity so high / low?

What's your name?

Kingdom Background Questions

What kind of people live in the kingdom?

Is the kingdom at war? With who or what?

How well do the peasants of the kingdom like the nobility?

What is the most highly anticipated holiday of the year?

Who do the people of the kingdom pray to?

What season is it currently in the kingdom?

What real world civilizations and cultures are similar to the kingdom? In what ways?

What is the geography of the kingdom like? What is the weather like?

Is magic common, uncommon, or non-existent in the kingdom?

Are there any supernatural creatures that live in or near the kingdom?

What constant threat does the kingdom fear?

What is the name of the kingdom? What was it named after?

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