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User:VelaAdministrator/D'enakai Ienepu

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Protectorate Villain
Full Name D'enekai Ienepu
Species Anubian
Status/Occupation Active
Affiliations N/A
Relatives/Allies Osiru
First Appearance Alpha and Omega
Abilities Gymnastic dexterity
Superior Intelligence
Weaknesses Normal vulnerabilities

D'enekai "Omega" Ienepu is the elder sister and most often the brains of the outfit of "Alpha and Omega" she is known called that because her intelligence, cunning intelect and voluptuous physique spells the beginning of the end of her victims. Despite of the age difference between her and the powerful little sister Osiru she still has a protective sense towards her but the two work together to get their thrills in numerous heists across the galaxy.


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Physical Statistics

  • Height
    • 6'11"
  • Weight
    • 218 lbs.
  • Body Type
    • Athletic


Coming Soon


  • Was for a short time a stripper before becoming a professional thief.
  • Acts as much as a maternal figure towards Osiru after their mother died.
  • If she were to take one of the Solterran Intellia tests she would have been several points below Lady Evelynn but still enough to take care of the day-to-day business but she overrules Evelynn in experiance.

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