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Welcome to the URMC (University of Regina Macintosh Community) wiki. URMC exists to provide communal support to members and adherents of the University of Regina who use the Macintosh computing platform. Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, Retired faculty or staff, people who live nearby - all are welcome.


Membership in URMC is open. Please sign up by adding your name to the list of members. Each member can also add a small list of things they know about and things they want to know about.

URMC has a mailing list hosed through the U of R mailing deamon. Traffic is light, so don't be worried about subscribing and being overwhelmed with mail.

URMC will also have events on campus from time to time. Events will be announced through the URMC mailing list and on this site. Occasionally we will have events which we broadcast to everyone on campus, but we don't want to get annoying, so only "feeder" events (for example: Everybody come and see what URMC is about) will be broadcast through university-wide mail lists.

If you know of someone who might like to be on the list or to attend an event, let them know about this site.


This is the place to hash out something interesting you just heard about, or to vent your rage at something unjust. We need more IT support at the U of R! We need the iPhone in Canada! The Roughriders need to Win! Feel free to add topics as they come up


We all need a little help now and then. Here is where you can add a little bit of information about a piece of software you particularly like or a key-stroke you just learned about or a place in Regina to get our Macs fixed.

The History of URMC

URMC was founded a few years ago when some new faculty arrived and discovered that there was no macintosh users group at the university. MUGORS also exists and should have a link here.

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