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Launa Viander

Lillian Marijenen Viander otherwise known all over the world as Launa Moon Viander or Launa Moon was known throughout the centuries as the undisputed "Trickster Goddess" all over the world she is known for her original and most memorable acts of mischief that generations of people share today. Many speculate that she is a black cat. Despite rumors of how she came to be which range from a experiment in genetics to ancient demon Launa is originally a human being before a witch has placed a curse on her half way through.Launa is also known to have a bit of a vengeance streak against anyone who plays with her the wrong way and acts upon it sometimes with deadly force. Despite being a master of trickery she is also as skilled swords woman and fighter.


  • Born: August 12, 1658 Oleander Colony, The Netherlands.
  • Species: Human / Black Cat (immortal)
  • Height Weight: 8'11"/964 lbs.
  • Aliases: Launa Moon Viander, Lillian Marijenen Viander
  • Affiliations: Circle of Tricksters
  • Friends & Relatives: Coyote (Husband, Divorced)
    Marau Kena (Friend), Auraleth (Friend)
  • Occupation: Professional Bodybuilder / Stuntwoman / Sorceress
  • Notable Powers: Superhuman Strength, Mastery of Light & Dark Magics,

Appearance Field

Simple Beginnings

Launa's beginnings started over 850 years ago in the colonial town of Oleander which soon became The Netherlands. Lillian as she is originally called was raised by loving parents who were constant workers shared that shared little to no time with her. She thought that if this keeps going on she'll be doomed to a lifetime of isolation and loneliness. So she has taken all of her childish energy into playing tricks on the local children and adults of the town. Over the years she has began to master a simple act of fun down to a art at such a young age.

She even preformed acts out in the open for three reasons: earn a bit of money, get attention and to make people smile. From age 16 she was unstoppable and there was no one that she couldn't get to make them laugh or play a trick on that was until the town's old and cantankerous bitty named Olea came into town.

Olea and Lillian's Curse

Olea is known throughout the towns in Old Europe for being the most uncatchable and the most of a curmudgeon. Having little to no respect for human life and also hates children. Another trait of this old woman is that she keeps in her house, allot of black cats. A number even unnatural for one person to have.

That day Olea came into the town were Lillian was walking opposite of the old woman and bumped into her. But Olea didn't take it too well even after she apologizes deeply to her all she got in response was a few cane hits and a trip into the mud. For the first time Olea laughed at her situation and the entire town as well. Lillian was flooded with emotions that will soon take place the following night.

She tracked her down to a small cottage three miles outside of town and found her and her small zoo of black cats, some of them in small cages for no reason. That is where she set her plan into motion. Before the pursuit, Launa has brought a long piece of twine and a wooden bucket, inside the wooden bucket contains the smelliest and most putrid swamp water that she can find. She quietly sets up the bucket in twine over the door which when opened will dump the water over her head.

Lillian made a few animal noises that are louder than usual in order to get the old woman to come out and minutes later Olea was the victim of the very first overhead dump prank. Lillian's vengeance was swift and just but being overwhelmed by what she saw will soon compromise her location as she exploded in a fit of laughter. Olea furious heard the laughter and with a wave of her hand cleared the brushes spotting Lillian in clear view. Like a puppet master she held the small child by her throat and brought her up close. She then goes on to tell her that she should have swallowed her pride and left but now she has to pay for it by spending her life as of her pets.

Then it hit her to know what all of those cats were. They were all of her past victims she turned into cats. Olea was a witch with a heavy anti-social streak. She has a means to turn anyone for any reason as a black cat just for spite. For Lillian it was just over the fact she can't take a joke. Olea began her incantation and her victim is already starting to feel the transformation as her body is becoming feline in form until she reached into one of her pockets and threw a piece of axon's powder in her face breaking her spell and leaving her halfway through the change.

Lillian ran for her life but the damage is already done and Olea can go with the knowledge that she can never go back without being called a freak. The frightened girl tripped and fell to the edge of a lake where suddenly she grew into a screaming shock as she saw herself as a half-cat creature. She can never go back the thoughts of her being called a freak of nature and being shunned by everyone including her parents ran through her mind. She settled down and re-think her situation. Is she willing to beg for forgiveness for her act? Did she feel regret or guilt for what she has done? Any sign of shame? It was no for all three of them. She wanted to get revenge.

Transfer of Power

Lillian came back to the house in a furor explaining her reason long before what she has done it wasn't right to berate her even after showing one bit of sympathy to the woman and demands her to change her back. Olea refused because it would be funny to see what a town of "close minded killers" will do to her.Finally loosing it, she screamed and scratched the woman at the side of her face soon spiraling of a meelee of magic based attacks and a child with cat-like agilities. The black cats cheered in Lillian's favor which made Olea angry loosing control of her aim and strikes against a mirror which reflected her attack and got her, killing the witch.

In a wild myriad of colors and sound the cats that were imprisoned have their souls free from their forms. All except for Launa who's half-way form still remains. But then she suddenly became imbued with the power that came from the witch lost when she died. It was a rush that she had never felt before. She thought of once that she can use this power to change her back into a human again but try after try it failed.

Olea has really gotten a grip on her curse to prevent her from becoming human even after her death. She thought it over and came to the fact she might as well handle this predicament. The next morning she altered her frail sixteen-year old body to a taller, slimmer and more voluptuous form but still with the species of a cat. With the form she gained a new name: Launa Moon.

Years Pass

Her form became the source of her immortality and her power which grew into her own version. she wanted to go back into the world and live out her new skills but how can she do that? She is able to shape shift into anyone created a new spell known as "appearance field" which alters her outside appearance to become anyone she is but maintain her original form.

In the many years that followed she played tricks in secret for her own personal enjoyment rather than to make the people smile. She changes her appearance with the field spell adjusting it to anything that can counteract it such as special mirrors or photographic film.

Then in the mid eighteenth century she has gained the attention of a few of the world's well known tricksters.

The Trial of the Trickster Goddess

While on a trip into the deepest parts of Africa, Launa was in a middle of a traveling expedition to discover the wonders and amazements of the jungle until she was snatched up by a spiders web and was greeted by none other than Anansi, the spider he told her that she and many others have seen her exploits across Europe and they have decided for her to joing a special "club" of people like Anansi known as the "Circle of Tricksters" composed of the world's most renowned tricksters.

She hesitated at the idea considering she is only half human but decided to take on the challenge and in a puff of smoke both Launa and Anansi have appeared before a group of shadowy figures each will give her a trial to prove to them if she has what it takes to join their ranks.

For over a hundred days she has tricked and been tricked by each of the world's best known tricksters but with each time she was defeated she has taken that to her advantage all the way to the final trial where nothing can ever fool her again. From then on Launa was declared Europe's official trickster. For the last 200 years she kept on time with each gathering, wined, dined and played many games with the mortals as Launa slowly begins to call them.

On one meeting she met a wonderful new trickster who started to catch her eye and soon fall in love with. It was Coyote.


Coyote, the trickster of native American legend has caught the heart of Europe's fastest growing mistress of mischief it was a love that was never before seen in the circle before. Launa soon began to be lost in his charms. But Anansi, her closest friend grew suspicious with him. Over the past several hundred years Coyote has been the center of attention of the circle and no one has ever challenged him until Launa came in.

No one has suspected that Launa was about to become the victim of the most cruelest joke of them all.


Launa and Coyote were inseparable back for a time until Coyote has placed her plan into notion. Anansi tries to stop this from happening but Coyote used his spells to contain him so it wouldn't become a problem. When the time was right Coyote has revealed his plan to Launa and strikes her down, telling her that his love for her was all a lie and was really to get her guard down to strip her of her title and her powers. With a fast incantation, Coyote has taken her powers leaving her human and also immortal.

To make the betrayal burn in her mind, Coyote gave her one last kiss before stiking her down in the rainy streets of Amsterdam. Broken and traumatized that her deepest feelings were taken for granted by someone who thought loved her. She doesn't know what to do now that she is powerless and mortal leaving her vulnerable to anything that can kill or hurt a normal being. Launa is forever lost and helpless.

A Call from the Council

The Native Council was made aware of the situation of what has happened and why Coyote has gotten dangerously more powerful. The council has found Launa and told her that she was the only one that can bring the now powerful coyote down. They have armed her with the weapons needed to bring him down.

When she encountered Coyote once again she was soon blinded by rage of all that has happened to her it was reminiscent of her bout with Olea but much worse, she wasn't holding back and will kill him. The bout was fast and deadly until Coyote was finally defeated and begging for mercy but Launa didn't want to listen anymore the council has found them and asked for her to stop but was in a rage. It took the council to stop her and punish Coyote. They have stripped him of his powers and will be given to a successor and for him to spend the rest of his life as a mortal human being. As for Launa she snapped out of her rage and was given her powers back at a heavy price, barring her from finishing her revenge with Coyote if she does the councils wrath will be swift and just.

To make matters worse all of the other councils found out about the circle and urged for it to be disbanded. Because of Coyote's actions the idea of uniting tricksters are a dangerous idea with no proof to back it up except for Coyote. If not they will be punished and destroyed. Moments after the Launa has gotten her powers but was broken after these series of events. Her love compromised everything she gained and as soon as she freed Anansi, she told him that she's resigning from the circle never to return again but not without telling them to break up the circle to save themselves.

Redeeming and Defending

Launa back with her powers fell into a deep depression as she aimlessly wanders the world to fill the great void of her bout with coyote and declaration of unfitness as a trickster. She gained new friends she no longer called mortals until she went to the far east and met a massive character named Tasu-Gen also known as "The Giant of the Hills". And a Giant he was! standing over 13 feet tall and with muscles unnatural for a human to be.

She asked how he became that big and told her that it was combined exercise and a special tea that has loosen his body's abilities to grow. With this information she stayed with him to be her trainer and friend. For over eight years, she trained and worked hard while taking in the "special tea" which helped her body be free of it's restrictions especially to build mass.

Around year nine she didn't even used a single ounce of magic when her body went through a remarkable transformation, making her from a frail 120 lbs to a monstrous 958 lbs of bulky muscle while maintaining her feminine beauty. She did used some magic to expand her bust line and then a bit larger just for kicks. With with her training and muscles, she also gained a sense of self-redemption to finally be free of her burdens of the past and not let herself be consumed by hatred over the actions of those who hurt her.

Tsau-Gen passed away two years later but not without keeping his secret tea plants hidden away with one of her spells that make up her appearance field.

Thirst for Thrills

The herculean Launa with a body that out beats any of the male bodybuilders of the time used her time to take in some thrills and earn some money while doing it. Using the appearance field spell she took on roles as a stunt woman doing the most dangerous stunts, a bodybuilder that has earned her more titles than any female

competitor and as a model just to show off.

Launa Viander Today

Launa resides in Amsterdam with her wealth and a specially made motorcycle that is made for her permanent cat-form which she flaunts around while not in public. Every year she goes on a world tour and her title as a World Trickster a title by itself has made herself a legend for over a hundred years (before the motorcycle thing) before finally retiring in 2005.

Last Ride World Tour

This was a list of her actions and destinations around the world back in 2005. One day Launa has joined the ranks among the world's legendary tricksters as Europe's own trickster but after centuries of service she decided to retire her position and title as a witch to be a classic sorceress. So she has engaged into a final run around the world:

  • The World Tour List
    • Amsterdam, The Netherlands - "Takeoff" w. James Karsden [Start]
      • Leaves her home in Amsterdam in an illusionary trick of her taking her motorcycle and taking off into the skies but one person spotted her driving down the road.
      • Plots revenge against a competitive brewer during Oktoberfest after their beer made her sick.
    • Pisa, Italy - "Tipped" w. Bernini
      • Dazzles a guard by becoming a hulking mountain of muscle in order to straighten up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and then lean it back when he brings the others.
    • Bern, Switzerland - "Turn Back Time" w. Hans Endelmann
      • Helps a old man regain his lost love by taking him back in time and setting things right when he returns to the present.
    • Paris, France - "The Cat and the Boot" w. Jason Keemer
      • Retaliates against an angry neighbor who accidentally throws a shoe at her head instead of the cats that won't stop meowing.
    • London, United Kingdom - "The "T" in Tea" w. Evan Matthews
      • Places a spell on the new tea leaves to have Triptophen loaded in them only to have everyone wake up in their underwear.
    • Giza, Egypt - "I Want My Mummy" w. Amed
      • Brings mummies back to life in order to run out a couple of grave robbers from the Great Pyramids.
    • Tanzania - "A Date With Anansi" w. Mogabe
      • An eyewitnessed account of his sight of Launa with the famed trickster Anansi
    • Cape Town, South Africa - "Night Surfer Mistress" w. Geoffrey Emmes
      • Launa enjoys night surfing not just for the thrills but to get a bite back at the shark who tries to get a bite out of her.
    • Rio De Janerio, Brazil - "The Replacement" w. Juan Acubar
      • Launa stands in for one of the dancers of the annual celebration "Carnivale".
    • Mexico City, Mexico - "Launa's Revenge" w. Antony Malos
      • Montezuma's Revenge has new meaning when the water was made more worse than before. Reason was unknown.
    • Key West, Florida, United States - "Kat-tastrophe" w. James Marsde
      • Like looking into a living bottomless pit the buff black cat blows away a pie-eating contest making a record impossible to break.
    • Williamsburg, Virginia, United States - "T.P'ed" w. Marty
      • Done a favor of an old man to stop teenagers from covering his house in toilet paper every Halloween.
    • New York, New York, United States - "Queen of the Parade" w. Adam Parks
      • In the highlight of her life she becomes the hottest grand marshal of the famed Halloween Parade.
    • Hartford, Connecticut, United States - "All Trick..." w. Jan Miles
      • She helps a three-year old girl get back at some mean kids
    • Salem, Massachusetts, United States - "A Gathering to Remember" w. Moonshadow aka Marie Tully
      • A young gatherer exchanges secrets with the real deal.
    • Chicago, Illinois, United States - "Broken Bike" w. Joe Sullivan
      • Seduces a mechanic in the graveyard shift in the guise of a human to get him to fix her high-powered motorcycle.
    • Austin, Texas, United States - "Tipped the Tippers" w. Nathan Bates
      • Has some fun with a couple of cow-tippers after doing another favor of a ranch owner.
    • Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California - "Miss Big" w. Simone Wales
      • Launa shows off by out-repping the other pro bodybuilders.
    • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - "A Picture is Worth a Single Word" w. Timothy
      • A group photo shows for the first time Launa's true form under the human visage.
    • Anchorage, Alaska & Honolulu, Hawaii, United States - "Fire and Ice" w. Kilana Cameron and James Arden
      • From being company to a small Eskimo girl to surfing lava streams in Hawaii.
    • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - "Party on the Bridge" w. Kim Sandovall
      • The sorceress rings in the new year in the land down under at the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
    • Tokyo, Japan - "Terror on the Tokyo Tower" w. Yoko Sinji
      • Launa fights her worst enemy and ex-husband. The former Native-American trickster Coyote and resulted in a near-death experience with the witness and millions of dollars in damages.
    • Amsterdam, The Netherlands - "Coming Home..." w. Launa Viander [End]
      • Straight from the woman herself, she tells the ending story of how her final ride around the world has brought up the good times as much as the bad.


Talo is one of the most changeable characters known in the universe of Supermoon: Werewolf Silvereye". Because of her history and coming to be make it so. Talo is most notable for her behavior as a escaped mental patient and physically for her over-sized and musclebound legs.

Growing Up

Tress Valmeri was born 22 years ago in a small town, grown up to two parents who cared for her very much until the age of five where her mother died in a car accident. Three years later her father remarried to a woman who was nice to him but cruel to Tress. Often feeling scared to do anything and falls prey to her stepmother's constant physical and verbal abuse.

Fallen under the stepmother's charms Tress's father was powerless to see what has happened to her and it was too late when her father was killed by unknown circumstances which till today has never been solved. Left alone with her abusive stepmother it has taken a toll on her sanity.

Last Salvation

Tress's constant and unnoticable torture came to a standstill when she encountered a smart and hansome man named Jack Avael. Jack showed Tress the most wonderful time of her life even shared the pain that Tress has suffered through and planned to offer her a way to get away from her abusive stepmother and her boyfriend.

Tress has her first sense of a wanted possession on the day she laid eyes on a pair of special edition red-lensed googles. It was ususal since most women would want jewlery or something more. But when she got them it was the most memorable gift she has ever gotten from her first and ever true love.

Jack begins to have the same feelings for her as well because he believes she is strong enough to finally leave them. But that soon became a turn of the worst when Tress's mother finds out about it.


On that fateful night, Tress and Jack were walking down the street until they are spotted by her mother and her boyfriend. Her mother demanded that she is angry for disobeying her of where she has really been and wants to take her home. But she actually stood up to her and told her no. That infuriated the both of them and lead to a terrible altercation between Jack and her mother's boyfriend.

The last sound Tress ever heard was a gunshot ripping right through the only person who can save her. In the midst of the laugher and the mocking something inside Tress rose up, something that made her snap and attacked her boyfriend in a feral fashion and against her mother nearly biting her throat. Soon the police came by to subdue tress. When asked of if the attacker [Tress] was hers they disavowed her instantly and written her off as a maniac.

Tress was taken away as she screams and cries for her real mother to save her now that her love is shot dead and what is left of her sanity is destroyed.


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