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Protectorate is the second book in the trilogy. Taken in the place years after the events that have occurred from Multiverse Unlimited. Years has passed since the destruction of the Strait Cities and the Prime Earth War and the powerful Interrealm will spiral down the path into ruin.

This is all a result of a presidential promise and conspiracy to rid Prime Earth of Interrealm and plunge the nation into a period of Isolationism. Creator S.A. McIntosh uses this theme in the earlier stages of the story to show as a cautionary tale that the Alliance was built upon interdependence with other worlds outside and reverting to isolationism in any form would spell the death of it.

Character-wise, it further develops the characters new and old for the new characters the main one Kiarmaru goes through her adventures but will soon discover her animalistic abilities mean more than what was given. For Xendrian, making a transition from the adventurous lifestyle to the role of world leadership will have more dangerous consequences than expectations and Evelynn now the Fire Mistress of the Dragon Council will defy all challenges for a woman of her ability.


Return to Vela

About Protectorate

In those years this is what happened following pass the end of the Prime Earth War with the Ka-Tao.

Hiding Underground

Many of the fallen Ka-Tao soldiers were captured and the highest officers were charged with the many crimes committed when they set foot on Earth. Those convicted were tried and given sentences ranging from life imprisonment, expulsion from the Prime Universe all the way to the death penalty. The remaining strong and able-bodied Ka-tao have hidden themselves underground to avoid prosecution.

Isolationism in the Alliance

After President Runeflame lost the second term election he was replaced with succeeding presidents that soon shouted out for the end of interdimensional travel to the Alliance in the midst of the revitalization of Western Perciai. Massive tariffs were introduced, travel leaving to parallel universes were terminated.

Sekamet's Election

In the turn of the first four years of the election of G'yptian president Sekamet his drive in the isolationist movement for the alliance has place a final blow towards the agency that they believe started the war in the first place. Sekamet's plan involves some of the most powerful mega-corps, militant groups and an opportunity for the hidden Ka-Tao to strike.

The Fall of Interrealm

Little to the relization of the organization that the Alliance was still the largest holder therefore they now much more about the inner workings to stage a full planned attack. The mega-corps supplied the weapons, The president with the plans and his generals with the strike and the ka-tao they find in order to initiate the strike. The plan was precise and none of the Interrealm agents have seen it coming. Xendrian was on Perciai when he saw the first attack on the Civilian HQ with the Realmguards damaged beyond repair and the final blow was to the Island base where in a massive frontal assault by the Ka-tao detonated a fifty megaton bomb that left no survivors save for the ones who were able to withstand a blast of that magnitude.

The entire world was in shock when the reports finalized that Interealm and it's entirety was destroyed. Suddenly in a swift move Sekamet has betrayed the hidden Ka-tao by calling out the Solterran Skyforces upon them completely killing them all. What the rest of the higher groups were in for a bigger shock when it was revealed that later the President has planned as Measure 4 for the Internal Security act stopping all jump-based technologies from use resulting in the Expulsion of the organization.

The Final Blow

With Interrealm out of the way the Solterran Government soon alienated every other government and nearly broke all of the achievements made by the presidents before him and the treaties forged along with it.

The biggest of which was the complete cutoff of all resources to Perciai leaving them on their own and gearing towards separatism.


For unknown reasons the investigations leading to the sudden cause of the Attack of all three Interrealm buildings where held up and those who dug too deep where dispatched by unknown causes. While at the same time Sekamet's Isolationist plans have launched him into the second term.

But it was soon enough that a few intrepid investigators soon realized that Sekamet's plans to further close in Alliance in his mad dream to make it stronger. It was finally revealed that he was responsible for the destruction of Interrealm thanks to the confession of one high-ranking general.

Soon the World Congress and the Supreme Court have tried Sekamet and all below for high treason and conspiracy which lead to the biggest shakedowns in history. But Sekamet didn't go down without a fight which lead to him a group of heavily armed omegas in the White

The White House Raid

It was one of the biggest raids ever to happen with the SSA and Omegas that have to fight against their own leading to massive damage and several men killed in the process. The image and legacy of the impeached and now convicted traitor of the Alliance, Sekamet has gone away before facing the courts.

Xendrian's Decision

Unable to no longer stay away from the fact that the Alliance is going through a downward spiral into chaos to levels never before seen since the Starlight Ultimatum that the worlds needed a better leader to free them. Xendrian took what could be the ultimate career jump and walked into the Bureau of Elections to run for the candidacy to Run for President.

Sparks of War

Political war, was erupted when Xendrian started to throw himself into the ring with an already planned Isolationist party successor and his entry violates the chain of succession. But Xendrian pushes on knowing that all after Sekamet will do further damage to the nation than when he was in office.

The case was taken to the Supreme court where in a surprising decision Xendrian has invoked the law of succession interference. And the elections began.


Xendrian's campaign became part of the Independent Sovereignty Party where he stands to better the nation from within and while at the same time re-establish ties with the nations that were damaged as a result of the previous holder. Meanwhile his opponents and hostile parties tried to discredit him ranging from outward appearance to assassination attempts which failed because of his resilience.

Most of the Worlds including those of the disconnected Western Perciai voted steadily for both candidates but nearing election day the intensity of the votes all squared down to Mars.

The Martian Vote

It was the tensest vote in history when the entire multiverse was on edge for who will become to next president of the Alliance. It was then on midnight that the people have elected the seventh dragon president of the Alliance.


Xendrians inaugural speech was one of the most memorable as he has promised to fix all of the problems the nation has gone through and to develop new relations to bring Perciai back. Also that what he will do is set a master plan in motion that will once and for all break the chains of Isolationist Solterra by a three stage Golden Age system. In which his will be dubbed The Solterran Redemption.

Off the Books

In year two of his term Xendrian knows that Interrealm was a great agency since working for them. Xen knows that it was their own recognition and deception were the reasons he left it and what led to its own downfall. So with careful planning of the budget and other implementations, President Maranmore created a new interdimensional protection force.

Birth of the Realms Protectorate

With the help of the Starlight Industries' own Toranoshi and the Government officials behind him the careful construction, development and implantation of the new organization went underway. Other interplanetary governments and those in parallel worlds jumped in and in a year, the Realms Protectorate was established with him as the Shadow Director and others below him to keep up with the day to day operations.

...Now comes the part of a recruitment drive.

Main Cast

Kiarmaru Miagi

  • Age: 28
  • Species: Sapient White Tigress
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Speed & Agility
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Absolute Night Blindness

Kiarmaru Miagi (Codename White Ghost) is the main character of the series that was raised and trained with that of experienced splicers. Was even raised by someone since her birth since she doesn't have a memory of who her real mother was.

Overtime, Kiarmaru develops the speed, strength senses that exceeds those of normal splicers and takes those when she joined the Asian Special Forces for a number of years. This caught the attention of the Protectorate to give her access and with the code name White Ghost.

She is a strong and independent-styled female with a temperament and savagery that can be described as legendary.

Anastasia Zeiss

Anastasia by Atlantis21Seeker

Main Reference Article: Anastasia Zeiss

  • Age: 27
  • Species: Human Splicer / Polar Bear
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Speed & Agility
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Her own mass and heat based attacks.

Anastatia Zeiss (Codename Coldspell) is a extremely powerful ice elemental and a force her enemies should reckon with. She is born to powerful mystic parents in the Great Antarctic Shore Cities. Her deep love with Polar bears made her into a Splicer into her later years.

Since then, her ice powers have grown more powerful than before. Giving her the first time ability to drop down to temperatures down to absolute zero even at remote distances. Her most powerful move can turn a luscious world into a frozen wasteland with a single touch. Her role as the partial partner to Kiarmaru is to be her guide and partner where extra brawn is needed.

Andrew Bessener

  • Age: 29
  • Species: Human
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Skilled martial arts and marksmanship
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: None

Andrew Bessener is the first human character as well as the one with a developing love interest to Kiarmaru as much to his knowledge to not finding out she isn't a splicer. Though he has no special powers or abilities to the onces he has now.

Andrew is also noted for his use of reverse psychology in order to succumb is enemies to his will.

Till Alderbiet

  • Age: 31
  • Species: Werewolf
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Super strength, Heightened senses
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Heavy impact attacks.

Till is a musclebound and often hot-tempered anti-hero of the story. Formally a skilled fighter and a former alpha in one of the most powerful werewolf packs on Mars. (Yes, he is a martian-born werewolf). Unlike others he occasionally has the ability to increast his strength in times of stress and has a personality that often makes him resentful to those weaker to him or as an annoyance.

Secondary Characters

Wolfskunk Taurin

Taurin by RedWolf
  • Age: Unknown
  • Species: Bond Class Canmephian Wolfskunk
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Unknown
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Unknown

Wolfsunk Taurin has a deep secretive nature to hir upbringing other than ether being a hermaphrodite or a high-ranking Admiral taken to the position of Ambassador to represent the Canmephian Republic in the First Golden Age Solterra.

Though hir attitude is borderline pompous to that of other high-ranking diplomats; Taurin proves herself as a valuable asset to develop security relations between Prime Earth and Canmeph 2.

Dusty Indigo

Dusty Indigo by Jolly Jack

Main Reference Article: Dusty Indigo

  • Age: 20
  • Species: Timberwolf/Cougar Hybrid
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Expert athlete, interrogator and expert gunslinger.
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: None identified

Syrienne Emerson (Codename Dusty Indigo) is a natural at being an athlete because she uses it to get through the toughest of situations. A non-native anthropomorphic wolf/cougar mix a genetic mutation causes her coat to completely turn into the color her codename makes.

Her role in the series grows through the middle of season one but becomes great in season two for the cause of Kiarmaru's upbringing.

Amber Valedan

  • Age: 280
  • Species: Elven
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Shapeshifting, Advanced level sorceress
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Null fields, extreme cold

Amber Valedan is a former guard at the black vault who from time to time learned to practice magic from some of the low level access spellbooks. Originally from the City of Atlantian Spade on Avalon. Valedan was recently fired because of a accident she was wrongly accused for.

It became an opportunity for her to become an operative because her ability to shapeshift into powerful creatures and her magic is skilled enough in troubling situations. She is a very smart and talented girl but is often the victim of the customs barrier.

Shean Willowei

  • Age: 590
  • Species: Elven
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Advanced level sorceress
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: None identified

Shean Willowei is one of Xendrian's closest friends during the transition of him becoming president. Ofthen her legal expertise was key to getting him out of the most troubling situations. Her quick thinking and strong harsh nature is often the key to getting things in line.

Xendrian saw that in her and its the reason she was chosen to be his Vice-President. It's also known why he chose her because she is the only one to curb Xendrian's often adventurous nature.

Returning Cast - Multiverse Unlimited

Mistress of Fire - Lady Evelynn

  • Age: Immortal
  • Species: NeoDraca
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Technomancy, High-Powered energy attacks. Invunerability, Super Strength.
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: None Identified

Evelynn Fireheart now the successor to Ares who was the "Lord of Fire" to the elusive Dragon Council. During the past decade her harsh journey and selection to be entered into the Council by Lord Psudodrake her powers and knowledge grew with time alongside with her new mate Blind Io and family.

It was soon known her codename became a title of royalty as she is now the Mistress of Fire. Her powers and will even dwarf those to her predecessor.

Solterran President Xendrian Maranmore

  • Age: 42
  • Species: Delgan Bahamutian Dragon
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Enhanced Super Strength and Breath Weapons, Invulnerability.
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Removed as a result of his non-existent human genetics from resurrection.

Xendrian Maranmore returns to Earth ten years later after his death resurrected and readjusting to life with everything he knows and loves especially Evelynn lost forever. Xendrian does everything that he can to regain his footing with the New Interrealm but that also failed due to conflict of interest.

When Interrealm fell and soon the nation it was up to him to save the last thing he can: His home. All this to lead to his run and election to become President of The Solterran Alliance.

Fleet Commander Sparta Zarei

  • Age: 81
  • Species: Metainfused Cenuffii Aphkian Wolfess
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Super Strength, moderate invulnerability
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Not identified

Sparta Zarei as she now knows herself as. Tires of the muscle compression plug she uses to hide her augmented power and now lives as her decompressed self. In between positions with the new Protectorate and the Imperium as a Fleet Commander prepared to handle herself in any extreme situation.


Dark Empress Trae Mobius

Trae by AeroKat
Main Reference Article: Trae Mobius
  • Age: Unknown
  • Species: Wolf/Human Hybrid
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Omnipotence of Dark and Chaos Magics, Ability to increase mass and strength, Nigh Invulnerability.
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Unknown

Trae Mobius the daughter to two of the multiverses most notorious criminals created a new place for herself by taking her father's jumpcard. In her many travels, her wit and determination in a campaign to find her place gained her an vast army. Incredible power over dark and chaotic magics and a body that can destroy galaxies with a flex.

She is known to many as The Coming Darkness or Goddess of the Realms as her powers consumed her to become much of a perverted, arrogant and dangerous being. Trae rules the Dominion of Ten and it's peoples will never stand against her without facing certain death.

Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega are the sisterly criminal duo that cause trouble across the Prime Universe for various crimes designed to feed their rush and desires. The both of them are the exaggerated elements of brains and brawn. Currently they are wanted by both the Anubian Empire and Solterran Alliance for robberies and property damages.

D'enakai "Alpha" Ienepu

Alpha by Uriel
Main Reference Article: D'enakai "Alpha" Ienepu
  • Age: 29
  • Species: Anubian Jackal
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: High-intellect, gymnastic agility.
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Heavy-impact attacks

D'enakai Ienepu is the older sister of the duo and the brains of the operation. She doesn't have the extremely durable body or the violent demeanor of her younger sister Osiru but makes up for it in her bravery and tactical skills to combat her enemies.

She cares deeply and often protects her sister from outside harm long before she became powerful. D'eneakai's notable traits is her intelligence and her way to use her endowments to "persuade" who she wants for information along with combat skills to fight if necessary.

Osiru "Omega" Ienepu

Omega by Uriel
Main Reference Article: Osiru "Omega" Ienepu
  • Age: 18
  • Species: Anubian Jackal
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Super Strength, Nigh invulnerability
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Not identified

Osiru Ienepu unbelievably is the younger sister by only eleven years! Every scientist in the Empire are baffeled into how she even at a younger age gained incredible muscle mass and size. She was already taller than her sister by the age of 8. She was also the youngest female to enter the Empire's most elite guards but was thrown out because even there she was too powerful for them.

To the present she is now in the appearance of a giant, unstoppable juggernaut that only answers to the command of her older sister. Though she is just as smart as D'enekai, Osiru relies more on brute force rather than clear thought to get the job done though this also makes her extremely difficult to handle and temperamental to anyone who stands against her.

Xendrian Alpha

  • Age: 0
  • Species: Delgan Bahamutian Dragon
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Super Strength, Nigh invulnerability
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Not identified

Xendrian Alpha is a more "complete" clone of Xendrian taken from his DNA under the guide of Section Zero during the Prime Earth War. He has a more discreet deposition to kill his "fake" self as directed by the scientists of MacMillian Air force base.

Galaprea "Obsydian Dawn" Fireheart

  • Age: 34
  • Species: Western Dragoness
  • Notable Powers/Abilities: Super strength, Expert magic weaponry, Hand-to-hand combat
  • Notable Vulnerabilities: Psychological warfare.

Obsydian Dawn is Lady Evelynn's alternate self the intelligence is the only thing that makes them the same but the difference is everything else. She is mostly a evil genius and raised from a corrupted and abusive childhood making her a guaranteed psychopath.

Her strength and power comes from the magic she yields in order to gain them. And will scour the universe just to look for trouble when needed.

Interrealm Section Zero

Section Zero was the forgotten and ultra-secret fourth tier of Interrealm. Created by the four chiefs of staff they are assigned to handle the truly "dirty work" left behind by the other three tiers regardless of what happens afterwards.

After the fall they were taken in by the Solterran Military and soon other hidden corporate assets to do what they have done for the original organization. Recently they have their sights on President Maranmore and his Protectorate merely because they stand against what they have planned for the world.

Series Synopsis and Layouts

Final Spoiler Warning!!! Possibly may contain information of the series.

Season one - Saga of the Tigress

Saga of the Tigress is the launching season of book two where the events mentioned above and will open up to the introductions of the main cast and their exploits.

Season Number Episode Designation Studio Associations

The Fall of Interrealm: Part One - The End of a Legacy

01 Episode One [101] Hemisphere Studios

Years after the war and the return of Xendrian he faces many challenges with the New Interrealm that has slowly fallen into corruption and hubris. Much to the point that they have fired him for multiple violations and him putting much of the blame on agency for what it has become. Three weeks later the shocking news came to light as while he was on Perciai, he received the news that all three tiers of the agency have been attacked and destroyed.

Episode Notes

  • First episode
  • Introduction into the series's fall and resurrection into a new agency.

The Fall of Interrealm: Part Two - White Tigress

01 Episode Two [102] Hemisphere Studios

Three years later after the disaster and the discovery of newer dimensional travel technology. The newly elected president Maranmore develops a new agency to succeed Interrealm known as the Realms Protectorate.

Meanwhile in the deep jungles of southeastern Asia we enter the White Tigress Kiaramaru Miagi of the Asian State Forces whose abilities far succeed those of normal splicer operatives soon to be chosen to join the protectorate.

Episode Notes

  • Introduction of Kiarmaru

Ice Queen

01 Episode Two [103] Hemisphere Studios

Two days after Kiarmaru accepts she is sent on her first assignment which at first felt mediocre but then she runs into a street war between splicer factions to which later encounters Anastasia Zeiss who breaks up the war with her amazing ice powers.

The two will have to work together in order to stop a madman from literally breaking the antarctic cities apart.

Episode Notes

  • Introduction of Coldspell

In the Age of Genetics

01 Episode Three [103] Hemisphere Studios

Kiarmaru meets up with also fellow newcomer Andrew Bessener working as a field agent while they go together in a training situation. Meanwhile in a parallel story this talks about the origins of the age of Neogenetics and how this associates with the sudden show of animal instinct within Kiarmaru nearly turns deadly

Episode Notes

  • Introduction of Coldspell
  • Formally called In The Past

Interlude of a President

01 Episode Four [104] Hemisphere Studios

Xendrian, as president of the Alliance deals with the day-to-day pressures of running a multi-universal nation while making the hardest choices in order to reconcile tensions made by his predecessor.

Little does he realize he is being watched by a surviving tier of the former Agency and their "sponsors" aren't happy with what he's doing. Soon making plans of how to dispatch him.

Alpha and Omega

01 Episode Five [105] Hemisphere Studios

Kiarmaru and Anastatia travel to the parallel planet of G-Earth and encounters a pair of powerful thieving jackals only going by the name of Alpha and Omega. The two are about to be tested as brawn meets brawn and wit meets instinct in this robbery game.

Episode Notes

  • Introduction of Alpha and Omega

The Man and The Big Werewolf

01 Episode Six [106] Hemisphere Studios

On the eve of the first Titan Games on Perciai, an anything-goes muscle performance match. Andrew is sent in to look into the use of an illegal derivative of the Dragini plant to make the contestants blow up to inmpossible masses. Sooner than he realized one of those contestants is on the case longer than he is.

Episode Notes

  • Introduction of Till Alderbiet

How to Reconcile Without Even Trying

01 Episode Seven [107] Hemisphere Studios

President Maranmore travels to Neocasida in preparation to discuss talks over the devastator incident years ago. He'll soon meet with a very familiar face. Little to anyone's knowledge an assassination plot is underway for both him and the Queen Regent and it's up to Anastatia and Andrew to stop it.

Episode Notes

  • First Guest Appearance of Lady Evelynn


01 Episode Eight [108] Hemisphere Studios

Andrew and Kiarmaru fly to Shangri-la to reunite with her sensai and meet with an old friend who grew up to be one of the five princesses of the mysterious nation. In one of the bold moves by the mysterious agency, they have taken interest in one of Shangri-la's genesis technologies they are ready to steal but accidentally in the process steals the fifth princess and it's up to Kiarmaru to save her.

Episode Notes

  • Shanghai-gri-la is a take on the phrase Shanghai meaning kidnap and Shangri-la.


01 Episode Nine [109] Hemisphere Studios

In relation to Shanghai-gri-la we meet a dirty-blue hybrid anthro lying unconscious in a pool of water. She subconsciously details her story across five universes of her ongoing investigation of the mysterious Section Zero and their plans against the current administration.

Episode Notes

  • Introduction of Dusty Indigo

Section Zero - Part One: The Last Straw

01 Episode Ten [110] Hemisphere Studios

Recovering from the attack on her life Dusty Indigo lays low but employs the help of Anastasia and the others and lays out the details of what she has intercepted. President Maranmore has invited a conspiracy plot after his latest action to remove the powerful interest groups out of Capitol Hill. Which spells retaliation on the mega-corporations to speed up their timetable to kill Xendrian.

Section Zero - Part Two: Dragon Bullet

01 Episode Eleven [111] Hemisphere Studios

After getting details the reports are in from the news that the president is heading for Capitol Hill for the reason of why he removed all of the interest groups and thats when they fear is is that moment that Section Zero will make their move and its a race against time before Xendrian gets taken down for good.

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