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Needed Item ((point value))
  • Have Recipie Item1
  • Needed Recipie Item2 - 3x Recipie Item**
  • Needed Recipie Item3 - Needed Recipie + Have Recipie + Needed Recipie

Set in Progress

Icon: Packrat-jump-the-shark.gif (30 total items)

Mechanical Shark (1200)
Wetsuit (750)
Buy (New York, 150 credits)
Pair of Swim Fins (400)
Buy (Sydney, 80 credits)

Sets to Do

Packrat-7th-inning-stretch.gif 7th Inning Stretch
Collezioni-la-soul small.gif Collezioni La Soul
Full-throttle small.gif Full Throttle
Packrat-hightail-zoo.gif Hightail Zoo
Packrat-ninja-dawn.gif Ninja Dawn
Packrat-oh-the-drama.gif Oh the Drama
Packrat-tiki-island.gif Tiki Island
The-bees-knees small.gif The Bee's Knees
Packrat-sleep-tight.gif Sleep Tight

Sets Done

Packrat-ancient-realms.gif Ancient Realms
Packrat-best-in-show.gif Best in Show
Packrat-urban-hipster.gif Urban Hipster
Packrat-sugar-rush.gif Sugar Rush
Packrat-supermassive-black-hole.gif Supermassive Black Hole
Packrat-arctic-adventure.gif Arctic Adventure
Packrat-cimarron-canyon.gif Cimarron Canyon

Uncompleteable Sets

Packrat-primary-colors-2008.gif Primary Colors 2008
South-by-southwest small.gif South by Southwest
Packrat-safari-kingdom.gif Safari Kingdom (bastard leapord.)

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