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Do not vandalise my user page again. That just earned you a one week block. Talk pages are for messages, user pages are not. Do not take your problems with me on a BluWiki page and start ranting about how I deleted your page. Nobody deserves to be attacked for making an honest mistake. Mistakes do happen. If you would have mentioned it to me politely, I would have apologised and restored it. Bitching and complaining isn't helping, and I've removed that from the page. Please do not add it again, or get anyone else to add it, or they will be blocked. We take personal attacks very seriously here on this site and if I don't know what you're saying (because I don't know the language), I will assume a personal attack. It should be painfully obvious to you and anyone else that my userpage & talk pages are both in English so I accept comments in English, so you should have had the good sense to use it, not Polish (which is a language I do not understand).

You should've said: "Nathan, you should not have deleted Futsal", and I would've said: "Ok, then, sorry".

I don't want to see any more attacks from you or anyone with respect to FutsalNathan (talk) 12:28, 24 January 2008 (EST)

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