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UC: Galactic Warriors Federation

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Galactic Warriors Federation

Founding member, loneranger

Outpost rules

We have to set up our outposts to help everyone that we can.

Your outpost can only be 25% of the PR of the person it is helping per stack (i.e. the best you can hope for is two stacks of 24% of your PR each).

Relax's outpost: currently at 2 million and 0.65 millions.


Starbases are useless against spam. That is why so many people in this game use Spam. We have to build ourselves up by being smart.

Relax asks: then what is a good defense?

Loneranger says: If we're being spammed in numbers then we must fight back in numbers. Good destroyers and cruisers work well in numbers in an outpost. Ships with good weapons and large hulls.

War in progress

Post battle reports here to share advice, ideas, and constructive criticism with the full data.

UC: Galactic Warriors Federation: war in progress

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