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Nicknames: Tergo, Terg, Omni-Pants

Screennames: Tergonaut, Master User Cobalt

Real Name: Matthias J.

Age: 24

Occupation: Student, Voice Actor, Writer

Notorious For: Saying things in more words than necessary, loving mecha and robots

Games: Metroid (all of them), Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Kingdom Hearts, Armored Core

Animes: Robotech/Macross, Final Fantasy VII (Advent Children and Last Order), Trigun

Music: Techno/trance/grunge rock/video game/anime soundtracks

Personal Quote: "Time to get this game on!"

Yes yes I just ripped off of Ali's profile to make this. I'm sure she'll forgive me somehow. Bwaa formatting.


Vane Crosby

Rowdy Streetboxer with a thirst for freedom

Vane is a Mobian bat with a thin layer of fur the same red color as a cherry-flavored popsicle. White fur covers his muzzle as well as down the front of his wiry-framed body. He has a mess of red hair on top of his head, usually restrained by a green bandanna, and his eyes are a bright amber. He has fangs that often show when he smirks, smiles or growls. He typically wears dirty white sneakers, green pants held up with a rope for a belt, a white T-shirt with green sleeves, and white wrap around his hands. He is a wiry, short fellow.

Vane values personal freedom above virtually all other things, and will fight to maintain that for himself and others. He can be quite stubborn and determined, with more fight in him than his size would imply. He trains regularly to maintain his skills, but he ultimately prefers sitting back, relaxing and chowing down. He dislikes rules or authority that attempt to keep him from enjoying himself, though he isn't necessarily a rebel by nature; he just wants to be left alone to walk to the beat of his own drummer. Despite his wings, he has an intense fear of heights and will voluntarily only go up as high as he can jump under his own power. If somehow he is forced into a greater height, it takes immense concentration for him not to curl up into a gibbering ball, at which point he must be physically carried away from the height.

As a bat, Vane has enhanced hearing and a set of wings which he uses to glide and to supplement his mobility. His sensitive ears are prone to being overloaded by sudden loud noises nearby. His wings and ears give him incredible balance. Vane has been trained by a master of the Thrasher style of streetboxing, and his fighting style has been adapted to use his wings and agility. His hands are hardened, able to withstand blows even to wood or metal. He has had his chakra artificially-amplified as a part of an experimental process to develop soldiers with extraordinary amounts of life force, and as a result, he is capable of transferring extra chakra into his attacks or using it to create new attacks otherwise impossible to a normal martial artist. He literally needs to eat more food to maintain this extra life force, however, or else he cannot sustain it and he becomes weak to the point where he can't fight at all, much less pull off a complicated move.

Move list (may be edited as Vane learns new moves or doesn't use others): Divebomb: Leap and dive from above, spinning to add rotational velocity to the impact of the downward blow.

Wing Cutter: Rapid dash past the enemy, clipping them with a wing while sprinting by.

Whirlwind Cross: A cross punch that uses rotational energy to draw in opponents even if the punch misses - and can be used to continue spinning around until the enemy is drawn close enough to be hit!

Machinehammer: A pummeling, blindingly-fast barrage of punches so fast that it is like getting hit with a machine gun.

Sky Climber: Dashing right up to the enemy, crouching down out of the way of an attack, and leaping with incredible speed, the uppercut smacking and carrying an enemy through the air until they are released from the friction of the punch. Can be repeated in midair!

Screwbomb: Basically a redirection of the Divebomb that can allow Vane to swoop sideways and even upwards with the Divebomb.

Comet Striker: A leap into the air, then a quick flap of the wings that redirects diagonally downward for a fast punch or kick.

Thundercracker: By cracking the knuckles of the fists together with incredible force, the sheer friction created sends multiple blasts of static electricity a few yards ahead, with explosive force.

Simon Alexander

Simon is a muscular man, standing at 6'4" and weighing in around 200 lbs. He appears to be in his late 20s. He has a slaty complexion, with jet-black hair tied back in a tight samurai knot and a triangular soul patch, the point downward. His eyes are a deep, startling blue. He wears a big silver ring on each finger and thumb, and he has a pair of shiny dogtags around his neck. Barely perceptible at the base of his skull is a flesh-colored covering for his cyberjack interface. He usually wears durable black leather clothes, although underneath he wears a red and yellow skintight jumpsuit he uses when in a mech.

Simon is a relaxed, casual sort of man when it comes to his personal life. Shyness is not in his vocabulary; it seems as if social situations don't scare him at all. He is comfortable with his body, and knows what it can do. He's also a quick thinker and a brilliant tactician in battle. But he also knows how to take orders, though his primary loyalty is to GUN regardless of any personal relationships he has. He rarely speaks about his past and why he is so loyal to GUN.

Simon has cybernetic augmentation implants that enhance his speed and agility, both physically and mentally. He has a "second brain" installed in his head that automatically processes his surroundings and allows him to multi-task effectively. His military training include Close-Quarters Combat (CQC) and other martial arts, as well as familiarity with firearms and vehicles - combined with his augments, he is a very capable soldier. But the primary purpose of his augments is to make him an effective mech pilot; without them, he would not be able to pilot GUN's newest transforming mecha. Normal humans cannot pilot it; only augmented or supernaturally-gifted humans can do so. He plugs directly into the mecha via his cyberjack.

Arc Razor

Transforming Machine Demon

Arc Razor appears to be an angular, metal humanoid robot with large circular shoulders edged with a black, ridged rubbery substance. Triangular black glass eye sockets hold the burning, piercing embers of deep red hatred. He is colored dark gray, dark blue, and gunmetal. His lanky body is extremely flexible, allowing him to turn his joints in all directions. He can transform into a high-performance motorcycle mode, his shoulders becoming wheels and the rest of his body forming the frame. This mode does have a seat, but no handlebars to grip on.

Arc is a sadistic, malevolent demon whose purpose is to destroy, to kill. He enjoys murder and bloodshed. What is more, he "feeds" on blood to oil his personal machinery. His entire motivation is to cause pain and terror, and he feeds on these like blood.

Arc Razor has machine guns in both arms, which he fires through the palms of his hands. He seems to have unlimited ammunition that comes from some extra-dimensional source. His fingers are sharp claws that easily cut through bone and flesh, and his metallic mouth can extend twin spikes that can suck blood.

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