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Unification conquest

UC is a free (pay for extra features) online game. It can be played in quasi-realtime or turn based (a certain number of turns is generated every hour depending on the server).

You get to:

-Explore for planets

-Manage an economy with its own in-game stock exchange

-Many player races

-Advanced combat strategies with many ships who each have strenghts and weaknesses

-Dig for mysterious artifacts on strange planets

-Form a clan and go to war against rival clans

If you play well, you may even end up having dozens of vassal empires! Treat them well enough and you can keep them long enough to get to the top 10!

Give it a try at http://www.spacefed.com/


UC: acronyms

UC: artifacts

UC: big time blunders, bankruptcy, and how to recover

UC: combat

UC: damage protection

UC: economics

UC: economics: terran: commercial: realtime server

UC: experimenting to figure out how the game works

UC: exploring VS conquering VS planet core capsules

UC: F.A.Q.

UC: fan fiction

UC: federations

UC: formulas

UC: humor

UC: links to useful UC sites

UC: logo making tutorial

UC: lords, vassals, honor

UC: mad at Stephen

UC: ministers

UC: misc

UC: missions

UC: new player first days

UC: planets

UC: player races

UC: power rating

UC: projects

UC: Special events

UC: specific federations

UC: Stack ships for all races

UC: Stephen said...

UC: switching races efficiently

UC: technology

UC: the differences between the servers

UC: transfering stuff between empires

UC: updates to the game

UC: Ways to get money

Feel free to add new categories if you can't fit your articles under an existing category.

If an article is missing when you click a link, feel free to write it!

Bug list

This game is rather new and has only one programmer known as Stephen Yong. It needs help identifying the bugs.

Bug list: UC: bugs

Similar games

-Galactic conquest has its own wiki page at GC

-Blacknova traders

-Trade wars

About the author of the UC wiki page

I will be known as empire relax, from the realtime UC server. I have no special administrative privileges or authority, and you may edit pages from this wiki as you see fit to help new players. Keep in mind this is the UC page, if you wish to talk about other similar game you should create your own page.

L.E.: As the work on this was done by me too, I can say that this is my work too. I was known as "haplea", but now I'm "dacus". I'm playing only on RT, so you can PM me there


The Google group UCtraining [4]

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