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The Wands of Horus

Wands of Horus

Cylindrical shaped metal objects used by the pharoahs have been reproduced. It is claimed that they have health benefits and restorative powers. Find out their secret here

Read the Wands of Horus short user guide or the comprehensive guide

The Coral Castle

Aerialview1.jpg Edward Leedskalnin's Coral Castle

One man may have discovered the secret of anti-gravity. Working alone Edward Leedskalnin,a Latvian immigrant built a castle out of blocks of coral weighing up to 30 tons each. Here are some PICTURES

Located in Homestead, Florida his Coral Castle has become a tourist attraction and the secret of its construction is still a mystery.

Antarctica's Lake Vostok

Antartica2.jpg Antarctica's Lake Vostok

Under more than two miles of Antarctica ice lies Lake Vostok, a freshwater lake with a temperature of up to to 65 degrees F. The relative warmth of the water has created a huge air dome above the lake. There is potential for amazing scientific finds including new lifeforms. In 2001 scientists discovered a huge magnetic anomaly under the ice covering the entire south east shore of the lake. In 2004 Pravda reported an earlier occurrence of a time warp phenomenom.

Co-incidently (or not) drilling at the Russian outpost, located just above the anomaly, continues. Stay tuned....

South Pole telescope , Antarctica webcams

NASA film clip of the aurora australis and the antarctica orifice

At Svarthamaren there are Non ice covered areas of Antarctica. View with Google Earth



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