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I started DinarProfits.com (click for website) in May 2004. This has been the company's most successful business.

Dinars is a pretty cool area to be in, and its especially nice to be one of the most reputable firms in the industry. We got in just a couple months after the opportunity became available.

What we do is import dinars from Iraq, and then resell them (at less than 1 cent to the dinar) to investors in the US. Most investors are buying them with the hope that they will return to their previous value of over $3 USD to one dinar. If that ever happens, then a $1,000 investment would make you a millionaire. Crazy, huh?

Of course, the chances of that happening are slim - definitely a high risk, high reward type investment. Its probably not something you'd want to put your retirement savings into.

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