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Uxoria Corporation

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A corporation originally founded 60 years ago by the Korx entrepeneur named Phoxic. Although it was originally a merchant company, it quickly evolved into a pirating group and then finally a planet trading corporation. Uxoria was renowned amongst those who would purchase cleared planets for leaving their targets completely intact. The company was destroyed many times in its history, often for the further profit of its founder, but it always reformed as he continued his relentless, neverending search for profit.

A year or so ago, the Dominion of Korx made first contact with the planet Valgris. Though the initial trade and diplomatic relations were legitimate, Uxoria swooped in afterwards and purged the Dominion loyalists. Phoxic and his minions then took over, setting up Uxoria HQ in orbit. Over the following year, dozens of corporations were absorbed into Uxoria through both legal and illegal means. The crown jewel of this expansion was the acquiring of Falheight Industries.

Uxoria's ultimate goal was of course to rid the planet of all indigenous intelligence and then sell it on the market to the highest bidder. It was stopped at the last second however and Phoxic was supposedly brought to justice. But...

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