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Interinfinite created by S.A. McIntosh is the third and final book of the Interrealm trilogy and the series of events leading up to the end of the main canon. There has been alot of development issues as to what and how the series will end and each event leading from the domestic problems within the Prime Universe to a world more united after a great cataclysm that nearly destroyed all of the mutliverse.

The time setting for Interinfinite is placed in the longest jump in history set in the year 200,598 A.D.


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About Interinfinite

Ten Years Later...

The Great Continuum Conference of the participating and surviving worlds of the Thirteen Realms have been finalized and now are free from the clutches of the despotic goddess of the Dominion of Ten, Trae Mobius. Many of those worlds have taken a long time to regain their footing in the global stage.

After the events in Great Ripple were restored thanks in part to a pre-president Xendrian Maranmore and Alcesia Phenn. The Neocasidian Dominion was successful in discovering and reaping the benefits of the newly discovered element Triridium which made the nation a new expansive superpower in economic wealth.

After years of internal struggle the Solterran Alliance has finally regained its position as a superpower again after what President Maranmore has promised that three golden ages. The first being the Redemption age which numerous sacrifices are needed to be made and the second being the Rights age where the rights of Mystics, Mythical beings (fae, minotaurs, etc.) have been elevated to those of humans.

The Third and final age is the fall of the megacorporation's hold as government and the runaway corruption which was involved with the long running case of the assassination of Devlin Mediev. The first female Aphkei president Eleabayne Marineas struck a blow to all of the megacorps to which they didn't survive including Starlight Industries. However from the fall did shifted final control of executive power to the masses. Several of the pre-third age megacorps such as Starlight and Byronsen survived as new smaller industrialists took their place.

The Ulnae Interactions

Since the Maranmore Administration the Alliance has been secretly keeping contact with one of the oldest known races in the multiverse. The Ulnae, it was their technology that sent them on a runaway course towards extinction. The Alliance saved them and in exchange, gave them the special technologies and magics never seen before in for protective services.

Some of the Ulnae are working within Xendrian's secretive research group Osirius. Helping the Alliance and Imperium grow outside of the type-I civilization status with other worlds soon to follow.

Great Gemini 2

The Global Space League has launched a new breed of explorer ship with in thanks of Ulnae technology to further go out into the expanse of the Multiverse. The entire journey is unmanned and has taken 20 years for the round trip exploration to be completed. When it did came back an amazing discovery shook the foundations of the idea of the multiverse which was it is infinite.

But the discovery proves that the multiverse is infinite to a point. Meaning there are infinite universes surrounded by a larger barrier. What was the proof in such a barrier? The existence of a neighboring Multiverse was proof enough.

Events Beyond

Hunt of the Devil's Horn

A relic from the Dominion Wars has arisen and has caused many deaths and destruction of worlds under the hands of a long forgotten ruler who was under the guide of Mobius. The combined efforts of the Canmephian Republic and Direan Republic single handedly destroyed the multiverse's most dangerous vessel.

It was then reported that the "Devil's Horn" was built in a last ditch effort to wipe out all of the united forces in a single bound and to be operated by the Dark Empress herself the one responsible only can comprehend only one percent of its full power but was enough to spark a total threat.

The Great Ninth Dimensional Cataclysm

No one has ever known what was the one true cause of the single greatest disaster in the newly formed Hundred Realms but many have speculated that it was the sign of the coming sixth celestial that will change the entire multiverse eventually wiping out all of existence in the process.

Countless lives were lost and planets took a dramatic alteration in over the course of those three years. Universal physics eventually returned back to normal but it also brought something into their universe.

The Rise of the Great Empire

In the 2000th century, the former worlds of the thirteen and hundred realms now combined to create the Great Empire. A world composed of thousands of different species and worlds along each of the newer universes have created a civilization with technologies and magics in which never seen.

Magic, Evolved

Magic back in the storylines of Multiverse Unlimited and Protectorate in the past as a result of peaceful interaction between science, technology and the old ways. Today, both have evolved beyond the realm of possibility to which a normal mortal if he or she chooses can learn and yield magic orr sport advanced magi-technologies.

Main Cast

Lady Charlemagne

  • Age: 350
  • Species: Minotaur
  • Notable Powers: Nigh Invulnerability, Superhuman Strength
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Speed based attacks

Charlemagne is what her friends call her after the far ancient king. Is a powerful female minotaur from the Ringed Prime Earth. Her species of neo-centuarians live longer than their distant relatives in ancient times. She works for the Guardian Knights. A order of protectors and heroes that travel across great lengths to do so.

En'eniko Zuma

  • Age: 28
  • Species: Splicer Giraffe
  • Notable Powers: None, High Knowledge of Alien Machinery
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: None

En'eniko has came from a long line of achievers and scientists. She happens to be one also of great sexual appeal and a skill to recreate, reconstruct and understand the use of alien technology from centuries past for present day use. She also hails from Prim Earth from the city of New Avalon.

Naeleth Durenn

  • Age: 5000
  • Species: Dragasir
  • Notable Powers: Fast agility
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: None

Naeleth Durenn is a captain of an elite protectorate force originating from an Aphkei-occupied Earth in the Telomere Universe known fore her sense of leadership and keeping a cool head she makes a perfect rival against Lady Charlemagne in strength and power.

Secondary Cast


Legend by Psudodrake
  • Age: Unknown
  • Species: Tiamat Bahamutian (Royal)
  • Notable Powers: Incredible speed, Superhuman Strength, Vast Intelligence
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Heavy impact based attacks and energy fire.

Legend is one of the many powerful defenders of the Bahamute Universe.

The Five Sorceresses

Gaia - Sorceress of the Earth

  • Age: Indeterminable
  • Species: Unknown
  • Notable Powers: Genesis
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: None

Gaia is the creator of worlds and the giver of life.

Tempest - Sorceress of the Wind

  • Age: Indeterminable
  • Species: Unknown
  • Notable Powers: Powers of the Wind and Navigation and
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: None

Tempest The first shaper of the worlds and the ultimate navigator of the stars.

Pyre - Sorceress of Fire

  • Age: Indeterminable
  • Species: Unknown
  • Notable Powers: Control of Energy and Fire and genesis of elements
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: None

Pyre the forger of the elements and the creator of lands. Has all the power of fire ranging from the soft light of a small campfire to the core of a star and hotter. Pyre is also noted as being a worshiped symbol as being a light for guidance and vast knowledge.

Tsunami - Sorceress of the Water

  • Age: Indeterminable
  • Species: Unknown
  • Notable Powers: Control of Water and Aquatic Life
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: None

Tsunami is the supporter of all life through the use of water as much as Gaia is the giver of life someone has to keep it alive to begin with. She also holds reign over all the creatures that to this date still worship her.

Aequitas - Sorceress of Balance

  • Age: Indeterminable
  • Species: Unknown
  • Notable Powers: Absolute control of balance over all elements and forces
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: None

Aequitas is the leader of the five sorceresses and the most powerful of them all with control of the opposite and the defender of the Protouniverse and also responsible for the transition of herself and the other four into the next evolution of the Multiverse.

Series Synopsis and Layouts

Final Spoiler Warning!!! Possibly may contain information of the series.

Prelogue Episodes

The official prologue episodes are explanatory to let the readers know about what has happened in the last two books as they are al summarized.

Season Number Episode Designation Studio Associations

Life Through Interrealm

Pr01 Prologue One [Pr-101] Hemisphere Studios

A special collection of best scenes and an explanation of the physics and legends behind the Interrealm Universe hosted by created S.A. McIntosh.

The World as it Were

Pr02 Prologue One [Pr-102] Hemisphere Studios

Through the voices of the Five Sorceresses themselves, each tell their story of how they came to be and their chronicles of the past eons leading to the fifth celestial when the Multiverse began to form.

Season One - Beyond Reach

Beyond Reach is the aftermath of the cataclysm hundreds of thousands of years into the future where the worlds of the original thirteen realms and the formed hundred universes now formed into a great empire that thrives prosperously until an unknown prophecy from the distant past reveals events that might spell the end of the Multiverse.

Season Number Episode Designation Studio Associations

The Girl from another Multiverse Part One

01 Season One [101] Hemisphere Studios

Coming soon.

The Girl from another Multiverse Part Two

01 Season One [101] Hemisphere Studios

Coming soon.

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