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The numerous chain of events that lead to the present day Prime Earth are numerous and sometimes sharp-changing. Humanity ultimalty changed it's perception of the world over the course of 530+ years in the millenium. This is a display of all of the events that made Prime Earth what it is.

21st Century

  • 2037
    • First confirmed dragon sighting over the cliffs of Southern California.
    • Multiple sightings of dragons spotted in many parts of the world including Japan, United Kingdom, China, Southern Europe and most of the United States.
  • 2038
    • The first draconic race known as the Bahamutians made contact with humanity long before the other races do.
  • 2055
    • The Age of Emergence - Soon after the Bahamutian first contact, all draconic breeds have came from hiding from humanity in a will of confidence before the new world.
  • 2078
    • Lunaris, the first mining colony has been established.
  • 2081
    • Independent Artificial Intelligence has been finally developed.
  • 2098
    • Due to hidden fears of the actions of dragons in fiction and several real-life incidents, the United States and most countries in the E.U. have issued restriction laws against dragons.

22nd Century

  • 2110
    • The Age of Emergence ends.
  • 2112
    • China has become the first nation to issue a permanant peace treaty for native and international Dragons.
  • 2116
    • Human and Dragon sympathizers launched protests all around the world's major cities.
  • 2117
    • Commerical colonization and mining begins on the planet Mars.
    • Dr. Arthur Tela & Professor Samantha Richardson became the first to develop the continuum compression drive giving a means to faster than light travel.
  • 2148
    • German president Von Strauss plached Apartheid-like laws against its draconic residents leading to heavy tensions between the high government and its citizens.
  • 2149
    • The Hammarabi War - A series of inter-retalitory strikes between sides in north and southern Germany have ravaged the nation for seven years.
    • Martian Terraforming Begins
  • 2155
    • After the end of the Hammarabi war the United Nations needed a representave on behalf of all of the draconic races that exists and therefore appoined the wise Shivian Knight to take the position at the constant objection from U.N. Delegates.
  • 2179
    • The Age of Exploration - Since the development of interstellar travel, a new generation of missions both manned and unmanned travel to distant planets for possible mining, colonization to the age old question of if there is life on other planets.

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