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Warning!!!: Possible Spoilers Ahead


Multiverse Unlimited is the first book of the Interrealm Trilogy. It started in the events centuries after the series AfterEarth. Prime Earth as we know it has gone through dramatic changes socially, geopolitically and ecologically. Where humans, after centuries of conflicts overcome their pettiness and co-exist with species only thought in fantasy.

Magic exists alongside with technology in the World known as the Solterran Alliance and travel beyond borders has been reached with the birth of Interdimensional Technolgy. But with conception comes problems and forces from worlds unknown and beings from dimensions superior from us threatening all life. The final blow was the destruction of the city of Chicago by two superbeings that even the forces of Solterra can't fight against.

Through a secret meeting of the World Congress, a new act was created to protect the Prime Universe from extra-dimensional threats known as the I.S.A. and from that created the dimension-jumping force Interrealm. From a small-time agency into a full-blown independent organization overtime.


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About Interrealm: Multiverse Unlimited

Author's Note

When the series first began as a draft, it was all in a single series not in the three-book trilogy than it was today. Because the story and development needs to expand over different time periods and evolution of the social structure. Some of my various inspirations back then around 2002 were the James Bond Series, "The One" and in the later years the new Doctor Who series.

They were the driving forces that lead to the creation of the world, politics and other settings of the series.

Rontegen's Project Leapfrog

Dr. Hans Rontegen a prized Nobel prize winning physicist secretly has been working on an experiment that will further explore the deepest parts of our observable universe but in the process, has became the father of Interdimensional Travel. This led to the answer of whether or not the existence of parallel universes exists is now true.

Project Leapfrog was the first implemented project alongside with Joeseph Vela who funded and further researched Rotengen's readings. In one test after another up until Rontegen himself became the first person to travel to another world. But the experiment ended in disaster after he was transported and was never seen again.

Chicago's Final Days

What happened three weeks after the disappearance of Dr. Rontegen, strange happenings occur around the streets of Chicago and then two musclebound siblings known only as Zeno and Ahann looked over at their new surroundings and inexplicably fight against each other causing amazing death and destruction in their wake. They only laugh at the weaker species that were killed in the battle. As they left they combined their powers and fired down at the city destroying it in a bright flash of light.

When the smoke cleared all that's left was a crater the size of the city itself with Lake Michigan flooding into the hole. It was a definite crisis for Solterra and the rest of the universe of powerful god-like beings that can break into theirs and action must be taken in the midst of such a disaster.

Senator Mani's Decision

Draconic European Senator Juras Mani came in response to the Chicago disaster and he knew far in advance since the creation of interdimensional technology would fall into the wrong hands or invite dangerous elements to Prime Earth. He then formed a secret subcommittee of the Security council and proposed a bold solution to the problem. A development of a new agency that will police and protect the Prime Universe from these threats.

The Ten-year Experiment

With funding it took ten years to create this project from the ground up. From the training of capable operatives to the making and testing of the first Quantum Launchpads. But in the end the testing and trying lead to the final creation that became: Interrealm.

Main Cast

Xendrian Maranmore

Xendrian Maranmore by Strype
Main Article: Xendrian Maranmore
Interrealm Tier Status: Dual
Rank: Detective Commander
Age: 28
Species: Human (Dracanthrope) / Therian Bahamutian
Notable Powers/Abilities: Super strength, High-speed flight, Fire/Energy breath weapons, near-indestructible scales and transformation-based healing abilities
Notable Vulnerabilities: Alchemic Gold, Diamond-tipped weaponry in Dragon form, Everything else in Human form

De'Tereval Xendrian Sierge Maranmore or know by his friends as just Xendrian Maranmore or Xen is a large, musclebound weredragon of the Bahamutian breed and of the Delgan Generation. He was a former police detective working for the New York Regional Police joined Interrealm under a rigorous trial selected by a mysterious figure that came to him because of his potential. Rigorous training and environmental conditioning made him ready for what is out there in every mission and case that he takes.

He is a detective commander to which is commander rank would come in extreme emergencies. Xendrian has a subconscious hatred for beings that are considered "inferior" around him. A definite burden caused unaware during his training in dragon form that curses him even developing a deep personality that personifies his "Curse of the Elder Dragon" and has been struggling to cure it while maintaining the boyish/roguish exterior of himsef. His abilities are a direct result of dragon form but has three known vulnerabilities: Alchemic Gold, Diamond in dragon form and everything else when he is in his human form.

Ilandiel Citaeciel

Ilandel by DocWolph
Main Article: Ilandiel Citaeciel
Interrealm Tier Status: Civilian
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 34
Species: Platinum Tiamat Dragoness
Notable Powers/Abilities: Super-strength, durable scales, unbounded bravery, mega-flare.
Notable Vulnerabilities: N/A

Illandiel Citaeciel is a strong and overly brave dragoness that has gained in her long trauma. She is originally born in the Bahamute Universe when the Ka-Tao invaded and kidnapped her people including her parents leaving her scared and alone to die on her home world. Until a young detective Yong-Tan has came to investigate the situation and has found the small girl and took her under his care as her daughter.

Yong-Tan is a very skilled master living in the deep mountainous forest outside of Shanghai and since then, He has helped her to no longer be in fear and learned to fight with superior skills. The years has transformed her into a powerful warrior with streak of bravery that outmatches a knight's. Hence her codename "Knightess" but that can also be a bothersome pain amoung the other agents who fear that her being too brave and not giving up might become her downfall.

Dr. Evelynn "Lady Evelynn" Runeflame

Lady Evelynn by DocWolph
Main Article: Dr. Evelynn "Lady Evelynn" Runeflame
Interrealm Tier Status: Military
Rank: Space Naval Commander (Interrealm)/Lieutenant (Solterran Space Navy)
Age: 29
Species: Western Crimson Dragoness
Notable Powers/Abilities: Three modes of strength which include a "hulk" mode, Instantaneous healing, Biomechanical interfacing with other machines
Notable Vulnerabilities: Electromagnetic Pulse (weakens her nano-muscular structure)

Dr. Evelynn Runeflame or as her code name calls her by the name of Lady Evelynn is known on Prime Earth and other worlds as The World's Strongest Dragoness. Born in Oxfordshire, Europa she is the foremost leading scientist in biology and nanorobotic engineering with the North American Next-Generation Nanotech Initiative. When recruited into interrealm she developed a new form of nanobot known as a "hypernite" to regenerate tissues 100 times faster than normal medical nanobots. Until one night, she was attacked and force-injected with her own untested hypernites. The process transformed her into a musclebound titaness through a painful transformation but burned out before she could explode. After therapy to manage and stop the growth she was left with this new body and her superiors seeing advantage to make her into an agent. She was sent to Yong-Tan now a bit older Yong-Tan who trained with her until she can handle her new body well. She currently now is a powerful fighter and lieutenants of the Solterran Space Naval forces.

Secondary Characters

Van Dekker

Interrealm Tier Status: Civilian
Rank: Chief Commissioner-Interrealm-C
Age: 46
Species: Human
Notable Powers/Abilities: Skilled Swordsman
Notable Vulnerabilities: N/A

Jasanepher Van Dekker Is the Chief Commissioner of the Interrealm-C sector. A former "Dragon's Slayer" for the last twenty years of service for the North American Corps. He is selected from the Subcommittee of covert operations to become the new Cheif Commissioner succeeding the former Chief Commissioner for the civilian sector. He is depicted for his hardline order-giving, commanding mean-boss attitude but is still human interior. Xendrian is the only person that can stand up to his attitude and they sometimes get at eachother's throats with comedic and dramatic results. But he always manages to get his way.

Asmouth Grant

Interrealm Tier Status: Military
Rank: General - Interrealm-M
Age: 32
Species: Human
Notable Powers/Abilities: N/A
Notable Vulnerabilities: N/A

General Asmouth Grant Would stand out completely as the opposite of Van Dekker would be. A wise well-groomed but highly-experienced officer who rose from the ranks of the military sector to become the five-star ranking officer of the entire tier. Lady Evelynn takes a high amount of respect to him without question as well as being a mentoring force during her transition into an agent of Interrealm. He mostly doesn't answer to no one about anything except for the president of the Alliance and to the Five Joint Chiefs of the organization.

Supporting Characters

Reinhardt X. Riaider

Riaider by Ikitsu
Interrealm Tier Status: Realmguardian
Rank: Squadron Captain - Warwolves
Age: 183
Species: Cenuffii Aphkian
Notable Powers/Abilities: N/A
Notable Vulnerabilities: N/A

Captain Reinhardt Xavier Riaider is mostly described as a hot-tempered but wise leader of his own squadron members but is always dedicated to his current career. A former soldier serving and still with the Aphkian rangers he is always the better of most rangers until one accidental incident with a interrealm operative has cost him his advancement promotion as well as a discharge. But Interrealm stated a reconciliation bargain with him to become a realmguardian in place for his lost promotion. He accepted and was accessed to more technologies and skills that his member nation can offer. But the unique conditioning training into a realmguardian is what makes him the skilled fighter all the way to his rank as captain commanding his own squadron known as the Warwolves. Even though he is a strong and well honored soldier, he still holds a personal grudge against the agent who lost his advancement in the first place.

Seriian "Sparta" Zarei

Sparta by Ikitsu
Main Article: Seriian Zarei
Interrealm Tier Status: Realmguardian
Rank: Captain Superior - Warwolves
Age: 78
Species: Metainfused Aphkian Wolf
Notable Powers/Abilities: Enhanced
Notable Vulnerabilities: N/A

Former Aphkian Intelligence agent Seriian Zarei now known by her codename Sparta is the toughest and strongest member of the Warwolves and Riaider's second-in-command. Once on a routine imperial mission she was caught in a surprise scuffle with Realmguards that ended with her exposed to a Ka-tao biochemical weapon. With the help of an experimental metainfusion process she is now the strongest Cenuffii created by this process. Sparta retrained herself into a hardened warrior with power that rivals her military counterpart Lady Evelynn. With the help of a compression nicoplug she can compress her mass to a smaller more convenient form but when it's off she is a force to be reckoned with.

Lady Goliath

Interrealm Tier Status: Realmguardian
Rank: Major/Captain - Neocasidian High Guard
Age: 42
Species: Neocasidian Sand/Onyx Lioness
Notable Powers/Abilities: Incredible Strength, Heavy Magic
Notable Vulnerabilities: N/A

Born from a generation that has survived a great exodus from the Leonus Dominion, Taelau known to Interrealm as Lady Goliath because of her incredible muscle mass and height even for normal Casid height which is normally around 9-10 feet tall and hers being 13-14 feet. Born from one of the lesser prides she took a hard life from the greater lions some of which were still stuck on the ideals of power and domination from the old times. Taelau tolerated as much as she can until she joined the intense training cycles of the Neocasidian military. As she got older she expected for her to become muscular but not beyond the point where she would become a over-hulked beast. But it was discovered that it was a genetic benefit laid dormant from her times of being weak now awakened to transform her into a titaness felenic. She mastered skills in combat and in sorcery which lead her to create her own form of magic known as "Heavy" magic which can do severe damage. Taelau currently serves under the Neocasidian High Guard, the highest security sector for the Queen Regent as Captain and as a Major for Interrealm only on high-risk missions.


Yong-Tan by DocWolph
Interrealm Tier Status: Civilian
Rank: Detective Protector (ret.)
Age: 148
Species: Chinese Sea Dragon
Notable Powers/Abilities: Experienced martial arts skills
Notable Vulnerabilities: N/A

Yong-Tan as most people donned him as is the most decorated interrealm agent of his time and one of the first officers to join its ranks during its establishment. He is skilled in the mastery of martial arts and is a brilliant detective with skills that surpasses Xendrian's (he would know, because he was Xen's forensics teacher and fighting sensei). In his domain deep in the mountainous forests outside of the Shanghai Archology he was known back in legend as the "Dragon of the water and the sky". That was known to be a half-truth since his family history accounted of a legendary water and sky dragon back thousands of years ago. He is the adopted father of Ilandiel Citaciel and also her trainer to help adapt to her adopted world and made her into the skilled fighter she is now. Currently he is retired from the agency but comes in around to be the "investigating" overseer/advisor of objectives and one of the sensei trainers (instructors) to next generation Interrealm Ops. Despite his age, he still has the superior fighting skills in his youth.

Laikai Shaegri

Laikai by DocWolph Colored By JKRoss
Interrealm Tier Status: Military
Rank: Shadow Operative
Age: 420 Arkalian Years
Species: Dracoviper/Ka-Tao Hybrid
Notable Powers/Abilities: Lighting-fast speed and fighting techniques, Neurotoxic venom bite, rubber-like body structure making her capable of fluid/air inflation.
Notable Vulnerabilities: Overinflation

Laikai was the first in a long, developing line of newly created Ka-Tao soldiers made to become more resilient than the originals that have fought and died. But during her creation she developed a genetic defect that makes her body, organs and skin, super strechable to any inside force such as magic, air, fluids, etc. She didn't like even hated her species purpose to dominate the Thirteen realms after going through her first battle. She escaped and entered Prime Earth in a long shot and pleaded that she wants to defect. Over a year she couldn't stand to know that her kind is still committing these acts. She joined interrealm in return for her protection and defection as a shadow operative and as interrogator. Ilandiel still has some tension with her because of her run in with the Ka-Tao that took her parents but manages to get along on several occasions and on most missions that they take wheather they like it or not.

Acelsia Phenn

Acelsia by Blessed Magi
Interrealm Tier Status: Civilian
Rank: Officer/Mechanic - Mecha Forces
Age: 26
Species: Neocasidian Sand Lioness
Notable Powers/Abilities: Magic-Induced Strength, Quick Speed, Emergency Magic, Bomb Disarming
Notable Vulnerabilities: Her own clumsyness...

Acelsia Apenacia Phenn is the first mecha-pilot of her race known as the Neocasidians a race of felenic beings originally known as "Casids" that has gone through an exodus from the Leonus Dominion in the Great Wide Universe. She learned a great deal of magics from her scholars but has taken more interest in the external influences such as mechanical sciences and mechas. Under personal recommendations from the Neocasidian military from which she served for the last three years has joined one of the agency's subsectors: The Mecha Corps. She became notorious for the infamous dreadnaught incident that nearly destroyed the city she was assigned to protect which was discovered to be the mecha itself that caused the rampage and her stopping it personally. Her personality despite her rigid military training is pre-dominantly happy and sometimes naive on purpose making her partly the comedic relief from time to time.

Kaiyou Northenimage

Kaiyou by Kyouryuu
Main Article: Kaiyou Northenimage
Interrealm Tier Status: Civilian
Rank: Seadragon Forces
Age: 538
Species: Oceanian Seadragoness
Notable Powers/Abilities: Basic Enhanced Strength, Fast Swimming
Notable Vulnerabilities: Lighter Water Density

Kaiyou Northenimage (pronounced NOR-than-NIM-mage) is one of many survivors of the distant world called Oceanus. A ocean planet where its waters are three times thicker than the oceans on Earth making the beings stronger than normal sea-faring creatures on other worlds. Recently she was a normal girl living in that world until it fell victim to the first attack from the Ka-Tao using their new weapon made to clear out the oceans instantly. The survivors of her people including herself made it out alive and scatter all over the universe. She notices the other attacks that could lead to the potential attack on this universe and joins the agency for their support in her fight to protect her new world Svyerian-10 and to ensure that they won't share the same fate as Oceanus.


Hex by DNAPalmhead
Interrealm Tier Status: Realmguardian
Rank: Destroyer
Age: 2300
Species: Obsidian Goldenback Dragon
Notable Powers/Abilities: Ultra Flare, Hurricane force wind-generation
Notable Vulnerabilities: N/A

Hexiam Verus better known as Hex is the largest greater dragon in the entire Interrealm fleet. Capable of destroying massive targets with just his breath weapon or his own mass alone. From the Procyron universe one of the realms in the Dark Realms he participated to become part of the Realmguards as being a defender for his own universe since his people live on a planet that is mostly vunerable to many attacks. The planet's only defense is the extremely high gravity that is responsible for the dragons to gain incredible muscle mass. His nickname comes from his species which is a Omecron Goldenback Dragon a particular dragon type with connecting plates of hexagon-shaped scales. He is partnered with a human named Dexter Zelmani who acts as his guidance pilot and triggerman.

Special Guest Cast

Queen Empress Ahkirus

Queen Ahkirus by Hannah J.S. Davis
Appears In: A Tale of Two Planets, Long Gone, Gone Long

Queen Ahkirus Medioan (played by Ahkhana Teyotshey) is the hard-headed ruler of the large planet Sryanei and comes from a long family line of mystic warriors each with their own unique power given at birth. Ahkirus's power came in around the Great Revolution when she is given the power of super strength.

She was given the title of Queen Empress after the death of her father and lead the world with a strong will and noble mindset. Most of the time when she is not dealing in diplomatic matters she combats against the strongest warriors for sport or just to let off some steam.


General Ranasake

Ranasake by Voln
Main Article: General Ranasake

General Ranasake is the prime military officer and supreme commander of the Ka-tao forces and responsible for the bloody wars that led to the domination of the Hades universe under the Katakana: The Queen. Know to be a absoulte savant in the art of warfare and manipulation of elements around him to get what he wants.

Vladimir Mobius

Main Article: Vladimir Mobius

Vladimir Mobius was a former Dragon's slayer and tactician for most of Solterra's military and is wealthy beyond means. But because of his hatred of he current state he has resorted to criminal acts under the guise of his megacorporate network. Because of Xendrian's interferance he has become one of his arch enemites despite being a human being.

Sarjiri Dragon

Sarjiri by KazeCat

Sarjiri Saria Dragon is a very powerful fighter over her massivly overweight stature is mostly one of the arch villains to Evelynn of fat vs. muscle. She is mostly destructive in her methods to get what she wants but her girth is a result of her genetics that makes her ravenous apptite for meat and people.


Terramok by [1]
Main Article: Terramok

Terramok is a resurrection of superdragon used against a warring faction that soon turned against its master and destroyed its home planet. Centuries later, a local scientist has unleashed the power of the bones of the once mighty and dangerous dragon into himself to become the new Terramok. His strength and power is enough to overcome the combined force of both Evelynn and Xendrian.

Dr. Were

Dr. Were by Edge

Dr. Marks is a disgrunteled and terminated genetisist for Starlight Industries for stealing raw materials for use in his otherwise illegal experiments. Now with the use of his mutagent-tipped glove, he has the capacity to create any subservant monster with a single slash.

Series Synopsis and Layouts

Final Spoiler Warning!!! Possibly may contain information of the series.

Season One: The First Missions

The First Missions are the series of stories that go deep into the backgrounds of the main characters before the rest are introduced. One asppect is the inclusion of "The Voice" a narration and supporting character that dictates the beginnings and endings of each character's life.

Another feature is that while the stories are different, it depicts the everyday runnings of Interrealm since it's creation decades ago.

Season Number Episode Designation Studio Associations

Nightmare of a Dream Part One

01 Episode One [101] Hemisphere Studios

In the first episode, we enter the beginnings of what the world is after the discovery of Jump Technology that enables the people of the Alliance the ability to travel between dimensions. But also introduces a series of new threats that gave birth to the dimension-jumping agency known as Interrealm.

Episode Notes:

  • The Voice narrates the story
  • First villians Atheos and Bakarai are introduced

Nightmare of a Dream Part Two

01 Episode Two [102] Hemisphere Studios

Continuing from the last episode Xendrian makes his first appearance and on the beat as he learns that the two interdimensional beings that destroyed Chicago as they come back stronger than ever. But with a lack of communication can he warn Interrealm in time before they return?

Episode Notes:

  • Xendrian is introduced.

A Tale of Two Planets

01 Episode Three [103] Hemisphere Studios & Summer Dragoness

Nightowl who has never worked out in the field is going to be partnered with the legendary agent Lady Evelynn as they go on a mission to the Twin planets of Arius and Syrenei to look into a surprise attack on a solterran military base.

There they will have to deal with more than just the Warrior Queen Ahkirus but a conspiracy to bring war to Syrenei and displace the queen but can they overcome their differences?

Episode Notes:

  • The title is a parody of Charles Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities.
  • Lady Evelynn and Nightowl are introduced.

The Deal of the Century

01 Episode Four [104] Hemisphere Studios

Nightowl is despirate to find someone who can accompian him to the Annuial technology expo and reluctantly called Xendrian in under duress but learns of a backward plot of sabotage of an experimental operating system.

Flight of the Knightess - Ilandiel's Story

01 Episode Five [105] Hemisphere Studios

Lieutennant Citaeciel travels from her home in Northern Shanghai to Prague to visit the memorial woods. The site of where the Second Dragon War began and ended but while visiting the site two neo-purist dragons ambushed her but was saved.

She wakes up suddenly in another time hundreds of years in the past in the closing years of the Second Dragon War. There she learns more about Earth's history and a means of why the two neo-purists shouldn't allow to continue on.

  • Ilandiel is introduced
  • The characters displayed are part of the prequel Blue Mars 2401 make a cameo appearance.

...A Very Special Tan / Xen vs. Dekker

01 Episode Six [106] Hemisphere Studios

...A Very Special Tan [Five-A]
While her daughter is away and with no classes to teach Tan goes spends some time alone but it isn't all cracked up to be when nature comes a-callin'.

Xen vs. Dekker [Five-B]
Xendrian is come to face his boss who he thinks is just as annoying; His name is Van Dekker and he has alot of things to explain for during his civillian missions.

Episode Notes:

  • This is the first two segment episode.
  • Van Dekker is introduced.

The Wrath of Terramok

01 Episode Seven [107] Hemisphere Studios

Evelynn and Xendrian after months on several missions together finally get to meet each other outside mission life but when things start to go steady, Out of nowhere the dangerously powerful Terramok came in reeking havoc and destruction thought the city. Evelynn and Xendrian came in to stop this rampaging beast to find out he has come looking for the strongest beings to fight him only to crush all of them one by one.

Evelynn first came into the fight but Terramok was nearly about to break her until Xen came in but it's him who takes the full punishment from from this titan terror. But in this moment in defeat a long lost power awakens within him.

Simple Things

01 Episode Eight [108] Hemisphere Studios

Evelynn begins to contempates her feeling about the agency and her feelings for Xen when a mysterious voice calls her that what she wants can never be. Is she a victim to destiny if she continues on being the titaness? Or there is more?

  • The voice that talks to Evelynn is not related to The Voice in "Nightmare of a Dream Part One"


01 Episode Nine [109] Hemisphere Studios

Xendrian goes into his human form and poses as a victim for a rash of kidnappings across the worlds of the aurora universe. Meanwhile tensions brew between Interrealm's conduct with the Solterran military when Dekker sits in the hot seat.

Meanwhile, Ilandiel goes to the Promethueus universe to become a arbitrator in an unstable war between two petty elf nations soon to grow angry at the reason of why such a war was started in the first place.

Little Doctor and The Fat Dragoness

01 Episode Ten [110] Hemisphere Studios

Evelynn investigates a string of murders to which where caused by consumption a murder weapon never used since the second dragon war. This lead to the perpetrator an overfed dragoness named Sarjiri. Ruthless, crafty and ever-hungry Evelynn has to fight her in a battle of flab vs. muscle before she might end up as Sarjiri's next meal.

In another part of the multiverse, Xen and Ilandiel traveled down ancient catacombs to discover a army of mutated creatures that has just been created under the belligerant hands of escaped convict and mad genetist "Dr. Were"

Episode Notes:

  • Dr. Were is introduced
  • Sarjiri is introduced once in this series but has been known to appear in protectorate suggesting she is still alive.

Self-Destruction Part One

01 Episode Eleven [111] Hemisphere Studios

On a mission before Xendrian goes on a sebatical a destructive sorceress strikes him down with a spell but with no effect but soon makes him agressive both mentally and physically as it awakens a tramatic disorder that haunts him since his teens. Slowly turning him demonic.

Evelynn still wants revenge on the one who left her to die years ago when she was still normal leads out of nowhere tracks him down only leading to a trap and a revelation that her own lust for revenge is her own destruction.

Ilandiel and Dekker learn the shocking truth about the dragons the appearned suddenly and General Grant is ready to take them down but Ilandiel discovered that in the group of dragons her own parents who where taken from her during the planetary invasion.

Season Two: Rise of the Superpowers

Rise of the Superpowers denotes the Solterran involvement with the worlds of the Great Wide Universe and soon The Aphkian Imperium after an illegal cold war was brewing in interaction and possibly alot of build up.

While the two new Celestial Superpowers become born and known outside forces from both universes conspire to prevent it from happening.

Season Number Episode Designation Studio Associations

Self-Destruction Part Two

02 Episode Twelve [201] Hemisphere Studios

Xendrian, now demonic and a slave to the curse enters into a power struggle with his "normal" self but his one hope for recovery soon became a disaster as his darker side kills the sorceress who did this in the first place along with Terramok in the process. Devastated from his 'demonic' side murdering the sorceress and the scaly juggernaut he can only turn for help from an old friend in a parallel world.

Evelynn trapped because of her revenge against the thief he tells her everything that should have happened if his employer had his way before he killed him. He proved that as he will take her stolen hypernites with a few modifications and injected them into himself. Turning him into a musclebound brute and to finish the job with Evelynn.

Ilandiel is caught between duty and saving her parents who are mindless slaves in an army of bahamut dragons lead by an unknown source but are poised to attack to a targeted universe but can she save them or take them and all of her people to save billions?.

Episode Notes:

  • The darker side of Xendrian finally reveals himself to have a name revealed in the story.
  • Part one is needed to explain the situation with Ilandiel's parents after the kidnapping.

Diplomacy Bites

02 Episode Thirteen [202] Hemisphere Studios

The president and his advisors has recently have noticed all the news from the Persiai cities after the end of the Persiai Cold War and wishes to take measures to go into negotiations leading to the first time diplomatic visit into the Great Wide Universe.

NightOwl recovers from her coma after refusing and later betraying the her friend over the bank heist contemplates her reasons as she explains her actions to Dekker.

Xendrian shifts between himself and his demonic self until he can reach to the one who can help him but he needs to leave the agency for a while to do it.

Episode Notes:

  • Xendrian leaves and not appear thoughout this season.
  • A favor is asked from NightOwl but it isn't reavealed.

Mechs and Mayhem

02 Episode Fourteen [203] Hemisphere Studios

Phenn comes into light when she talks over to Lady Goliath on her experience with an out of control Mecha and how she manages to stop it using her own magic. A feat she rarely uses.

Evelynn receives a message from her superiors that she is under review after what happened from the theif's trap.

Episode Notes:

  • Phenn and Lady Goliath is introduced

Long Gone, Gone Long

02 Episode Fifteen [204] Hemisphere Studios

Ahkirus arrives out of nowhere in Prime Earth for a suprise visit after what Evelynn told her about it. Agent Phenn is left in charge to protect her. But with her warrior attitude against the multi-species backdrop who will protect Phenn from her?

President North makes preparations for the first diplomatic visit to Persiai to talk with Emperor Sarvic and along the way he selects several in an entourage including the displaced Lady Evelynn.

Deep in the Rift

02 Episode Sixteen [205] Hemisphere Studios & Kyouryuu

Lady Goliath has recieved a distress call from Kaiyou in saving an underwater city from a rivla nations attack but discovers that it is a plot from a hired warrior from the Haydes universe was sent in to take care of the both of them.

Episode Notes:

  • First appearance of Kyouryuu's created character Kaiyou
  • Mysterious warrior's species clues in for serveral episodes in Season Two and revealed near the end.

My Girlfriend The Shadowmancer

02 Episode Seventeen [206] Hemisphere Studios

Dekker goes out on his first date but Ilandiel thinks nothing but trouble for Dekker's new love when she founds out she is one the the deadliest entities: Shadomancers.

She has to resort to getting help from an unlikable character in order to save Dekker from ceartain doom.

Superpower Part One: Celebration

02 Episode Eighteen [206] Hemisphere Studios

Celebration rings when the two world leaders arrive on the politically separated world of Persiai and into the megaopolis of New Sexton in the Great Wide Universe. As after the first negotiations. The Sexton constitution is going to be signed forming the Celestial Superpowers.

Evelynn arrives as part of the entourage and tours around the city when she comes across a musclebound Aphkian wolfess named Sparta a Realmguardian from Interrealm's third and most powerful tier and part of the Aphkian entourage. She knows of what happened and berates Evelynn for her carelesses but is stopped by her commanding officer: Captain Riaider.

Evelynn isn't going to let Sparta talk to her like that ever again and challenges her. Sparta believes that she is too fixated to control herself. They go off into a series of challenges on Perciai's most dangerous terrain just get Sparta to shut up.

Meanwhile hidden dragasir members brought in from the Haydes universe the ruthless General Ranasake and his right hand warrior Vena to plan an attack on the city and destroy both cities. When he develops an intrest in one of the entourages members.

Episode Notes:

  • Sparta and Riaider make their first appearance.
  • General Ranasake makes his appearance and leads in to become the master villain.

Superpower Part Two: And Then The Wolves Came...

02 Episode Nineteen [207] Hemisphere Studios

The battle between Evelynn and Sparta begins over in the floating lands prepared one and for all that she is in control with herself but Sparta doubts it but the problem might lie within Sparta. The coming battle of weapons, tooth and claw will soon begin. Even going too far if nessesary. Ranasake plans to reuse his ultimate weapons to which he used before on a ceartain wolfess.

Celebrations across the planet came as the day of the signing begins as ceremonies and traditions are exchanged. Kaiyou also arrives who was following the same General since the coincidental appearance with the mysterious warriors in Deep in the Rift. By her reports they crashed into a comphiscated munitions warehouse and stolen a powerful biochemical weapon.

Superpower Part Three: The Challenge of the Titans

02 Episode Twenty [208] Hemisphere Studios

The battle begins as both Evelynn and Sparta fight as they travel to random places all over the planet nearly getting at each others throats and overcoming size of each other in the fight. Kaiyou calls in Phenn to bring in a special weapon and does so without question.

Phenn is suddenly ambused by a group of alien mauaraders who chase her in hyperspace and need to think fast to loose them. Kaiyou is in a rush to wait for Phenn to get the weapon before Vena begins.

Superpower Part Four: What a Gas!

02 Episode Twenty [208] Hemisphere Studios

On the verge of battle Sparta thinks of a strategy to defeat Evelynn whicn in she succeeds in doing but backfires when Sparta gets herself in trouble. Difference of the situation is that Sparta can't fly. Evelynn beaten, numb and blinded by rage she sees Sparta hanging for her life.

But just as she feels so un-hesitant to let her fall she realizes what was going on and learned that her lust for revenge is damaging her soul. She recovers and helps Sparta up and appologizes for earlier but was surprised to learn that Sparta was in it to beat up a dragoness. And they both laughed on.

Back in New Sexton Phenn arrives with minor damage to her spacecraft and body but she has gotten the weapon with litle time Kaiyou fills her in on where the bridge is. She wonders where the two entourages are and Captain riaider are wondering where they are in the midst of the hidden crisis and calls them in.

With no time the both of them rushed in without back up and before they can get a chance they were ambused by the mystery warriors. When a mass message is spread throughout the airwaves of the planet from General Ranasake threatening the constitution not to be signed or the gas will be launched.

Superpower Part Five: Good Endings and Bad Beginnings

02 Episode Twenty-One [209] Hemisphere Studios

In the final part of the Superpower series in the season finale Riaider calls out to both Eve and Sparta after overcoming their roles as rivals and rush to the scene to engage in a final battle between them and the Ka-tao Sparta has her sights on Ranasake because it was him that released the gas on her in the first place.

Evacuations are taken place but both leaders stood vigilant as both can count on the entourages most powerful operatives. And to get at Ranasake. The battle ended but Ranasake got away but has his sights set on Evelynn for she is a perfect candidate for his superwarrior experiment.

Season Three: Prime Earth vs. The Ka-tao

Prime Earth vs. The Ka-tao or notably SnakeStrike from Beyond is the pinnacle moment of where a real threat to the Prime Universe has finally came to light. In the last season the Dragaseir employed the help of his forces led by General Ranasake but what they didn't know is that they opened them from a hellish dimension.

The Haydes universe is home to the most dangerous threat ever to plauge both Prime and Great Wide Universes in the distant past the pseudo-ophidian creatures known as the Ka-tao. Now thanks to several leaks they have their sights set on the target for their first conquest: Prime Earth.

Season Number Episode Designation Studio Associations

Scarlet Drake Part One

03 Episode Twenty-Two [300] Hemisphere Studios

Ranasake has his sights on the intelligent and powerful Lady Evelynn and is willing to have her at his size after the way she got rid of all of his soldiers easily. Ranasake staged an attack on a research vessel in order to lure her in. She was overcome and beaten as they take her into for experimentation.

Xendrian finally goes into his final self-battle with his other self which is key in breaking the sorceress's spell over him in the end he broke it and he is finally cured. Evelynn was tortured, brainwashed and suffed numerous bouts of painful muscle growth bursts in response to the nanomutagen's pending hold on her body.

It was only a matter of time before the mutagen has finally won transforming her into a deadly more powerful being, seductive yet monsterous in sizee and strength even over her old self. Ranasake dubbed her Scarlet Drake or more shocking "her daughter". After so she lead a life of piracy and destruction for him.

When Xendrian recives a unknown call from a voice sounding like Evelynn. It was in total distress much to the dismay of where she was in the last few months and Xen goes in to where the call came from: an abandoned superstation in the Kia Universe. Upon arrival Xendrian reaches for one of the doors while calling out for her name a loud punch baeks though he multi ton door and sends Xen flying back.

When he came two on the ground he came face to face with the monstrous being and when he told her who she was he was shocked to learn that it was Lady Evelynn herself know reday to kill her soon-to-be former lover.

Scarlet Drake Part Two

03 Episode Twenty-Three [301] Hemisphere Studios

Evelynn now under Ranasake's control as the evil scarlet drake she has set her sights on seeing Xendrian dead. Xendrian knows about Evelynn's "strong side" wanting to eliminate the competition. But it's up to Xen to help re-awaken the other Evelynn or else he's done for.

The two of them enage in a powerful battle and Xendrian barely makes out alive and has to retreat in order for a new strategy. That is when he turned to Evelynn's collegue Dr. Manisfeld. Xendrian has to make manisfeld swear never to tell anyone of what the Scarlet Drake's real identity is for fear of what Interrealm will do.

Manisfeld agress and has developed a nanite anitgen that will cure evelynn of her physical mutation and an experimental device known as a "neural scanner". A device made to read out the brain or to even restore memories damaged by brainwashing. But risks that it might fry her brain as well. Xendrian is willing to take that chance if it means to save her.

Will the second round between Xendrian and the even stronger

The Battle Within

03 Episode Twenty-Four [302] Hemisphere Studios

Evelynn is free from her captors grasp but she still continues to struggle within for her stronger side still has the half ka-tao in it making her switch personalities in her normal state.

It's now her original self from within that must conquer the the still opidian dragoness from inside.

Stop Worrying and Drop the Bomb!

03 Episode Twenty-Five [303] Hemisphere Studios

Hex is on mission from Realmguard HQ on disance to carry a megabomb from the lab to base but somone is messing with communications to his communicator and he has to decide to complete the transport or take it to target?

Episode Notes:

  • Hex is introduced.

Don't Remind Me!

03 Episode Twenty-Six [304] Hemisphere Studios

Xendrian is going into Section Eight one of most secretive civillian labs in the Aurora universe. Meanwhile two scientists were working on a new version of the neural deleter when Xendrian steps in and accidently has his memory erased.

To make matters only worse on the other side of the laboratory Dr. Were comes back to steal vital elements from the laboratory until he discovers Xendrian but is unphased as he needs his help to wonder who he is to which he'll take it to his advantage.

The scientists and with the help of Lady Goliath must find Xendrian before he gets into serious trouble.

Defector Part One

03 Episode Twenty-Seven [305] Hemisphere Studios

Alerts rang out from the Sensau tracking station when they detected a mysterious ship breaking through defenses and neutralizing the weapons on the crown of thorns. The ship was traveling towards Washington D.C. but it gives a message to any ship telling that it means no harm and needs to land.

Soon landing in Regan International, the ship lands surrounded by Solterran military forces and out of the ship comes a tall opidian ka-tao called Laikai and is only willing to talk to Ilandiel. Back in Interrealm-C headquarters, Ilandiel is sent in to talk with the mysterious warrior despite warnings from her father and friends about the past. But she had to do it as this Ka-Tao isn't going to talk to anyone other than a warning.

In one of the interrogation rooms Xendrian and Yong-Tan look through the glass as Ilandiel and Laikai discuss what is going to happen and she was shocked to learn that the Ka-Tao fleets are using the passageways given to them by the dragasir to attack Prime Earth and first off by using the two captured superbahamuts.

Ilandiel recogizes the two that defeated her on the last encounter and on hearing that bit of info, She springs up in a furor and grabs Laikai by the neck threathing if she doesn't tell her about her parents she will snap her neck. Xendrian and Tan ran in to grab her before any damage is done.

Later Laikai notices of her anger because she was there when her parents were taken from her and seeing them changed. Reason she needs to see her is because she has found a way to save them and the rest of the others as well but she needs Ilandiel's help to do it.

On board a special vessel, Ilandiel, Lady Goliath and Laikai (reason for having Goliath around is to keep Ilandiel in check) in order to take her to a planet native in the Prime Universe where there are energized gems that can restore the bahamut's grip from their captors.

But while on the way they where captured by the forces that were looking for Laikai and are now in serious trouble when both Lady Goliath and Laikai are captured and Ilandiel escaped but now needs a plan to save them.

Defector Part Two

03 Episode Twenty-Eight [306] Hemisphere Studios

A crisis of conscience and a attack of trauma of how someone is taken from her comes to haunt. Ilandiel as she wonders of what Laikai says is even true can she really help her save her parents or it is a trap for her to fall into along with Goliath. She didn't take a chance on it when she develops a strategy to save the both of them.

First Strike

03 Episode Twenty-Nine [307] Hemisphere Studios

Plans have been set in motion from the past parties in the foiled gas attack long before and now after the signing of the Sexton Constitution to break up relations between the Alliance and Imperium and the Ka-tao has found it in a lost but still active Imperial space weapon left from the persiai cold war.

Sparta soon intercepted the plans and has to bring it to Imperial central command that one of their attack satellites are still active but was soon blocked out. Soon news reports, fear and panic run rampant as word broke out that New Sexton was destroyed by the suprise attack. Sparta who was flying to the city survived the attack.

To escalate the situation the Persiai state president ordered multiple strikes on Aphkian bases and city-sites in retailiation to the destruction of New Sexton and the S.S.S. Sparrow after. Sparta with proof of who was behind the New Sexton attack must plea with the President of the Alliance to prevent a soon-to-be exchange that will destroy both worlds.

Ending Moments

03 Episode Thirty [308] Hemisphere Studios

Xendrian relieved from the fact that the two superpowers are in a cease-fire gives him a deeper perspective on life and wheather he should take it to the next level with his relationship with Evelynn.

The Traitor Within

03 Episode Thirty-One [309] Hemisphere Studios

A extremely entrusted Solterran solder has been murdered by a Ka-Tao and has taken the form of the victim and with it the encoded keys to the temporal shields leaving earth vunerable to an full assult against the forces of the empire.

Meanwhile, Evelynn who kept her identity from her own family after her transformation one of them her own older brother Zedore. After hearing that he was in the hospital for a mission that has gone wrong. That is when she finally decides to come out of hiding and reveal her "death" to her brother when he wakes up.


03 Episode Thirty-One [309] Hemisphere Studios

Midnight, the world was soon to be faced with a new threat more terrifying since the Starlight Ultimatum as all broadcast transmissions were taken in by the face of General Ranasake telling the people of Prime Earth to surrender the planet and Lady Evelynn or face dire consequences.

The War of Prime Earth Part One

03 Episode Thirty-Two [310] Hemisphere Studios

Initial first strikes begin as ka-tao ships desended ready to take prisoners and kill any who get in their way. But many oppositions start to arise as the armies and people start to fight back and the War for Prime Earth has began.

Solterran and Interrealm forces from all over the thirteen realms converge to battle them even as more pour on. Evelynn still shocked at the demand Ranasake wants even if she is cured will go far as to destroy everyone just to get her back. Now she has to face if she will surender herself if it means to spare everyone.

Xendrian on Neocasida was held there with strict orders to stay there while he can't stand the thought of his homeworld under attack for no apparent reason and is willing to disobey direct orders to fight them because he believes that he's the most powerful they got right now, but not without help.

The War of Prime Earth Part Two

03 Episode Thirty-Three [311] Hemisphere Studios

Evelynn is haunted by what Ranasake has done to her: Made her a monster, created to destroy and turn on her own friends and now lover Xendrian. But Ranasake knows that she will have no choice but to surrender herself. But Ilandiel confronts her head on to not do this, knowing that if she surrenders the world will still suffer.

Laikai comes in and tells Evelynn that She (Ilandiel) is right reason why he did this to Evelynn because he needed someone more powerful than her last successor who was killed by Sparta and wonders how long it woudld take before he disposes her after pumping her for information.

In agreement evelynn will still give herself to Ranasake but this time with several plans: On Eve's side, she'll get rid of Ranasake while on Ilandiel's side, she has her people to free because she still hasn't forgotten she has the means to break the hold Ranasake has on them.

The War of Prime Earth Part Three

03 Episode Thirty-Three [311] Hemisphere Studios

With their plans in motion Evelynn cries out saying that she surrenders and has captured two "prizes" along with her. Playing traitor Ranasake as he allows them in and the soldiers have taken them in.

Ranasake isn't a dumb soldier the last time around as he knows that Evelynn wouldn't surrender that easily like her queen did and decides to play along until it's the right time to strike. Back down in the barracks of the mothership, the guards are already neutralized and down Laikai and Ilandiel rush to the main storage bay where all of the superbahamuts are stored in

Ilandiel finds her parents still in their morphed state and they bring out the properties from the world where they picked up the cure for their transformation. But as soon as they get everyone out an unexpected terror attacks them from behind.

Meanwhile Xendrian and his own minature superarmy fly in towards Prime Earth ready to strike he being very careful on who he chooses because they are more dangerous than the Ka-tao themselves. After recieving news that Evelynn is on the Mothership Xen orders them to fight on while he finds Evelynn. Back in the main quarters, Ranasake has plans for Prime Earth as well as for the other worlds once he is made supreme ruler for the Hades universe is nearly becoming uninhabitable and he and his ruler the Kanakari: The empress. They don't see eye to eye which leads to a mysterious death and for him to take advantage of it to resurrect an old plan which is to take Prime Earth in the name of their "dead" empress.

And little to her surprise that Evelynn's plan woudn't work because he knew that she wasn't willing to give up that easily.

The War of Prime Earth Part Four

03 Episode Thirty-Four [312] Hemisphere Studios

Startled to learn that her plan was fought out Ranasake did took some measures to take care of the problem one of them was her time when she fought Xendrian he knew that the blue dragon would bring back the old self knowing that his brainwashing methods weren't strong enough and second on loosing Evelynn, The general took time to start from scratch.

To create a clone more deadlier than her...

Laikai and Ilandiel has gotten all of her people out of the bay now alone with the titan-ized clone of Scarlet Drake poised to attack them they take her on but was proven too much for her until Xendrian comes in and stops her. Outside of the mothership, all forces who are fighting off the Ka-tao on land and in air and space are shocked to see that they are getting additional support from Aphkian Realmguardians and several Imperial fleets with Captian Riaider explaining they are in it to protect their "Interests".

Confused with the mutated version, Ilandiel snaps Xendrian out of it telling him that she isn't the real Evelynn but a clone made by Ranasake after learning deeply about the fake he wasn't hesitant anymore to kill her. Xendrian orders the two to get out of the ship while He looks for Evelynn and gets her out while planting superbombs in vital areas of the ship. Strangely knowing where he doesn't know.

Back on the main hangar Evelynn and Ranasake fight on as he talks to her about her transformation and how he knows everything that her stronger being wants over her original self. Evelynn objects is because it is all her and nothing more or nothing less. Nearling the end of the battle Xendrian finds Evelynn and Ranasake near the central reactor and is ready to give Ranasake his last breath moments before the reactor is going to blow. Xendrian screams from the distance that they both need to go caught between finishing Ranasake and going with Xendrian, She tears with the decision she has to make.

Evelynn orders Xendrian to go without him, when he objects she angrily responds back for him to leave; using her Realmengine, sends a repelling tractor beam that hits Xen and sends him flying though the ship's window and over a mile away from the mothership. Furious, Xendrian flies back while inside Evelynn regrets doing what she had done but she can't live with herself as long as Ranasake wants to come after her and her own friends and future fiance.

When Xendrian races to get her back but the explosion destroys the ship and the shockwave sends him flying back at an incredibile speed and crash through several buildings until he lands in a large terrace. Seeing the explosion Xendrian is devastated in the possibility that Evelynn is dead from the explosion. With the destruction of the mothership all other forces soon collapse as the whole world cheers but for one it came at a price.

Season four: Aftermath: The Long Hereafter

Aftermath: The Long Hereafter is the final season and the last set of stories that make up all of book one the war is over, sacrifices are going to be made and destinies are going to be set in motion.

Season Number Episode Designation Studio Associations

Evelynn Lives!

03 Episode Thirty-Five [313] Hemisphere Studios

Evelynn awakes in a strange reality fearing that she could be in the afterlife but what awaits for her is more than she expected when she is greeted by an mysterious entity who saved her in the last nanosecond of the explosion. But then she was given a terrible revelation of what will happen to Xendrian when the mysterious being helped her bring her back.

Xendrian is amazed to see Evelynn alive again but she doesn't have time to explain to him of how but just to get him away by moonfall. All attempts to protect her lover didn't show up until moonfall. Evelynn broke down why she has carried Xendrian all across the galaxy: It was to protect him from what "The Voice" has told her that he [Xen] would be killed.

Shocked at the news he has a hard time to believe that it is possible to kill him but after everything that has happened, Xen didn't want to take the chance to loose Eve again and finally takes this moment to tell her his true feelings once and for all. As she embraces Xendrian, he sees someone came out from empty space and emerges General Ranasake holding a torrent cannon aimed behind Evelynn. In a quick flash he turns her around and the shot is fired killing him.

Xen falls to the ground and Eve looks to Ranasake in anger charging towards him she literally lost all senses and becomes feral as she tears the once great Ka-tao leader to shreads with her bare hands.

Returning back to Xendrian She holds him in her arms with with his last breath he told her that the only regret was that he didn't tell her that he loved her sooner and he finally dies. Evelynn breaks down as she holds his now lifeless corpse and cries to the heavens.

Chronicles of the late Xendrian Maranmore

03 Episode Thirty-Seven [313] Hemisphere Studios

Many from all over gathered on the arrival of Xendrian's funeral and his own home afterwards to chronicle his many adventures and achivements all comedic, dramatic and great but as many will chronicle his departure Xendrian's destiny will soon begin in the Phoenix Realm.

Phoenix Life Part One

03 Episode Thirty-Eight [314] Hemisphere Studios

Xendrian wakes up in a strange world, an absolute paradise where it is enhabited by phoenix like creatures and only to discover that he has became one himself lost in a world, in an alternate afterlife to those who had a phoenix feather on hand.

There he will begin a journey with the help of the resident phoenix Kirare Rezza.

Episode Notes

  • The phoenix feather is deeper explained in the movie story "Exodus Pending (Great Ripple)"

Phoenix Life Part Two

03 Episode Thirty-Nine [315] Hemisphere Studios

Xendrian and Kirare travel across the absolute paradise of this purgatory as he was told of what happens to those who enter this realm. They become smarter, stronger and faster than ever before traits that are given to those who chose to return back but not if they go on to the great beyond.

Kirare further talks about herself that she was once a human in her past life thousands of years ago until she was given a feather and when she died she became a guardian protecting the denziens from trouble but there was one who has and abused the powers given. Xendrian had similar trouble when his abilited were used and abused but was all in the past.

Nearing the end of the journey Xendrian discovers a source of power and knowledge which transforms him in a way never imagined. It was by then he came to chooses to stay here or to return back to Prime Earth. But Kirare warns Xen that if he does chooses to return back he will loose his ability to become human again. But can he really do that?

What Can Be and What Can Never Be

03 Episode Fourty [316] Hemisphere Studios

Xendrian returns still in phoenix form but is unfamilar to a workd that has he has left 10 years ago when his form disolves back to his weredragon form he knows that he sacrificed his human form if it means to return back. While he tries to get his life back along with explaining of how he came back when many knew that he died a long time ago.

At the Dragon Council the govening body of all dragons in the Prime Universe a messenger sends incredible news to Evelynn. Now the Mistress of Fire faints at the news that Xendrian has returned. Xendrian was greeted by Agent Zero but tells him that he can't see Evelynn because she is feeling the pain over what has happened. Disheartened he soon recives a message from an unknown source telling him to meet him in an abandoned ghost town.

Meanwhile many are questioning of where Xendrian has been though all this time some speculating it is someone else. Evelynn is the only one that knows that it is the real Xendrian because she can feel it but will soon relize to Xen that Evelynn is mated to Blind IO in ten years he was gone. But all was forgotten when they embraced and Xen flies off with her but then was reminded of what he told her. Descending Xen relizes that what he was doing was never right and makes the hard decision to let her go.

A Near Distant Epilogue

03 Episode Fourty-One [317] Hemisphere Studios

In the night when the nation decides who will become the next President of the Solterran Alliance, running candidate Maranmore reflects on everything that has happened, the future on a Multiverse without Interrealm. The future of his colleagues in an unceartain future. Only he can change things now for the better of the nation and Evelynn's new life.

Episode Notes:

  • Final Episode of Book One

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