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Multiverse Unlimited/Protectorate Character
Full Name De'Tereval Xendrian Sierge Maranmore
Species Great Bahamutian Dragon
Status/Occupation Retired / Detective Commander
Solterran President
Affiliations New York Regional Police
Vela Organization
Osirus Group
Tier/Insignia Dual Interrealm M.gif Interrealm C.gif
Relatives/Allies Maelstrom Maranmore
Anastatia Maranmore
Lady Evelynn
Wexler Hughes
DocWolph W. Warpwaulph
First Appearance Nightmare of a Dream - Part One
Abilities Super strength
Trident flare
Weaknesses Diamond-tipped weaponry and Alchemic Gold

De'Tereval Xendrian Sierge Maranmore (Codename Superior Blue) is the male main characters of the Interrealm Trilogy. Created by S.A. McIntosh as the protagonist, reluctant hero and necessary villain of the continuity his life. His personality is very unique for someone of the warrior-like and musclebound build.

Created through an evolution of a previous character the characteristic of a having a "Facial Maskplate" which slowly evolved leaving him with a whole face with the reminisce of the mask in the form of side and top spikes are still there. Most of his traits come from various characters from dramatic to funny and often eccentric at times. In terms of Xendrian's personality. It is virtually various in different aspects. He starts off as a normal, typically happy and on-going personality. Often when pushed around he does act differently and goes quickly into anger. Often at times he can be unforgiving when needed.

Often he is sensitive about other people talking on about his form and is often the subject and target of various people including those of higher power.


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Character Overview

  • Properties
    • Hemisphere Studios

Physical Statistics

  • Height
    • 40'0"
  • Weight
    • 86 tons
  • Wingspan
    • 60'5"
  • Body Type
    • Musclebound/Titan


Originally born as a human in the city of Augusta. He is actually the child of an interspecies family. Consisting of her mother who works as an owner of an Oceanic space elevator/Outpost and his father who is a strong Great Bahamutian dragon working as a fighter pilot for the Solterran Skyforces. His birth was the result of a revolutionary process known as "Maternal Preference Therapy" giving interspecies couples a chance to have children.

When Xendrian was born he was fully human without any complications until his after his twelfth birthday when he went though his first transformation leaving him in a draconic form weighing over 600 pounds of muscle. Doctors discovered two new genes formed as result of this: A shifting gene and a gene of unknown characteristic. But that characteristic soon attributed to Xendrian's unnatural muscle and mass growth when be became older.

By his late 10's his has already reached above the global average height for lesser dragons which is roughly ten feet eleven inches. His was twenty four feet and nine inches. But only to his dragon form but his human form remain unchanged at 5'11". He was often called names for his form and that is when he decided to stay as a human through most of his college years. After college he felt no longer bound by the taunting of his torturers and can freely shift out of necessity up when he reached his mid 20's when he now stood nearly forty feet tall and over eighty six tons of muscle.

Most of his jobs included construction worker, surveyor, and to satisfy his degree in forensics, a detective for the New York Regional Police. He joined Interrealm though a mysterious recruiter who came under interest for Xen's abilities that to them are superior to that of normal "tough" dragons. Xendrian had multiple adventures and dramas in his service with the agency.

Mutliverse Unlimited

Xendrian is first introduced in the first episode of the trilogy with "Nightmare of a Dream" in his involvement with the fighting of the two extra-dimensional beings who were responsible for the destruction of Chicago. It was then it was the beginning of something useful of his dragon form. Later on he developed a relationship with prime earth's strongest dragoness: Lady Evelynn and it was proven in one training battle that even the giant Bahamutian was nearly no match against the smaller but much stronger dragoness.

In "The Wrath of Terramok" Xendrian was hospitalized after battling the unstoppable Terramok from destroying the city when he fully recovered the day after, doctors were amazed that he had no problems when he shifted back. Battling Terramok again he really put his strength into it leading to a temporary activation of the unknown gene which increased his strength enough to bring him down.

The battle however strengthens his subconscious hatred for those "weaker" than him. Spawned by his youth and hidden deep inside the "Curse of the Elder Wyrm" is a bane most strong dragons have but his was about to be let out thanks to a sorceress who uses that to turn him into a demonic dragon forcing to leave before he can do harm to his friends and to Evelynn after he attacked her. Not too easily with the sorceress and Terramok who he both killed.

He returned fully cured and reinvented, in time to fight in the Prime Earth War with the Ka-Tao leaving his small army to find Evelynn, In a struggle to get her out of the mothership to fight Ranasake she used the tractor beam to propel him out moments before the ship exploded. But mysteriously she survived when he found her at the mall. Evelynn, distraught takes Xendrian to several places but they both ended up in danger until they reached planet in the most remote area of the Prometheus Universe.

Xen grew upset and demands why is she taking her to these places and why is she being stubborn against him. That is when she broke down in tears and tells him that when she survived, she was saved by a mysterious being that told her that he was going to die.

Distraught he embraces Evelynn and tells reminds her even though it all that that he'll protect her no matter how many times she uses her strength to push move him around. Tragedy strikes as a Ranasake survived as well with a energy gun at hand and in a last minute effort to kill Evelynn, Xen uses himself as a shield and takes the shot. Dying him her arms he told her that he never has gotten the chance to tell Eve that she loved her deeply and to find her happiness before he dies.

Xendrian returns ten years later after being resurrected from the Phoenix Realm. Even though it has been a year in that mysterious purgatory. It took a long time to get things back in order and to prove that he is indeed the real Xendrian. That was soon proven when he was invited to meet someone in an abandoned site. Upon arriving, he comes across a larger dragoness blended with machinery and moving back in fear he stopped when he heard the familiar voice of his lover.

Evelynn, now the Mistress of Fire of the elusive but powerful Dragon Council embraced Xen knowing it was fully him. Xendrian was happy that she managed to get through in the ten years he was gone and then suddenly Xen offered to fly away with him. But in mid-flight he realizes that in his embrace that he felt life inside of her, He knew that she was pregnant with a brood of another lover and he can't take that away from someone she has found happiness with.

The both of them landed and told her that he can't go through with it and told her that she has found her happiness and that he can't protect her anymore knowing someone else know has. With one final embrace he left with a goodbye. Xendrian despondent is approached by Blind IO who is indeed Evelynn's new husband telling him what he did wasn't an easy thing but the right thing to do. Only to respond that he better take care of her as much as he did.

In the final episode Xendrian as candidate for president reflects on what has happened up until now leading to the announcement of who won the election that will make or break Solterra.


Taking place four years after the events of "Multiverse Unlimited" Xendrian is elected President of the Solterran Alliance after his predecessor has deliberately tried to bring the nation into Isolationism through berating relations with other worlds and his involvement in the destruction of Interrealm. Xendrian developed the Realms Protectorate to be its successor in the role of protecting the Multiverse.

During his first term he proposed that in order for Solterra to even face the world stage again it will have to go through three golden ages and his was the Redemption to which sacrifices were made in order to be in good graces again which include the assisted capture and delivery of Sage Preypacer in light of the travesties committed by him in the Great Wide Universe.

President Maranmore has gotten word about the plot to assassinate him and he and his chief secret service agent Mayer escaped the White House in the midst of a massive attack by one dragon made from McMillian Air Force base in a desperate effort to kill Maranmore. Leading to an all-out battle between him and "Xendrian Zero" a powerful clone of himself capable of killing the original. But a plan was made involving the detonation of a massive building complex and Xendrian survives the blast.

As if things can't get any worse for him and Kiarmaru he is facing the threat from Empress Trae Mobius after they made a first strike against a passenger ship claiming it violated "their space" when it is actually Auroran claiming to all super nations of the Thirteen Realms that they now belong to her and any resistance will be destroyed.

These lead to a series of events and aggressions leading to the Dominion Wars where all worlds from the thirteen realms fight against the Dominion of Twelve. Nearing the end of the war Xendrian sensed the call for help that Kiarmaru is giving to him but has no way to get out of the War room until Lady Evelynn showed up against the will of Lord Psudodrake.

She gave Xen a powerful sword needed to battle the powerful guards of the Dominion at the palace and a way out of the War room. After she left, Xendrian tells the Vice President Willowei to do all that she can to keep the war going while he escapes to save Kiarmaru now an Avatar of Aequitas. His vast knowledge of the staffs of the Five Sorceresses make her a danger far worse than the defeated scourge.

After arriving at the palace he helped break Kiarmaru's hold of the staffs' power and brings it back to normal. Arriving at the Merlin's Dragon with a heavy explanation.


Xendrian is only mentioned in the reminiscent portions of the first season. First mentioned he attended with other powerful leaders in the Great Continuum Conference in this final two years in office following his return to adventuring as a full dragon.

Other Media

In Daniel "Pendragon"'s Demon Sage Maranmore is part of the clan known as he Dra'cons who has been elected to President. Into the days of his term he has to make the difficult decision to give up one of Earth's powerful protectors: Sage Preypacer over actions too horrid for him to take anymore. He ordered troops to find and Seize Preypacer in order to take him to Aphkian courts. He then sent Grand Admiral Global to witness the trial pending anything that might harm the safety of the party.

When Global told the president that Sage made it through the trial, he is still on edge. Feeling the first blow as he reminded to himself that the clans of Prime Earth will not be hesitant to kill him if he repeats his "tantrums" ever again.

In another session, Starlight Industries C.E.O. Toronoshi visited Maranmore while he was working on other appointments. Noticing the number of other corporations on his list and later decides to propose an action that would contribute to the making of the First Golden Age.

From Pendragon, this is how it went...

"I notice that you have alot of appointments today, Mister President." Teran says as he sits down in the chair opposite Maranmore.

"You noticed that." Maranmore made it a statement, he didn't bother questioning as to whether or not Teran knew it. "Alot of my appointments are from pushy Megacorps just like you."

"Just like me, Mister President? I have difficulty seeing the similarities." Maranmore's brows beetled in concentration, and before he could voice anything, Teran continued. "For the past several hundred years, Mister President, the so called 'voice of the people' that was evident into the ear of those in power within this very office, was the voice whispered to them from special interest groups from the varied corporations. Oil rights, petty land grabbing, tariffs, and so on. While the corporations got what they wanted, the people suffered, and despite that the corporations got all that they needed to support themselves, they didn't trickle their profits down to the common man, and instead made their workers work harder for the same amount of pay."

"Yes... yes... that's exactly how it was!" Maranmore said slapping his hand on the desk of the oval office.

"Which is why I intend to help you end it."

Maranmore blinked in surprise. "Come again?"

"Mister President... These corporations, these special interest groups have absolutely no purpose having any sort of presence on the hill. They didn't support you when you needed it, and now that you're in office, they are pressuring you for laws that will benefit them. Am I correct?"

Maranmore nodded.

"Then get rid of them all. All it would take from you is to poke your head out of this office door, and send a memo through one of your administrative assistants. The hill would be cleared by your secret service people within half an hour."

Maranmore eyed Teran. "And what does this do for you?"

"Mister President... how many Presidents and C.E.O.'s do you see from these other companies coming to see you personally?"

Maranmore blinked again. "Well... none."

"Exactly. They don't even feel you important enough to busy their leisurely schedules with. The benefit that I get, is nothing. The benefit that Starlight Industries gets... is nothing. The benefit I seek, Mister President, is the benefit of the common person. I'm going to help you bring your dreams alive, Mister President... One step at a time... but the first thing to do, is to squelch greed..."

Following to take a shot at his suggestion news reports broke out about the mass clearing of congress enacted from the President. When a press conference was called in for the cause of the mass clearcut of all of the special interest groups President Maranmore responded "It was all an act of friendly intervention".


  • Despite having the build of an exaggerated bodybuilder, he doesn't like competitions or tournaments because he considers them useless compared to the real world adventures outside of the arena.
  • Is known to utilize combat by using his own wings as combat weapons.
  • Known to have a nervous skin reaction to witch hazel is the feeling is similar to being doused with itching powder mixed in scalding hot water.
  • During the Great Continuum Conference he is often described as the "Ultimate Diplomat" for his superior negotiating skills.
  • Is the only mortal dragon outside of Draco and Leviathan to speak fluently the ancient language of the time before time.

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