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Link titleLink titleLink titleBold text== WELCOME TO GRIFFIPEDIA! ==

This site is designed as a information resource for our past, present, and future projects. If you are new to Wiki sites, the concept is a user defined collection of information about our business. You can edit as you go allowing us to "add to", "update", "correct", "modify", etc. This will create a "Data Mine" to collect and organize our institutional knowledge.

  • Structural Items
    • Deep Foundations
      • Auger Cast Piles

>>> i have struggled with these.

      • Caissons
    • Shallow Foundations
    • Special Foundations
  1. Skin Items
    1. Substrates
      1. Densglass
      2. Masonry
    2. Stucco
    3. EFIS
    4. Brick
    5. Glass
  2. Finishes

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      • Mallory & Evans, Inc. *** Website [[1]]is a mechanical contractor that operates primarily in the city of Atlanta. The ****surrounding metro area ...HVAC[[2]]
  • Contents
  • Work History
  • Projects
      • ChoicePoint Data Center Upgrade
      • ChoicePoint Bluegrass (Tenant Buildout)
      • New Macedonia Baptisit Church
      • Realm (Wood/Novare Condominium Tower)
  • Contacts
*G.T. Brown 7701112222
*Frank Babbit 6781234567
*Charles King 4044567890
  • Work History
  • Mallory & Evans has continued to be one of R.J.Griffin's "go-to" contractors on the toughest projects for the best clients. An internal department of design and service is capable of the largest scope of design-build projects. Though typically one of the more premium subcontractors in the mechanical and plumbing trades, they have the ability to contribute to the design team effort, providing excellent value-engineering options.


  • ChoicePoint Data Center Upgrade:
    • This project is in the design phase where Mallory & Evans will be providing construction services only. Design services are by the owner contract with Barnett Consulting. Original contract amount is to be determined.
  • ChoicePoint at Bluegrass:
    • Mallory & Evans was the design-build mechanical and plumbing contractor for the 60,000 sf tenant build-out. Original contract amount was $856,048 with change orders to contract totlaling $64,408 ($59,405 attributeable to increase or change in scope).


  • Split System HVAC
  • A split system is a heating system utilizing two simle systems, such as radiators and also indirect warm air. In most case this invilves the condeser (heat exchanger) separate from the Fan Unit. Blah
  • Contents
  • @Pros
  • @Cons
  • @Anticipated Costs
        • Pros
  • Split Systems are usually used for smaller applications where individual areas need full control of the entire temperature range. Blah blah
        • Cons
  • Split Systems require additional outside space for placement of the condenser unit as well as inside space for the "fan units" blah blah
        • Anticipated Costs
  • Split Systems are generally more/less cost effective depending on their applied use. blah
        • Typical Applications
        • Sample Projects
  • St Joeseph's /Candler Cancer Care & Research Pavilion
  • blah blah blah


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