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The bus, before we start messing with it
We're live!
A close up of the PLC

My Brother recently bought a bus, which he is outfitting as an RV. I'm helping him with the electrical system - installing a touchscreen, computer and PLC to serve as the "dashboard" and control the functions on the bus.

Check out WonderLandBus.com for pics, videos & more info. (no longer active)


  • 1 15" touch screen, purchased off ebay
  • 1 PC, built into the dashboard of the bus. Used to control the touch screen. Everything was purchased off newegg, except for the shock resistant hard drive.
  • Tri-PLC's T100MD888+. Used to control the bus. Communicates to the PC/Touchscreen through serial.
  • 3Tri-PLC's expansion boards. Communicates w/ the PLC, and powers the low-amp features on the bus (like the lights). For the high-load stuff, like starting the engine, the relay on the PLC switches the existing high-am relay. Also gives us more digital ports to work with
  • Tri-PLC's i-7000. Needed to get the analog data from the bus pressure / temperature sensors.


  • I used VB 6 & Windows 2000 for the touch screen / PC. Thinking about moving to open source, though.
  • PLC uses ladder logic. Seems' reliable and was extremely easy to learn. I would've preferred to use uC/OS-II, though.


Late night programming session at the bus:

Another shot.
Trying to concentrate (had no idea my bro was shooting).
Working in the bus on Lynn.

Private beta:

So far so good...
Turn signal problems. Hmm.. should I really be doing that while the bus is going 60 mph down the highway?

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