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Protectorate Character
Full Name Syrienne Emerson
Species Cougar/Fox/Timberwolf Hybrid
Status/Occupation Active / Field Investigator
Affiliations Realms Protectorate
Cryptic Circle
Tier/Insignia Protectorate Forensics
Relatives/Allies N/A
First Appearance Dust
Abilities Above average speed and agility
Weaknesses N/A

Syrienne Emerson (Codename Dusty Indigo) is a character from the series Protectorate whose name literally means for what she has on her. A special field investigations agent for the new agency noted mostly for her quick intelligence, questioning methodologies, above average speed, strength and agility but most definitely her color of her coat which is a purplish-blue hue.

Her development was early since the 2000's and was hidden away due to redevelopment and sudden lack of interest. But soon the character became resurrected for the new place of the series Protectorate. Taking on the role of the investigator who is obsessively looking into the deepest secrets and developing a real knack for getting in and out of trouble when it comes around.


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Physical Statistics

  • Height
    • 5'10"
  • Weight
    • 120 lbs.
  • Body Type
    • Athletic

Character Biography

Syrienne at a young age was a unusual girl not because of her talent but because of her physical characteristics. Her father's side was a mix of Foxes and Timberwolves while her mother's side was cougar. It was a miracle the she survived birth and grew up healthy. Became a star athlete in her high school track and field team until and she does her best to hide her unusually large and powerful calf muscles.

Syrienne's coat was normal just like the rest of the others until she got older and started to develop patches of bluish fur over where her normal red-beige hue is until she became more like the "sore-thumb" of the group being the only one with a genetic defect that cause this particular change. But that didn't stop her for what happened next after single handedly stopped a criminal with monstrous abilities.

When Syrienne caught the criminal, a nearby Protectorate agent thanked her for the assistance and suddenly offered her the chance to join the Realms Protectorate because normally she have just taken down someone that would have killed her if he had the chance. It took a while but soon enough she joined the Realms Protectorate as an apprentice agent over the years and it was long until she became a full agent to take on more dangerous missions.


In her first appearance in Dust, she was found lying in a puddle unconscious as she narrates the events that led her to this predicament starting with her beginnings before she became known as Dusty Indigo rose from an Apprentice agent to a full operative all the way to her crackdown of her biggest case yet. The connection with one of the main characters Kiarmaru and her association with the laboratories of MacMillian Air Force Base on Avalon.

She was captured along with Kiarmaru, Coldspell (Anastasia) and others in a safe house while the plan is revealed to her. Details are unknown at this point.


  • Dusty is known to be only other person to crack the infamous titan-3 code. The protective system codes developed by the dragoness supercomputer Aceoni to protect all of Earth's secrects and former Interrealm data.
  • Was one of the three founding members of the Cryptic Circle.

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