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This here is my dandy little sandbox. And potentially litterbox. No touchy. Only looky. AlishaShatogi 04:18, 11 March 2008 (EDT)


Rise of the Gods

  • Start date:
  • End date: Ongoing
  • Gamemaster: Ali
  • Involved players: Ali, Milo, Digi
  • Main heroes: Kelly, Talon, Ray
  • Main villains: Sceaduir
  • Introducing: Most of the Gelthen gods
  • Story type: Fantasy, Action-adventure
  • Rating: PG-13 to R for violence

Talon Artwork subpage content

Talon seems to be one of the characters I draw the most lately, so it is here that I will link the current works of her. Please enjoy and look, most of these I spent a great deal of time and effort on. AlishaShatogi

Original character sheet - Very washed out by the scanner sadly.
Technical Sketch - Shows how her armor goes together with the breastplate, backpack, helmet, and mask.
For Existence - VS HORUS - Just one of five characters featured in my masterpiece. Very proud of this.
The Talon Chibi Comic - A mini, 3-page comic about the frustrations of GMs and characters. Features Talon, Puppetmaster Ali (also known as the Waker) and Puppetmaster Milo.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
End of the Day - Another major artwork, not quite masterpiece due to its simplicity. Shows her unmasked, alone on her ship at the end of the day.

Including the v2 pseudonavbox as a reference for what I'll want the Navbox to look like at some point.

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On civilization type Race pages (we were talking about the Nexians page):

it should be pared down and you should include probably: technology/magic, characters/individuals, governmentish, short timeline (Cy's on Sandarians is ugly)... And I'll prod Sak into standards for race/civilization pages.

dates if ye have them, with single sentance summaries of an event that you LATER elaborate on. :p

Possibly their first appearance IC, the plots they were/are involved in, their impact on the RP's story as a whole, etc etc

Their availability as a playable race to other players.

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