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Mattis Manzel

A wiki writer, born in '60 in Berlin


A wiki-hive is a site where anybody can make a wiki instantly without being asked eviteable questions. I like this concept - it's the wikiwiki-way from the very first second. That's very important, I think.

I helped on building the oddwiki-hive, a site using the Oddmuse wiki-engine. See the oddwiki-center. I'm interested in making different wiki-hives collaborate as I'm convinced that it is more effective to do so. We want global commmunication, do we?

I dicovered bluwiki on 2006-08-21 coming from wiki.com where I started the center-wiki.com. What about a center-bluwiki? ... center-bluwiki. On our wiki-node you find links to other wiki-hives. "Mindstogether" would wait for your ideas.

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