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Since many of my beloved friends in EC are finding editing the wiki terrifying to the point of being unable to contribute, I, Ali have prepared a handy quick-start guide and cheat sheet to get you on your feet and contributing to Emerald Chat's Wiki. It's amazingly easy to learn, and once you have the basics down, you can start cranking out the content we so desperately need to make ECWiki a good reference for our RP (and our newbs.)

Simple Steps


Most people's problems seems to firstly be not knowing how to add an article, or even their own userpage. Fortunately, creating the userpage is a piece of cake.

  1. Register a Bluwiki account if you haven't.
  2. Log in. Make SURE you're logged in when you edit!
  3. Click your username as it appears in either the upper right or the toolbox at the bottom. This will take you to the "Congrats, it doesn't exist" page, or the edit page. Now you can start editing!

All pages

There are two ways to create a new page:

  1. Take the base URL ( http://ecrpg.bluwiki.org/go/ ) up in the address bar and type in the page's title, replacing spaces " " with underscores "_" OR,
  2. Edit another page (preferably a page that refers to it in the text) with the page's [[title]] in double brackets and save the page, and follow the resulting link.

Basic formatting

  1. Add {{ECRPGStub}} at the bottom of your page, unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure the content you create will be the final quantity.
  2. Add {{ECRPGnav}} at the bottom of your page. This template should be the very last thing on the page - it's the Navbox template.
  3. Take a look at EC's subcategories and add the appropriate ones at the bottom of the page above your Stub tag, in the format of [[Category:category name]] (replacing "category name" with the category of choice of course. ^.~)
  4. Add [[Category:Emerald Chat RPG]] if your page doesn't fit into any of the subcategories. (This keeps it from getting lost in the endless ocean that is Bluwiki.)
  5. Type in your content! The page ought to look a bit like this sample one I made for you before you continue:

Isn't Safari pretty?

  1. Preview it and make sure it looks how you want it to,
  2. And save it! Congrats, you just made a page. Wasn't so hard, was it? Later on you'll want to get images onto the page and expand the content, but for now, well done.

User Pages

A user page is a handy reference for fellow ECers interested in the stuff you do, and as it turns out, can be an exceedingly handy place for YOU as an editor and RPing plotter. At the very least it should have the EC template and a little info on you (the header on the established pages is a great way to start), as well as a list of your characters, concepts, and plots. Despite this, it is also entirely optional. I use mine to keep track of my edits, work on my current projects, and plan out future ones, as well as little random comments that reflect my mood as I do large numbers of edits. YES, it's okay to copy the format, that's one of the great things about a wiki.

Character Pages

Character pages actually have a set template to be copied and filled in, found in the Sandbox.

  1. View the Sandbox and copy the bio template from the Edit page
  2. Put this in your Character page
  3. Fill it in with delicious content.

A note about titles of character pages: DO NOT include (character) in the title UNLESS you need to distinguish from a namesake, ex, User:AlishaShatogi vs Alisha Shatogi (character) and yes my main's page is garbage. Deal with it. >_>;

Formatting, Style, Tone


First off, Wikiformatting! It is amazingly simple once you get the hang of it. Double apostrophes around something make it italic:

''This is italic!''
This is italic!

Note that those are literally two apostrophes, not a quote mark.

Note: In order to make the wiki parser ignore wiki formatting the tags < nowiki > < /nowiki > are used. Pretty useful, it's how I'm showing you this stuff.

Triple makes it bold.

'''Check out the bold text!'''
Check out the bold text!

So, what does four do? Nothing. Five?

'''''Bold and italic.'''''
Bold and italic.

That's it for text formatting, how about links. Those are the double brackets I told you to use before, up with categorizing your page. You will, for the most part, be using wikilinks over external links, but those things that fall under a {{ECcanon}} template need it. (And use the template dangit! I made it for you!) To make the text of a link something other than what it links to, just put that in after a vertical pipe "|".

[[Emerald Lodge]]
Emerald Lodge - Tadaaah!
the [[Emerald Lodge|Lodge]]
the Lodge

External links work slightly differently. Those, you take the URL in a single bracket, with the link text after a SPACE " ". Even just copying the URL works:

[http://ecrpg.proboards20.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=1196971109 Whee]

Double makes it a number, I have no idea why.


A note about slashes and subpages: Putting a slash in a wikilink (the kind that uses the double brackets and simple text) will make what's after that slash a subpage. These work exactly like a directory path on your hard drive and can be made continuously. I happen to abuse them in my own namespace under my userpage: User:AlishaShatogi/Characters/Sets for example.

Other useful things are stars "*" which create a bulleted list, and pounds "#" which create a numbered list, and colons ":" which make an indent. More equals a deeper layer.

  • List
  • More list
    • A new record!

  1. Onsie
  2. Twosie
    1. Twosie onsie?

And Section Headers! These are one of the core things on a wiki, and they're equal signs "=" around something on a new line. More makes it a subsection.

I didn't make this nearly as pretty as Wikipedia did, so here's what I used: Wikipedia's formatting cheatsheet. That wraps it up for formatting!


In general, following Wikipedia's Manual of Style is a good idea, most of which is common sense kinds of stuff. The MoS is a beast to read, though, so here's what should get you through editing on ECwiki.

  • Use plain, straightforward (grammatically and orthographically) correct English. Remember English class? Write to inform, not to entertain or pursuade.
  • In the open sectioning, nutshell the article. This doesn't apply to character pages, as the Chara Bio Template does this for you. Otherwise, bold the article title in the first sentance.
  • Use section headers, use internal links.
  • Be concise and avoid walls of text. Don't be afraid to use side or subpages in a "main article" kind of way if an article gets too large.

For everything but Character articles and Storyline articles, we haven't yet developed a set specific style, so watch this space as the conventions are established.


It seems the convention we've developed is to write from an in-universe perspective rather than the real-world perspective and assume both knowledge that the content is fiction and some degree of preexisting context, and I see no reason to change this - so your articles should follow this, though they should still use a straightforward, encyclopedic tone.

Finishing Touches

After making an article, it's a good idea to find other articles on ECwiki that refer to it and make the first mention a [[link]]. This makes it easier on your humble Wikignome when she goes in to spruce up pages. Another good idea is to include an image - portraits for characters and such. The content should evolve and stay relatively up to date with the RP.



Good Pages and References

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