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uhee361 cpu presentation

UH EE211

UH EE213

UH EE260

UH Phys272

Linear Algebra



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this is a test    testing


  • mac apps: Adium, Delicious Library, Disco, TextWrangler, Transmit, Darwin Ports, Handbrake
  • comics: paths, Content Protection, Dreams
  • comics for doka: Nachos, [1], [2]
  • I can ssh into my Linux and FreeBSD boxen and use Apple's X11 to seamlessly work with those (in OSX 10.3 use ssh -CX, in 10.4 better use ssh -CY).
  • I have a Dell Wireless 1450 Dual Band WLAN Mini-PCI Card
  • read guns germs, and steel


  • I strive to base my beliefs upon logic and reasoning rather than simply that which I was taught or flawed logic or "nothing"(so called baseless beliefs).
  • I've never had to edit an essay down to make it more compact and "better" "higher quality" i want to someday
  • I am for greater transparency and greater flow of information, the Internet is good, and eventually it will help spread social change
  • Sometimes i feel like if i was pushed harder, i would enjoy studying more, instead at the beginning of the semester I do all my work and keep off, but inevitably I slack off until the end, where I feel pressured and study alot(but usually not enough)
  • I don't like studying for tests I would rather study to learn
  • I don't want my strive for excellence to choke out all other areas of my life
  • I feel like my education is simply a means of production
  • There are two types of people generally those with, and those without the means of production, those without must work
    • If we band together(aka unions) we can help, this is kind of like socialism and communism
  • I don't have that much ethic pride, I associate myself more with hacker ethics and "computer/geek" culture (aka internet)
  • I translate things into a more compact dense understandable form when absorbing them, and then expand (generate) them into a more explicit, literary, wordy form after
  • Greater more obscure and difficult literary terms are a form of abstraction, higher level thinking
  • The FOIA(Freedom of Information Act) is an important part of transparency in the government

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