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TRESemmé Coupons

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Tresemme Hair Care Products

One of the best brands of hair care products is TRESemme which can be found in its black and white bottles in most of today's retailers. Since it is so widely distributed this brand may be perceived as a low quality product, especially since the normal price per bottle averages around $4.00.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. A core philosophy at the TRESemme is making salon quality style and products affordable for the everyday consumer.

This philosophy beats through everything the TRESemme company does. Their website contains step-by-step how-to's for hair styling so that anyone with an internet connection can create the same styles that they see on the runway models.

This is an important addition to their site since they are the official hair care sponsor of Bravo's "The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection" for the second season in a row as well as for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the fifth season running in 2010.

New Product Lines

Their latest product line is the Climate Control line which aims at letting people have fabulous hair no matter the weather. Other product lines include their line for curls, colored hair and their Naturals line. The Naturals line has ingredients certified by the USDA as organic which bring shine and strength back to a person's hair.

Tresemme Coupons

TRESemme consistently aims at trying to cover the hair care needs of all its clients, no matter their background. In August 2010, during the Mercedes-Benz fashion week, the TRESemme Salon and Lounge used its unique two story design to help women achieve their dreams of having professional looks.

The upper story was used specifically for dry styling while the lower story was filled with professional photographers for the women to have their pictures taken. Photos of the fashionistas were posted on the company's Facebook page where the models could make a digital debut.

History of Tresemme

TRESemme can trace its roots back to 1947 where it began as a salon brand from Godefroy Manufacturing Company in St.Louis, Missouri. They chose to name their brand after a national spokesperson and leader in the hair care industry at the time named Edna L. Emme.

They continued catering to salons through 1968 when they were purchased by Alberto-Culver, the maker of Alberto-VO5. At this time TRESemme was a regional line of hair colors. They soon branched into the other products that they have become so well known for: their mousses, shampoos and conditioners. Despite the product changes, they still stayed in the salons and continued their market growth there.

Then, in the early 1990's they changed direction and launched into the general consumer market in the USA. Their launch created a completely new segment of affordable salon quality products which a typical consumer could purchase.

On the heels of that success, in 1991, Alberto-Culver acquired Cederroth, a Swedish firm, and brought TRESemme into Sweden, making it an international brand. In 2005, Alberto-Culver brought TRESemme into the United Kingdom which gave the company an impressive growth boost and furthered its efforts to reach a diverse audience with affordable products.

Tresemme Coupons

To continue its efforts to make TRESemme a brand that people have access to, the company has made its presence felt on avenues such as Facebook and Twitter. On the company's main page, www.TRESemme.com, there is a section where a new-comer may sign up to receive news, coupons and other offers. Offline, coupons may be found in the Sunday paper in most areas.

With a highly diverse product line, TRESemme has created a company which caters to customers who prize quality at reasonable prices. Their product line contains shampoos, conditioners, mousse, hair sprays, gels, dry shampoos, styling sprays and cremes. TRESemme has won Beauty Awards from Shecky's Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Woman's Health, Self, People and Allure magazines.

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