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Multiverse Unlimited/Protectorate Character
Full Name Dr. Evelynn Runeflame-Fireheart
Species Western Crimson Dragoness
Status/Occupation Retired / Naval Commander
Doctor of Robotics and Nanotechnology
Mistress of Fire
Affilliations N.A.N.G.N.I.
Scientifica Europa
Starlight Industries
Dragon Council
Tier/Insigia Interrealm Military Interrealm M.gif
Relatives/Allies Degan Runflame
Avalynn Fireheart
Zedore Runeflame
Dr. Devin Manisfeld
Xendrian Maranmore
Blind IO
Lord Psudodrake
First Appearance A Tale of Two Planets - Part One
Abilities Instantaneous healing
Shift mass and strength
Weaknesses Strong electromagnetic pulse bursts

Evelynn Runeflame (Codename Lady Evelynn) is the female main character in Multiverse Unlimited. Noted for her incredible strength as well for her intelligence above normal dragons she is the most unique character of the trilogy. Evelynn is the result of "inspiration-by-visuals" of various anthropomorphic dragons of various strengths and forms that are combined to created the character. Also she plays in the series as commander and love interest to Xendrian Maranmore.

She is the first character to utilize the concept of the three-b's which are composed of brains, beauty and brawn. The idea of having a character that has sexual appeal, incredible intelligence to handle complicated tasks and brutish strength to fight powerful elements is what is needed to make a unique and favorable cast member. With the involved help of Daniel "Pendragon" the initial evolution of the character has changed the scientist-turned-titan in the long run.

There is however a significant difference between her and Xendrian in several aspects: Height since he is a Delgan generation dragon which are characteristically much taller than the global average of lesser dragons Evelynn is fifteen feet tall also above the average. The other reason, Evelynn is coping with the use of her body and traits as a invincible warrior which is in conflict with the smaller and weaker self she has transformed from.

Her personality is shifting between her personal and professional life where she appears more of a eccentric, shy and analytical character type and into a powerful, take-command and leading personality. In the long run the personal struggles between the two "selves" brought her in good graces with the Dragon Council and the many friends and commanders she take in.


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Character Overview

  • Properties
    • Hemisphere Studios

Physical Statistics

  • Height
    • 19'3" Base Height / 48'11" (Hulk Mode) / 63'9" (Titan)
  • Weight
    • 21 tons (Base)/ 150 tons (Hulk Mode) / 2500 tons (Titan)
  • Wingspan
    • 39'3" / 60' (Hulk mode) / 124' (Titan)
  • Body Type
    • Musclebound / Superior Titan

Character Biography

Born Evelynn Fireheart, she was born in Oxfordshire, British Isles, Europa in a family spawned from generations of great and powerful dragon warriors from generations past; including battles in both the two dragon wars. Evelynn never did fit the mold of their expectations considering she was smaller and skinny in the appearance of strong and security-oriented family members.

She grew up until the age of 12 when her family moved to North America and started to take a high interest in the fields of natural science and machinery and excelled in them through her schooling up to the taking of the infamous Intellia test where she had to take it twice making her the few smartest people Solterra has.

When she received her doctorate both in the fields of Biochemistry and Robotics she was found and recruited into North America's most prominent scientific projects; The North American New Generation Nanotech Initiative or N.A.N.G.N.I. where her contributions in the field of nanotechnology changed the world standard of nanotech. Later on she was selected to work with Interrealm under their research and development department where she has developed a new breed of nanites known as "Hypernites". Special nanites that can systematically work and repair damages thirty times faster than what Interrealm uses.

Then one night, a thief hired by a rival of Fireheart came in looking for the hypernite sample and instead find Evelynn. Attacked her demanding the location of the sample to which he found and a second to which he sadistically injected her with and leaving her hoping it might kill her. Evelynn endured a extreme and painful transformation in which her body rapidly increased in strength and mass fearing the hypernites will make her body explode. Luckily they burned out leaving her in a permanent state with a more massive, musclebound form.

Years later her personality changed as she adapted to the use of the new body and a set of regenerated and evolved hypernites that flows through her veins and built an "civilization" in her body composed of nano-coposite muscles layered over her natural ones, vast microcolonies and enhancements augmented to her natural systems. Interrealm has helped trained and applied her to combat training in extremes. It was soon enough her family traits kicked in making her the intended warrior she wants to be. But still maintains her intelligence and her old personality which conflicts with the stronger self now and then.

She became known as Lady Evelynn under the agency's point of view and her years of training has made her a very formidable soldier and fighter. When in civilian life she just goes by Dr. Evelynn Runeflame professionally as most of her colleagues just call her Evelynn her existence before the incident has been severed from her original friends and family to protect them from dangerous forces.

Multiverse Unlimited

Lady Evelynn is introduced in the series episode A Tale of Two Planets" where her character starts off in a militaristic attitude towards her first partner codenamed "NightOwl". Cause of this is her seasoning as a hard warrior conflicted with the severance of everything she once knew in her former life to protect those she loved. She is often hesitant to let anyone partner with her considering a past incident that she won't stop blaming herself for. Rarely taking a team when needed.

She was hardened until Xendrian came in from the Civilian Tier and started to develop a relationship with the blue weredragon but unfortunatly missions and incidents cut time apart for personal things and Evelynn has taken the chance to make it work until Xendrian contracted a demonic manifestation and to save her he must leave but not without telling her that he'll be coming back.

Evelynn has caught many attention especially to her enemies. General Ranasake has captured her and transformed her into a Ka-Tao hybrid brainwashed and sent out to commit terrible acts needed for his plan to conquer Prime Earth. When Xendrian returns and finds out about this He has to save her with a new strain of hypernite programming to heal her mutation. After her curing she was coping with with she had done but was relieved to be saved.

Seconds into the final battle with Ranasake she was saved by a mysterious figure who she'll meet again later but tells her that Xendrian will die moments before Ranasake and the mothership explodes over Washington. Xen surprised and embraced Evelynn for surviving the explosion but soon Evelynn frantically has to get Xen away from what is about to kill him.

When the two of them are finally arrived on a planet in the Aurora Universe Xendrian demanded why he has taken him so far away. It is when Evelynn broke into tears and finally told him that a figure saved her from the explosion but also that he was going to die. Suddenly a Ka-tao with a pulse weapon was leaped out and was about to fire behind Evelynn but Xendrian grabbed her and turned around taking the full shot himself. Dying in her arms Xendrian told her that for once he felt happy when he was with her and for her to be strong and to be happy to hope and find someone that loves him as he did and dies.

Ten Years Between

In the ten years since his death Evelynn has accepted his death and moved on with her life. She continued on with her missions and the heated grudges of her past have finally died when she was under control by Ranasake. Since then she has seriously pushed her body to the limit because of her enhancements that however will soon take its toll on her body for what it demands naturally.

She took on different powerful males but all of them failed because of their ability to mate with her and is suffering from heat poisoning which drove her into a beastly rampage across the city. In the end it took half an army of slayers and omegas to take her down. Brought to Interrealm and held down with locks used to hold large spaceships with her brilliant mind now driven mad. Flexing her muscles and growing madly just trying to break free until the next day she made a complete recovery.

This caught the attention of Toranoshi who developed interest to her and Blind IO as well who have taken her in and chosen her to become the Mistress of Fire and successor to Ares in his search for his beloved in Hell.

Later, Blind IO and Evelynn mated successfully where in a bit of passion it was revealed that it was he who gave her that powerful moment of pleasure in order to break free from her heat poisoning. Infuriated of this she beats Blind IO aside and marches in furor towards the main chambers demanding why this has happened why she was raped to begin with only by the same dragon who made love to her?

Blind IO and Psudodrake explained that of it wasn't for him She would have died from the fever or be left a vegetable from the heat killing off her brain cells. Psudodrake explained why he has to do this and hopes to find it in her heart to stay As well as Blind IO for her to forgive him.


Evelynn returns in the second book "Protectorate" where she comes in the affairs of the Solterran Government from time to time and meeting with Xendrian up to the Dominion Wars with the Dominion of Twelve. What she doesn't know about the Xendrian is that he was resurrected from the Phoenix Realm and now a full dragon.

During the time of the Dominion Wars the Dragon Council steadily wants no part of the combat but Evelynn dared to protect the planet and her former lover. She arrived knowing that Kiarmaru is now an avatar and is slowly dying as a result of it. She then arrives at the war room of the President where she faces Xendrian who is right now figuring a way to get out.

At that moment She told him that her protege is in serious trouble and he is the only one who knows how to save her. She then gave him a powerful sword to take care of the guards and the location of the capitol planet. But before he went Xendrian came back and both him and Evelynn embraced and kissed. Evelynn explained that the past few years where hard for her but then remembered everything she went through with him. In a way he "saved" her in more ways other than shielding himself from the shot meant for her.

Now as Mistress of Fire she sends him off the save Kiarmaru and goes into the War room taking any responsibility from Psudodrake for her interference to later to which her reason was strong enough for him to back down in a manner to which he never questioned her motives again.

Other Media

  • Featured in various media by D.C. Ashmore for the 2003 Might of Maidens compeition


  • Scored 840 on the standard I.Q and 1600 on the infamous Intellia tests.

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