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Nicknames: Ali, Pal, Pala, Larxene, Sparky
Screennames: AlishaShatogi, Tenebre Lascien, IX XIII Demyx, Moonwind Jupiter, Avatre Dawnfire
Real Name: Katie M.
Age: 22
Occupation: Student, geek, lazy bum
Notorious For: Too many plots and too many characters
Games: KH, Sonic, GS, Pokemon, FFs, WoW, TH, SoA, MP.
Animes: s-CRY-ed, GetBackers, Eva, lots of Studio Ghibli
Music: Metal, rock
Personal Quote: "Sanity is highly overrated."
Another Personal Quote: "Let's rock this show!"
Editor Type: Wikignome, exhibits Wikifairy and Wikiogre behavior as well.

Dearie dearie me. I've neglected this... I have been somehow spurred to do stuff. AlishaShatogi 16:15, 27 May 2010 (UTC)

Contribs ( GSU | Wikitroid | WoWwiki | Tardis | Wikipedia | Virtueverse )

To Do

  • Tutorial
  • Wikignoming: linking (internal and external)
  • Front page content
  • RP styles Glossary
  • List storylines in the sandbox
  • Update Character List + start relevant pages
  • Clean up Locations (from List of, Locations on Valgris, and Valgris)
  • Fill in Navbox



Lots and lots, current tally: 270.


Major GMed Plots

My style tends to be fantasy.

  • The Finale
  • AU: Lost Ground
  • Vacadv (hiatus) - planned revival after hunters arc cools
  • Last Warriors (Revived 2009: Kelly's quest on Gelthe.)
  • The Poison Sky of Ranase (LoH 2008) (hiatus?) with apologies to Helen Raynor and Douglas Mackinnon of the Doctor Who production team for yoinking an episode title. Good ep, by the way.
  • Altered Minds (Shadowfall and Cianlux)

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