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  • Name: Umar'h Zauviir
  • Nicknames: Drow
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 147 (appears to be 20)
  • Race: Drow
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 155lb
  • Hair color: White
  • Eye color: Pale Green
  • Skin color: Charcoal black.
  • Home World: Northern Underdark, Faer�n, Abeir-Toril.
  • Player: Sakaki


Umar'h bust by Sakaki

Umar'h Vaussier is a psionically talented Drow warrior from the City of Spiders, Menzoberranzan. Outcast from his city, the "Soul Knife" fled family and home to reach the City of Doors, Sigil. From there he and a group of companions reached Valgris. Umar'h currently resides in the Lodge.

It is easy to dismiss Umar'h as shy and introspective, but he appears so due to his differing upbringing. Umar'h is accustomed to a world without electricity or technology, and more specifically, a household where men stand as servants to women, and women stand as symbols of Gods. He is not used to a life embracing the sun and the wind as a part of daily life. Umar'h is also a mute; an attack from his sister left him with destroyed vocal cords and a deep scar in the middle of his neck. He is capable of communicating perferably with a sign language native to his people that he teaches to his closest friends, and frequently writes things he wants to say to others.


Umar'h stands at an average height for his kind, lean and muscular. His hair usually seems unkept, and his eyes seem brilliantly colored in comparison to the rest of his body, despite their own paleness. He does not seem to dress for comfort, wearing a light shirt made of interlocking metal rings under a thin, pitch black cloak. His boots slightly glow with a magical aura when activated, as they hide a magical ability to let him "skate" quickly across any surface as if it were ice.

His body is covered in scars from previous battles across the planes, the most notable being one across his chest, and another puncturing his throat. None of these seem to affect him in any negative way.

Combat Style

As a Soulknife, Umar'h never carries weapons on his person, as he can mentally project a semi-solid weapon called a "mind blade" in the blink of an eye. Umar'h mind blade glows with a fierce, emerald green light, and is wielded as if it were a two handed weapon. His fighting style is a fusion between a graceful dance and a brute force style, putting to use his natural talents of evasion commonly found in Drow elves and his honed physical strength. His mind blade, as simply an extension of his thought, is not limited to it's "two handed" style; it can be weilded as one or two smaller, one handed blades, can be disappated into a cone of shards, or can be thrown regardless of size and shape. With mental focus, the blade's energy can glow brighter and effectively become more damaging.

Beyond his mental weapons, he also has the capability to create a sphere of magical darkness to force enemies to fight blind (As once in close range, Umar'h does not need to see his enemies to fight them). He also takes advantage of his speed, as he can run 33% faster than the average human, and can magically enhance that to move faster still. He also can inheritly shrug off magical abilities that would change his thought process, put him in a magical sleep, and can resist other magical effects.

When his mind blade is manifested, Umar'h's eyes glow a brilliant green.


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Umar'h Zauviir and his image are � 2003 Scott M. aka "Sakaki", for use in Emerald Chat RPG. All referenced works are � their respective owners and used without permission.

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