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Todai Coupons

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For those who love good food but aren’t looking for the typical food, Todai creates both an inviting atmosphere while offering excellent fare at reasonable prices. The word “Todai” means “Light House” in the Japanese language. It reflects a more upscale look while offering All- you -can- eat buffet style. Todai prides themselves on offering traditional Japanese and seafood meals at affordable prices.

The choices of food can leave one breathless, from made to order hand rolls, fresh fruits, 35 varieties of sushi and many different salads. If you’re hungry for a heartier fare, one has their choice of chicken, beef or pork items and along with this they offer both Asian soups and an area which serves Japanese noodles. For dessert, if there’s any room left, there are an abundance of cakes, pastries and cookies, baked in the French style where fresh fruit and toppings can be added.

Todai first came into existence back in 1985, in Santa Monica, California. It quickly expanded to the outer lying towns of Glendale, Studio City in the San Fernando Valley as well as Woodland Hills. With a vision for the future, a number of investors turned Todai into a franchise. The new CEO, Mr. Hans Kim, restructured the company and opened the newly formed, company owned restaurant in San Jose, California. Four years later, Hong Kong had its first Todai restaurant. It has continued to grow ever since, continuing to offer fresh, authentic Japanese food buffet style in different locations throughout the world.

Menu Options

Not only do they specialize in sushi, such as nigiri and gunkan, but offer delectable entrees in the form of friend calamari, hakisoba, Chinese jiaozi and Korean galbi. Their extensive menu will certainly satisfy anyone‘s appetite. If you are in the mood for a Japanese or domestic beer, you can find one which will suit your taste as well. It is a friendly place with a great atmosphere. It is obvious by their extensive menu that they aim to please.

Todai Seafood Buffet

Ways to Save at Todai

In these difficult times, it is nice to know that you can go out to eat and take your family to a great dining experience, without paying exorbitant prices. Todai makes it even easier by offering coupons which can be used at their many locations. There are a number of sites which can be accessed online where coupons can be downloaded and brought to the restaurant and take advantage of certain specials which may be going on. Below are mentioned a few:

You can receive $5.00 off any $25 buffet purchase at this site, or $10 off a $60 buffet purchase or a “Buy 4 and Get one Free”, a great deal for a family. These coupons, found at various coupon blogs can be printed on your home computer and brought to the restaurant.

This blog contains people’s experiences at Todai and how they received a coupon for money off at certain locations.


By going to this site, you can be lead directly to the Todai site which will activate the offer.

Coupon Circle

Look for their generous offers through these sites and read people’s accounts of where they found their offers, through the online blog.

As the L.A. food critic, Elmer Dills said of Todai restaurant, it is “The mother of all seafood buffets.”

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