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  • I incorporated OdioWorks in November of 2002 - my senior year in high school. OdioWorks started as a computer consulting and repair company, and at one point served the onsite needs of clients in over 5 states. Since then, I've spun that part of the business off as myTeks.com Computer Consultants. It is now one of the several different projects OdioWorks, LLC owns & runs.
  • I've been really lucky - the company now supports me & pays for my education @ UVa. Yikes!
  • Find out more about my company at www.OdioWorks.com

Apply for the OdioWorks annual scholarship

  • In 2001, when I started OdioWorks, LLC I had $500 in the bank and a radical idea. That was the best $500 I've ever spent, hopefully I can pass the opportunity along to those with an idea and a passion. If you have what it takes to start a company but need a little cash and advice, apply for my scholarship.

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