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UC: acronyms

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BTC: big time capsule, worth 100 turns (on RT it is 30, but 45 if paid account)

TM terran metal

WC white crystal

RC red crystal

spam: to use lots and lots of ships of only one type (or overwhelmingly), as opposed to carefully planned stacking.

Stacking: the art of having your low PR per hull point ships die first, and to have the enemy's high PR per hull point die first. Against a spam, this usually means a stack or two of strafez fodder followed by ship stack(s) who do lots of damage.

STC: small time capsule. Worth 10 turns.

Temple craze: when people decide to buy out all of the ore market and build large temples, whose rewards are nearly worthless to whoever can afford the biggest temple. This is done when top players are bored and don't want to lose money due to reaching maxcash every 30 minutes or so, or when someone mistakenly think lower temples will get something.

Maru: marauder race. There is also a ship by that name.

noob, newbie, newb: new player; may be pejorative

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