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The apartment

This is where I've been living & working for the last year, and will probably live until 2008. I've put a lot of time into the place, so I'm pretty proud of it. We've redone the entire kitchen (cabinets, appliances), re-painted the place, replaced about all of the lighting fixtures, and replaced the trim around the walls.

Sorry for the bad quality, these were taken on my treo.

the entrance / main area
another shot.
more of the main area (from a different angle).

hallway, leading to bathroom / bedroom /office.
dining room table & entrance to kitchen.
shot of the kitchen.

another shot.
office, I was working on the projector (before taking this pic).

a close up shot of my desk.
another shot.

Wonderland Bus

Late night programming session at the bus:

Another shot.
Trying to concentrate (had no idea my bro was shooting).
A close up of the PLC
Working in the bus on Lynn.

The first alpha test:

So far so good...
We're live!
Turn signal problems. Hmm.. should I really be doing that while the bus is going 60 mph down the highway?

Bakar's Graduation from C4K

Blogged about this here.

Walking to the stage to get our diplomas
On stage
It was also Bakar's Birthday
I gave him a soccer ball. He plays all the time, but didn't have one
A shot of the whole group!

Other random pics

A recent pic.
A picture that was taken when I was 17 yrs. old for the Herndon Observer.
The guys I'm living with this summer. They're bundles of fun
var breakfast=cold_pizza; :)
We love the Paneras free WIFI!
View from the YScraper
Another shot from the YScraper balcony
Last picture in san fran

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