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Protectorate Villain
Full Name Traenmerenn Merinnen Mobius
Species Anthropomorphic Wolf / Human Genic
Status/Occupation Unknown / General
Empress of the Dominion of Ten
Affiliations Army of the Shadow Lotus
Iron Drak Clan
Relatives/Allies Cassidene Hayes
Vladimir Mobius
General Aska
First Appearance The Empress Decrees
Abilities Omnipotence over Dark and Chaotic Magics
God-like Strength and Speed, Indestructibility
Weaknesses Unknown

Trae Mobius is the main antagonist in Protectorate. Created by S.A. McIntosh to be the quintessential villainess of the series nearing the end and the opening event for the next series. A woman who hungers for power in its truest form more than any other being in the known mutliverse. Her quest for for such a thing ultimately looses her track for what she really wanted and is consumed by it.

Throughout the story she is described as the embodiment of being malicious, devious, cruel and vain. From her beginnings as a normal child as a victim of loss of attention to a despotic queen of a vast superempire who will let nothing get in the way to get what she wants. It was on her lucid journey across the multiverse that made her into the single-most greatest threat to the Thirteen Realms.


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Physical Statistics

  • Height
    • 10'4" / 34'11" and up
  • Weight
    • 569 lbs. / Indeterminable
  • Body Type
    • Muscular / Beyond Titan

Character Biography

Born Traenmerenn Merinnen Mobius, she is a normal girl born and raised in a interspecies family. From the Prometheus Universe Cassidene Hayes who for the last ten years was a notorious bank robber and Vladimir Mobius one of Solterra's most brilliant criminal masterminds. When Trae was born their activities slowed down until she got older but that has it's terrible turn soon fallen victim to neglect.

It was soon when she has found her father's lost jumpkey and accidentally sent herself into another world before her parents can stop her. Landing in the courtyard she is surrounded by an army led by an evil warlord named Master Shendo of the Black Lotus. For many years she was taught of their ways including the ultimatum challenge she endured as a result of the harassment by the fellow soldiers racing to be second in command.

By the time she reached 20, Trae became a powerful general leading the clan to the extermination of thousands of villages and soon great cities of the land while earning the title being by Shendo's side. But the battles has given her a thirst for more power than she ever wanted needing to use the jumpkey again Trae promised Shendo that she will return stronger than before and promise to expand more than before.

That landed her in a forest where she soon sees the first step in gaining power. She witness a ceremony where five titanic and musclebound females circle around a normal sized being. They instructed her to go into the lake to which after doing so transformed her into one of them. As soon as they left, Trae saturated herself in the waters of the lake taking in longer than before. When the females came back they saw Trae emerged out of the lake three times bigger and more musclebound as they are. It wasn't long before she killed everyone of them before leaving. Taking in water in a small canteen before leaving.

Her next stop in her new titanic form was a volcanic world dominated by dragons who mastered weapons and armor and the ones she encountered weren't friendly as neither was she after demanding that she needs a sword and armor when the leader leap in to kill her his fate was sealed with as swift death. The other dragons fell to her demand and never challenged her since.

Fully armored and with a ultimately strong sword, she arrived to her final selected destination where she is face to face with the most powerful order of sorcerers of dark magic who she was no match for but the training from the battles she had along with her acquired mind games were superior to them. Upon return it turns out her hopes were dashed as what is left of the Clan of the Black Lotus was diminished and their leader killed by a few powerful heroes. Brutally getting the clan back into shape and transforming those who remained loyal into her powerful beings they reclaimed what is theirs and soon her promise to be conqueror would soon be fulfilled.

Today, the Dark Empress Trae Mobius now stands as the all powerful despotic leader of the Dominion of Ten, a vast mutli-universal empire composed of eighty-seven universes divided among ten regions all controlled by Trae herself with sights on conquering the one area she hasn't reached: The Thirteen Realms.


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Other Media

  • Trae is featured in the short story Fates' Weapon by D.C. Ashmore where she is described as such above. And is pleased with the affect that Interrealm is now destroyed while making plans to attack the thirteen realms in the process. Meanwhile, Elzabeth M'roln as the "Gods' Weapon" near the end she learned of the news of Mobius's plot to take over the Great Wide Universe and kill anyone that gets in her way including her close friend Rae Iksaki. This leaves her with a decision of when to attack.


  • The Dominion of Ten it is composed of eighty-seven individual universes divided among ten dominated sections lead by her leaders/bodyguards but can freely kill one of them if they get out of line.
  • No one knows of the true intentions of what Trae does since she is consumed by the dark magic or its her own will.
  • Is known to have a extreme hatred to those who are stronger and more hate against those who are loved. A hidden trait when she lost her soul to the immense power she gained. Often when she goes through that her body expands with more muscles with quakes and storms soon follow until she relaxes again.

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