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Project Ultima, whose namesake is derived from the most fearsome of all Final Fantasy Boss Monsters, Ultima Weapon, dreaded equally by Squall, Cloud, Tidus, and that douchebag with a tail, is the penultimate culmination of all four years of VGOC Chi competitions and Dreadnaught matches. Also known as the Weeklong-VGOC, the series of parties occured between July 1 and July 7th, 2007 as a way to celebrate the end to high school.


In the next couple months, nearly everyone of us is moving out of town, and so, naturally, we must celebrate VGOC at the pinnacle of its power. Certainly, the only truly fitting manner would be to hold the longest VGOC gathering ever: seven straight days of concentrated awesomeness. Are we ready, I should hope so. Seeing as most of us have already reached the level cap, we may as well charge up our Limit Breaks and get started, Ultima only has some 1 000 000 Hit Points anyway, that's not so bad. Hopefully one of us knows Curaja.

  • Well Guys. The Fact is that we will inevitably have a week long VGOC gathering. So we may as well start planning. Bascially, I think we wll just spend the week jumping between peoples houses playing Halo, Fusion Frenzy, Smash Bros, Time Splitters, Budokai, Red Steel, Starcraft (????? Really, guys. Come on???) and many other awesome games. While gorging ourselves on donuts, pizza, burgers, and FRIES. So who's houses? well, that's what we need to plan so let's get crackin'. -Seanacton


MF proposes this start very soon - Such as, for instance, Monday the 2nd or Tuesday the 3rd. Much after that and we will run into problems. MF himself will likely be gone sometime by the 7th or 8th. Does anyone object to beginning on the 2nd? Perhaps project Link should simply be the kickoff for this? Or does anyone wish to volunteer for the first hosting? How about people mention below when they'd prefer to host, and we'll go from there. MF looks at the list and thinks maybe we won't be able to get enough hosts for all that time.

I propose we start on Canada Day (July 1st). I, personally, am going to the Jazz festival most of the afternoon, you guys should come with. Good Music. Then we go to whoever is the first house. Around 10:00 we should head out and go see the Canada Day fireworks. then More Halo. Then move to a different house. and so on. So, I think July 1st. yes? No? give it some thought. -Seanacton

MF wonders if Li is willing to begin the hosting on Sunday?

    • So, the list of people I think have shown in interest in hosting (by all means, please confirm add etc.):
  • Seanacton: Any day all summer is pretty well good for me.
  • Bobby Xiao: He wants to have one, may as well let him.
  • Li: Not sure if he wants to host, but he damn well will anyway. - the bloody hell u talking about? i am so in lol, btw i just might be able to pull off a party that last more than 2 days ( if timed correctly)
  • Zhang: probably could host day gathering.
  • MF: Will likely not be able to host.
  • Jiajia: Will host you all at the pool. Its unconventional, so what? This is the only way I will see you guys.
  • Hope: has TV will watch. party at my PAD

I'm going to be out from about 8 to 4 on most of the days, which absolutely sucks for me. But, after that time, I will be sure to join the party!


Basically Shit we must do:

  • Book burning. (Pretty self explanatory, bring all your notes from the year, especially Bio, and we'll have a ritualistic ceremony to destroy them. MF proposes this happens on Sunday.)
  • Football. (Because this is going on so long, we will need at least one monster game of football or somthing similar)
  • Flags. (Two games)
  • Mafia. (Extreme amounts, of course)
  • Pool/Ping pong.
  • Transformers Movie!!! (I dunno if anyone else is interested, but I'd like to see it)

Tournaments and copious playing of all the following.

  • Halo 2
  • Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Soul Caliber 2/3
  • Time Splitters 3
  • Red Steel
  • Wario Ware
  • Starcraft
  • Advance Wars 2
  • Fusion Frenzy
  • F-Zero
  • (Sean bring your megaman collection)
  • Wii Sports

Numerous movies must be brought and watched

  • Some James Bonds (MF suggests From Russia With Love and The Living Daylights will be most-liked)
  • Basic
  • Memento (A story told backwards. Very few people will understand this movie?)
  • Star Wars Episode III
  • Whatever the hell else might be fun
  • Hope has Sasktel MAX. we have a selection of 200+ movies... only about 60 or so are worth considering.


Plan (very tentative)

I am constructing a table at present of the days and potential hosts. If you have are able to host please contact me with days between the 1st and 7th thast you would like or wouldn't mind hosting. Also, knowing all those who are entirely unable to host would be kool. Gamadon 19:36, 28 June 2007 (EDT)

  • Note:Bold face means confirmed.
  • July 1st: Party begins at Master Li's
  • July 2nd: Party continues at Master Li's
  • July 3rd: Party moves to Seanacton's (at noon)
  • July 4th: Party moves to Hope's
  • July 5th: Break
  • July 6th: Bobby's in the Afternoon & overnight if you want :)
      • Jiajia Proposes you all come to the free swimming at the education building this day, from 8:30 to 10:30! VGOC needs to do some physical activity methinks.
  • July 7th: Wrap up at Master Ken's

MF wonders: Does this mean that the party is at Li's from Sunday through to Tuesday, then back at Li's again on the Friday-Saturday? And at Bobby's from the 4th to part of the 6th? Can you just fill clarify a bit more what you mean by the list, Zhang?

Well, this is just a tentative plan that people should verify and discuss, basically. Each day we set up camp at someone's house. ~Zhang 17:42, 28 June 2007 (EDT)

Alright. Li, do you object to hosting from Sunday through until Monday/Tuesday? Sean, do you object to hosting on Tuesday overnight?
Not in the least -Seanacton
Zhang, I assume you're good to host on the 4th, then? Someone get in touch with bobby/li/jia about the last days. ~MF 18:15, 28 June 2007 (EDT)

  • Also, Master Ken has offered the use of his illustrious faculty. (As he "wants to have a party soon") I suggest Ken become July 6th

KK. So, the plan as i understand it. July 1st: Li's from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday morning. My place next, til Wednesday morning. Zhang's for the afternoon and evening on wednesday. Then to Bobby's for the night and stay til friday morning? (I don't like this one, his parents would kill us). After lunch on the sixth we go to Ken's for further partying. After that, I think it might be prudent to try and convince Li to let us make camp at his residence again as it is awesome.

Also, I suggest we plan to do all the moving over lunches, so we can break for food as we travel around. Also stops families from having to make more than two meals for a bunch of "savage" teens.

Yes, I would honestly host an overnight had I had more room in the basement (We also have a student living there). ~Zhang 01:02, 29 June 2007 (EDT)

I can host on the last day (July 7th), but there is no way I can have a sleep over. It would be too noisy for my little brother, and also my of my cousin just came from China and is living in our basement, So I will probably have to switch with Li on the 6th. – Ken, June 29, 2007

WHat!? This has started when I'm in Edmonton..how unfair. Must make it by July 2nd the day I get back.... - Wayne LLLL

OK, I would prefer this way: I can host from the 6th starting at 5:00pm to Saturday (the 6th). That would work best for me. ~nneonneo[Bobby]

COME SWIMMING! Oh and can we blow shit up? Perhaps on saturday? We can burn books that day too. This works well if master ken is hosting--Jia² 03:16, 6 July 2007 (EDT)

My party starts at 3:00, July 7. I would like to start a bit early since we can’t stay too late. The latest you guys can stay is around 11:30. – Ken July 6, 2007

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