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Tupperware Coupons

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Overview of Tupperware

Tupperware is easily one of the most recognized names in home products, known for their wide array of products. They carry an assortment of kitchen products including preparation, containment, storage, and serving items.

The company was first introduced to the public in 1946 and has grown to be the most recognizable name for kitchen storage. They develop, manufacture, and distribute internationally with help from their parent company Tupperware brands Corporation. Rather than using commercials or individual retail stores, they market their self through direct sales and demonstrations.

The History of Tupperware

The company was developed in 1946 by a man named Earl Silas Tupper (1907-1983) in the United States. The first products available to the public were containers designed with plastic that were completely air tight. This made them perfect for storing food and the airtight feature make them stand out significantly against competitors. Tupper was one of the first people to utilize the direct marketing strategy.

This worked by having employees walk door to door and have women store carrots in a Tupperware container and other carrots in what they would typically store them in. The result would be the Tupperware keeping everything fresh and much tastier than the competing brands. This would often result in women throwing ‘Tupperware parties’.

These events would work by a representative coming to a home and showcasing different products where women would gather and look at the different containers. Originally, in the 50s and 60s, women had a strict dress code of nice clothing and even gloves to help set the mood of the party.


While Tupperware is now available in almost 100 countries around the world and in many local stores, a lot of their business still stems from Tupperware parties. Rewards are often given for those visiting a Tupperware party, depending on how much they buy and what products they select. In many countries, Tupperware demonstrations are displayed in malls to help attract new customers to their products.

Noteworthy Products and Specialties

While Tupperware is very popular due to their food storage containers, there is actually an array of products available that help make up the company. For example, the company is becoming popular for their plastic bowls such as mixing equipment.

In recent years, they have even branched out to fine cutlery, stainless steel cookware, chef’s knives, and other kitchen gadgets. Many of these new products are still up in the air over whether they will continue due to the uncertainty of the economy; they are still good options for those that want to purchase an array of kitchen equipment all from Tupperware.

A great feature about Tupperware that helps it to be one of the most popular names in kitchen products is the product guarantees. The plastic containers all have lifetime guarantees that they will not break or snap under regular use or it will be replaced without a problem.

Places to Purchase Tupperware

Many people are concerned about where to find Tupperware since it is not available in specific retailers. The best way to find products is through visiting stores that specialize in kitchen supplies or cookware. It is likely that almost any retailer which offers these kinds of products will carry Tupperware since it is very popular and high in demand with customers.

Visiting their website can also help an individual a lot when trying to find a location that is supplied with Tupperware. Some women go ahead and request a host to visit their home and form a Tupperware party so they can purchase pieces in bulk, while enjoying a get together with friends who are also interested in adding Tupperware to their kitchen supplies.

Finding Discounts for Tupperware

Many people are curious about whether or not any savings are available through Tupperware. While there are not any coupons that are regularly distributed by Tupperware, a customer can still find savings by looking out for retailers that are offering discounts.

One of the best routes for getting a good price on new Tupperware is through having a party and buying enough pieces to gain rewards. These rewards offered can vary from discounts to a lot of new pieces being added for free. Either way, an individual can save a good amount of money without a lot of trouble or cutting coupons.

Checking out Tupperware’s website can help a lot as well in showing a customer where to find Tupperware, the regular prices and the requirements that come with Tupperware sale parties.

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