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To Win the Royal Heart: Suitors

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The Court Jester

You are the Court Jester. For years you have entertained the royal family with your antics and unique sense of humor. Now their daughter has come of age and is searching the kingdom for a Suitor...and you've got to prove you're more than just a fool. Or, barring that, that you're just a fool worthy of being a king. It would be a folly not to marry you!

Machismo 2, Suave 2, Cunning 2


Make the Princess laugh. (2)

Make another Suitor laugh. (2)

Fail miserably (read: get no successes) on a Virtue test. (1)

Burp or fart (audibly). (1)

Make up a limerick. (1)

Get hit with a piece of fruit or vegetable. (1)


What does your typical routine consist of?

What’s your best joke? What’s your worst joke?

Why were you chosen as a Jester? Are you insane? Do you have a speech impediment?

Did you ever aspire to be something other than a professional fool? What?

Do you have a pet that you use in your act? What is it and what is it named?

Do you wear a stupid hat with bells? Why?

What’s your name?

The Devil in Disguise

You are, quite literally, a Devil in Disguise. You've come from some far corner of some distant Hell to wed the orphan Princess. Maybe you're a demon prince looking to expand his realm, maybe you're the Adversary looking to solidify your hold over the mortal world, or maybe you're a devil who's lonely and genuinely loves the Princess. Whatever the case may be, the Princess is your prize and a quick trip back to Hell is what you have to look forward to if you fail.

Machismo 2, Suave 4, Cunning 3


Target the Princess’ Purity Virtue. (1)

Succeed at a Suave Virtue test. (1)

Cringe or wince every time someone mentions the name of the god of the kingdom. (1)

Allude to your infernal heritage. (1)

Creep out one of the other players (either Princess or Suitor). (2)


What kind of devil are you?

How will becoming the king of the kingdom further your nefarious plot?

What is your nefarious plot? Do you even have one?

Do you ever miss Hell? What do you miss about it most?

Have you ever done anything genuinely nice? Did you keep it a secret from all the other devils?

What's the worst thing you've ever done?

Does the natural world recoil around you? How does this manifest?

What’s your name?

The Foreign Prince

You have traveled far from a distant land to court the Princess of the kingdom. Luckily for you, her parents recent death has only sped up the process of courtship and you are moving in for the kill. You may have come to the kingdom purely for political reasons but now that you've met her, the Princess is actually quite fetching. Whether you're wooing her for love or power, woo her you must or you will return to your foreign kingdom empty handed. That wouldn't make papa very happy.

Machismo 3, Suave 4, Cunning 2


Speak in a foreign accent the entire Scene. (2)

Take a prompt from something another Suitor says or does to explain the difference between this kingdom and how things work, "...in my country" (1)

Use a form of greeting unique to your foreign kingdom. (1)

Target the Princess’ Independence Virtue. (1)

Succeed at a Suave Virtue test. (1)


What habit or custom do you still partake of that the people of the Princess' kingdom frown upon?

What country do you come from? What is it like?

How tired of people commenting on your accent are you?

Are you really a foreign prince or just a fraud with some faked paperwork and hired actors?

Are you interested in the Princess or just her kingdom?

What’s your name?

The Knight

Courageous to a fault, or at least the stories say, you are one of the royal knights. Knighted while the king was still alive you distinguished yourself from the other military men with outstanding service...or at least outstanding boasts about your service. Regardless, while you were happy to serve your kingdom as its mailed fist you would be willing to retire from the service early to lead from a big cushy throne. The Princess is kinda cute too so it seems like a win-win situation.

Machismo 4, Suave 3, Cunning 2


Verbally emasculate another Suitor. (1)

Explain why you got one of your military decorations. (1)

Target the Princess’ Independence Virtue. (1)

Succeed at a Machismo Virtue test. (1)

Boast about one of your adventures or the size of your weapon. (2)


What were you knighted for?

What is your relationship with your page like? What is his name?

Do the people tell stories of your courage? Your righteous anger? Your loyalty?

Have you ever run from a fight?

What weapon do you prefer to fight with?

Would you fight a dragon for your country?

What’s your name?

The Tomboy

You're not like other guys...uh, because you're not one. That's not going to stop you, though. You've taped down anything that might leave evidence to the contrary and you've made off to the castle to court the Princess. You've got a suitcase full of your father's old clothes and a vial of men's cologne. How could the Princess see through that? Unlike a lot of the other Suitors, you're sincerely interested in the Princess. Sincerely interested in parts of her anyway.

Machismo 4, Suave 2, Cunning 3


Do something to disguise yourself as a man (even if the player is male - draw a beard on your face or wear a fake one, speak as low as you can, etc.). (2)

Comment on how good the Princess smells. (1)

Target the Princess’ Intelligence Virtue. (1)

Succeed at a Machismo Virtue test. (1)

Flirt with another Suitor to distract him from the Princess. (1)


When was the first time you kissed a girl?

How long do you intend to keep your gender hidden?

Do you ever get in touch with your feminine side? Give details.

What do you look for in a Princess?

What is the name of the cologne you wear?

What’s your name?

The Vizier

As the king's most trusted adviser, long have you been the power behind the throne. Too long. Now the dusty old man is in a grave where he belongs and the throne is ripe for the taking. You have carefully maneuvered any true competition into the gallows and are ready to step in and take the Princess for your own. And if anybody else shows up to dispute it? You'll just advise the Princess against their company.

Machismo 2, Suave 3, Cunning 4


Target the Princess’ Intelligence Virtue. (1)

Succeed at a Cunning Virtue test. (1)

Make a reference to how something will be different, "...when I'm in charge." (1)

Rub your hands together and commend yourself whenever you gain dice to use at the end of the Scene. (1)

Act suspiciously nervous whenever the passing of the king and queen or the events surrounding their death come up. (2)


You watched the Princess grow up…wouldn’t marrying her be creepy?

Did you ever intentionally give the king poor advice?

What other member of the royal court annoys you the most?

Are you skilled in mesmerism or hypnotism?

What is the title of your magnum opus treatise on politics?

Do you lean to the left or the right? Literally?

What’s your name?

The Wizard

From your distant tower you have watched the kingdom suffer in its ignorance. You dream of enchanted ice blocks in every hut, cooling peasants on a hot midsummer's day. You dream of an army of golems protecting the kingdom so that the soldiers might rest and keep their bodies intact. You dream of farms of plenty that harvest themselves. But, mostly, you dream about the Princess and that big empty throne. Maybe a love potion would do the trick?

Machismo 3, Suave 2, Cunning 4


Target the Princess’ Purity Virtue. (1)

Succeed at an Cunning Virtue test. (1)

Make casual references to an invisible familiar whose currently accompanying you. (1)

When the Princess' disapproves of something, offer to curse the object of her disapproval. (1)

Give other Suitors the evil eye by staring them down and grimacing every time you make eye contact with them. (2)


What kind of magic do you work?

Who was your mentor in the arcane arts?

What would you do as king of the kingdom?

What is the strongest and most potent curse you have ever laid on another living being?

Do you have a specific gesture or word you must use when you cast spells? What is it?

Being a wizard means long hours of study memorizing painfully obtuse arcane laws. Do you ever feel like you were robbed of your childhood?

What’s your name?

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