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Contributions wanted. - BluWiki is unique in that original page authors normally decide who can edit their page. By putting this banner up, the author(s) of this page are soliciting your assistance. Please help them by contributing useful information to it. You might find more information about what is wanted in the discussion of this page.

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A tumblelog in a bliki
(That's a blog in a wiki)
For chance collaboration
With edits quite quiki
This unfortunate creation
Is named a tumbliki
If you hated this poem
We welcome edits, picky!

What's a tumbliki?

A tumbliki is a quickfire blog in a wiki. An example is Talk:Tumbler.

That doesn't help much

Begin with a blog. A blog is an online journal or commentary. Make it a tumblelog. Tumblelogs have short, frequent entries and are much more mixed up and random than usual. Write it in a wiki. A wiki is a community site which makes collaboration and linking between pages easier. Blogs and wikis are both easy to edit, but sometimes people make blogs in wikis to help collaboration. These are known as a bliki. Hence a tumblelog in a wiki is called a tumbliki.

Did you follow that?

The idea hasn't fully evolved yet. Contribute to a tumbliki or start your own and help shape these ideas!

How do I create a tumbliki?

Edit your user page or a talk page to create a subpage for your tumbliki. For example, you could add a personal tumbliki to your user page (which you can get to by clicking your user name at the top of the screen). Then select edit and add a subpage called 'tumbliki' with:


You can use another name if you prefer. Save the page and click on the new link. You may wish to subdivide your bliki by creating further subpages. You should tell the world it's a bliki, by adding the following template:


To add a blog entry to your tumbliki, use the following text:


Or to include the optional title:


The curly braces and 'subst' are used to substitute in a bliki entry template. Titles are less common in tumblelogs and tumblikis than there blog and bliki counterparts, but here is an example:

{{subst:Entry|Fuel prices today. Tut!}}

Save the page. You have created the blog box, now its time to write the content. You will see that the entry box has a link in it which can be clicked to fill out the entry. Entries can be edited later with 'edit entry' link.

Notice that when you have filled in the entry or comments, the top of the page will give links back to the main pages.

The easiest way to post comments about a blog entry is to use the new comment link.

Choosing between user and talk space

Tumblikis need to be in subpages of User or Talk space, e.g. 'User:Me/tumbliki' or 'Talk:Java/tumbliki'. The templates are not suitable for use in normal articles, since subpages are not allowed.

You need to decide whether to put your tumbliki in User space or Talk space. User: space is most appropriate for personal web logs. It's better to ask a user before changing someone's personal bliki, although leaving comments is fine.

In contrast, putting a tumbliki in Talk: space invites all users to be authors. This is where the real power of of the wiki comes in. Talk space tumblikis can be edited with more freedom than a normal knowledge-based wiki. That said, the normal principles of courtesy and collaboration should apply, and tumbliki communities might decide to have some guidelines. Is there a specific topic for the tumbliki? Will authors be allowed to edit eachother's work, and how much?

There is no need to restrict yourself to just one type of bliki. Why not have multiple blikis and tumblikis in both user and talk space, and link them together?

Where can I try out tumblikis?

You're also very welcome to start contributing right away to the Talk:Tumbler tumbliki.

You can also visit the Tumbliki discussion bliki, or to the Bliki Sandbox.

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