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Protectorate Villain
Full Name Ranasake
Species Ka-Tao
Status/Occupation Active
Affiliations N/A
Relatives/Allies N/A
First Appearance Superpower Part One: Celebration
Abilities Master tactical skills
Above average strength
Weaknesses Normal vunerabilities

General Ranasake is the main villain throughout season two of Multiverse Unlimited his motives where square on the total conquest of Prime Earth as the key to the conquest of the Light Universes. His motives go far beyond the wishes of the Katakana: The Queen of the Ka-Tao empire that lies in the Hades Universe.


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Physical Statistics

  • Height
    • 8'2"
  • Weight
    • 410 lbs.
  • Body Type
    • Muscular


Coming Soon


  • Fought in over 300 wars using various tactics. His best specialty is psychological warfare.
  • Also a scientists mostly working on the various weapons needed for the soldiers in his army but he perfers his swords and mallets.

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