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My Schedule

  • 8:00 - wake up
  • 8:30 - arrive at coffee shop, get work done
    • check messages
    • email denis, nelson
  • 10:00 - leave for anybots
  • 7:00 - leave anybots for home
  • 11:30 - go to sleep

List of goals

These are my personal goals, which I hope to accomplish in my lifetime.


  • Make $500,000 in sales
  • Get a 6 pack
  • Find a profitable business to replace dinars
  • Find a job / occupation that I thoroughly enjoy

January, 2007

  • Finish working on STARVINGstartups.org, publicize it.
  • Meet w/ mom in to create order-fulfillment manual and complete the subcontracting process failed.
    • Not going to do this, too complicated.
  • Finish entreprelliance.org
  • Spent 15 hrs / week working on BluWiki
    • Permissions!!!
    • Automated deployment?
  • People to talk to about a job:
    • Small startup oriented VC firm:
      • Paul Pelosi here (thankyou cards?)
      • Jon Staenberg
      • Guy Kawasaki

5-10 years

  • Love someone more than life itself
  • Become financially independent
  • To change the way people use the internet

Misc. Notes


  • BIG IDEA: free online tax calculation service

Contact notes

Daniel Odio: for example
Daniel Odio: you should contact this guy
Daniel Odio: http://www.linkedin.com/ppl/webprofile?action=vmi&id=84598&authToken=ldoQ&authType=name&trk=ppro_viewmore
Daniel Odio: he's a buddy of mine from UVA
Daniel Odio: he was the head RA in brown college while I was there
Daniel Odio: he's in LA now, working at Yahoo
Daniel Odio: Rob Lojek <rlojek@gmail.com>
Daniel Odio: and email this guy too
Daniel Odio: http://www.linkedin.com/profile?viewProfile=&key=2788120&fromSearch=0&sik=1170194569640&split_page=1&rd=in&goback=%2Esrp_1_1170194569640_in
Daniel Odio: markrsokol@gmail.com
Daniel Odio: mark was my 1st year suitemate
Daniel Odio: at Balz
Daniel Odio: he works for google now
Daniel Odio: even if you don't want to work @ these large companies
Daniel Odio: they will open up opportunities for you
1:15 AM
Daniel Odio: check this out: this guy is in my 3rd degree network: Bryan Power - Lead Recruiter at Google

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