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Rants on the VGOC main page are usually a complaint or general expression of feeling during the contemporary time period. It is similar, but has distinguishing features to a blog in that emo, politically motivated, cult-like, and Nintendo-based product advertising are not permitted in this section.

Cutts by Jiajia

Fuck Cutts! She must find it hilarious to take marks off everything. My recent Homework check had marks of for the most obscure reasons. Example: Not having brackets when multiplying two things together. She is quickly becoming Walter Murray's most hated teacher. Honestly, does she feel proud that 50% of her students have dropped and all her smart kids have low marks? As a teacher myself, I think I'd just drink some poison.

~Jiajia. November 2006.

Kenny just dropped the class, but to save her face, Cutts has asked Kenny to stay in the class to "listen in". That officially brings the 5th Period class down to 11 people. When I learned of the news, I enthusiatically asked Kenny four times whether or not he dropped the class, pretending not to hear the first three times. Cutts "cut" in by the end saying "well Ken's mom and I are great friends. I will allow him to listen in." After which I asked Kenny, "so you dropped this class eh?"

~Zhang. November 2006.

"Exclusive" Phenomena by: Nick Spooner

Okay, this is really getting on my nerves. You may be saying to yourself, "Oh no! Where did "Feeling like shit" go?! Now no one will know what only Oleg says!". The answer to this question is: I deleted it! Yes, get pissed if you wish, but the fact of the matter is, it is NOT FUCKING EXCLUSIVE TO VGOC!! I don't know how this is a difficult concept to comprehend, especially for members of VGOC, who a good portion of which are advancies. To make my point, here is a list of people who say "feeling like shit" when they feel like shit:

  • Me
  • Oleg
  • People who want others to believe they aren't feeling well
  • People who aren't feeling well
  • People who have legs
  • People with a mouth
  • People with diabetes
  • Animals that have learnt to speak
  • Talking Rocks

As you can see, everyone says this, therefore it's not exclusive. Don't believe me? ask anyone you know what "feels like shit" means. Search google for "Feeling like shit". The reason im so pissed is the last time i wrote this on vgoc, someone just deleted it. Here is my impression of what was going through their heads at that moment in time: " 'in classic me making fun of someone voice' Hmm...this evidence is overwhelming...but I want don't want it to be true, so it's not. Everything i think is correct because i want it to be. I will just delete this, that will make the truth go away. Now that that is done with, im gonna go eat some bees!" STOP BEING RETARDED. This is the Video Game Olde Crew, not the Crew For Dumbasses Who Can't Cope With Facts. So if you think something IS exclusive to vgoc, ask someone first. Otherwise i will start adding "exclusive phenomena" such as "It" and "Dog".

While a bit overly angry, I completely agree with Nick here. Although I have to make the point that thinking "Kriti" when someone says "Dog" is mostly exclusive to us. ~MF

Actually I deleted your previous comment, along with an equally angry comment from myself, because I found them both to be unessicarily rude. If you feel it shouldn't be there, fine, delete it, also notice that many more people say "uh" and "basically" than just VGOC. "Arbitrary Blaming"? lets be angry at thet too. You wanna know how BBH started? Hope was giving Jiajia, Tara and Kate a ride to SPED last year. Tara wanted shotgun but Jiajia eloquently stated "Bros Before Hoes". Since then it has been shortened but it is by no means exclusive. Who gives a shit anyway? I didn't realize this was such a strict regime. If you think about it, Oleg uses "feeling like shit" in a subtley differnt fashion than most people. But honestly, its not worth this much hostility.--Jia² 16:38, 24 January 2007 (EST)

Apologies, by Seanacton

Ok, the entire world, not to single anyone out, seems to be rather incompetent and immature with apologies, those who wrote them are evasive and seem unable to take any blame, and those others I have spoken to, seem to take it all like a joke. So let me see if i can put this all into perspective. Ok, as I see it, here's the deal, lots of the VGOC are probably thinking that a certain victim of our taunting has reacted poorly to the jokes on this page. Let us reflect briefly, then, on the general immaturity of constructing a website solely dedicated to degrading people behind their backs.

That being said, I recognise that not everything I say is either jovial or sarcastic, and I would like to apologise wholeheartedly for everything I have said that has not been. Further, I would like to say that my philosophy towards such taunts dictates that "Thou shalt not dish out what Thou canst take." I have personally been subjected to a whole-fucking-lot of taunting and I have learned to grin and bear it. Especially among my friends, I am able to brush such things off as jest. This next statement is gonna sound like heresy but heed closely my thoughts. You could all take a lesson from Hank. Sure, we all think he's a loser, but really he is self-assured, and I would be willing to bet quite satified with himself. He knows how to take jokes with grace and is morally, quite the upstanding gentleman.

With that in mind, I think we all know that a lot of feelings can be hurt through the content of this website. And while I will not attack anyone for what they have written (You all are entitled to your opinions, and I mine) I know you all feel bad about hurting anyone (and should if you don't). And so, on behalf of the entire VGOC, I am taking this opportunity to apologize for all the shit on this page that has offended anyone (I know jokes sometimes cut deeper than straight-up insults). On a related note, Vandalism of VGOC is equally immature, especially now that I have made crystal clear that nothing within these pages is ment to offend anyone. I have taken some pretty hefty emotional (and otherwise) beatings, and I'm not too fucked-up, so let's just put all this shit into the closet with Nathan's homosexuality and get on with our lives (I'm awkward enough around girls, I don't need to be awkard among you guys too.)



  • I don't think Hank is a loser. Good points, somewhat hypocritical

Attendance, by MF

Seriously, this is getting pathetic. Project AssHo had a higher drop percentage than Cutts' class. That's bad. Basically, here's how a current VGOC party breaks down, time-wise:

  • People show up slowly, and by 8 or 9 everyone finally arrives, despite being told to come around 3, 4 or 5.
  • VGOC has about 3 hours all together
  • Someone leaves at 11:30, claiming that they have "Shit to do" on a very long weekend.
  • In the wake of that one person leaving, many people leave shortly after.

Now, correct MF if he's wrong, but he believes VGOC was founded on the grounds that we should waste as much time as possible. That includes staying the fuck overnight. MF doesn't know about everyone else, but he enjoyed it quite a bit more when the VGOC would do stupid crap until about 4 in the morning, then all go to sleep, wake up again around 10 (For most people), prod Omarg until he finally wakes up after 12, and then go our seperate ways around 1 or 2. What's happened to that? Increasingly, people have just been leaving. So that MF is understood properly, here are some good reasons to not stay overnight:

  • You are female
  • You have been sick all week
  • You have to be somewhere before 9 in the morning
  • You have a large homework project due that you could not have finished some other time
  • Your mother dies
  • The world blows up

Also, so that everyone is perfectly clear, MF outlines some reasons for not staying overnight that are unacceptable.

  • You don't feel like it
  • You work at 11, in plenty of time for someone to wake you up
  • You have to waste time doing other things
  • You have homework to do that you could easily have done ahead of time, when you had a chance to
  • You broke a nail
  • The sky is the wrong shade of blue outside

MF will give you a hint: Many of these things happen regularly, and some of them seem within the realm of possibilty.

So what it breaks down to is this: VGOC was designed to have fun. Fun generally occurs when more people are around. Now, MF isn't saying Sean, Oleg and him didn't have fun hanging around alone at AssHo, but it could have been much better. Plus, when over half the party suddenly departs, it becomes hard not to take it personally. If feels to MF like others don't want to be around.

Once in a while, having a drop rate lower than Cutt's class is acceptable. Having stayovers this low occur three times in a row (Live!, FUCUTTS, and AssHo), it becomes a pain in the ass. Here's a hint for those of you that work: If a party will occur, book that time off. If you have stuff to do, do it ahead of time (MF can see how there's a rush to do stuff over February break. He had to start packing a full 12 hours before he left for Vancouver). As the top of the page clearly indicates, 4 more months. Then VGOC will have people going to the U.S., Toronto, BC(?), Waterloo, and Japan. If some serious turnaround doesn't occur before that happens, MF is pretty sure people will be left with poor memories of VGOC.

So, to recap:

  • Unless your name is Rachel, you should stay overnight (She is exempt for obvious reasons)
  • Come early, leave late
  • VGOC only has a few parties left
  • VGOC is about having fun and wasting time - two things that have been in short supply recently
  • You should stay overnight
  • Anyone who reads this rant should either object to it or agree with it, for the record. Sign below:

Ammendum by MF: Perhaps MF didn't make himself clear. VGOC is failing currently, largely because people show up late and leave early. This needs to be fixed, because when there are only 3 hours when everyone's around, there isn't much time to do much of anything - Mafia, video games, Mahjong, football, chi battles, charades, whatever. Is MF properly understood at this point?


  1. What are we, some religeous group? What if I just don't want to stay overnight? Do you even think it's a remote possibility that I hate spending time with you all? NO! But sometimes staying overnight just isn't such a huge deal. I am very much past the stage where I refuse to stay overnight because I am afraid to wet the bed. I can stay up as late as anyone, and still get up early. But seriously things like "Marth! Guard me while I charge!" is not the only things I wanna be hearing all night. Hey, like MF said, VGOC is designed to have fun. And if one is forced to do something... I broke a nail.--Jia² 18:43, 20 February 2007 (EST)
  2. Forcing ppl to stay the nite, isn't that a bit extreme? makes vgoc seem like a cult now where one has to follow a certain set of rules... tho none of this applies to me ^_^ but i do agree with the ppl going to parties earlier part... unless the host is unwilling to provide food, ppl should be at the party by 4 or 5pm. 9_9


  1. ~MF 00:01, 20 February 2007 (EST)

*Sigh... by Jiajia

Ahh... has anyone else noticed the recent hostility taking place here? We're all friends, god dammnit. Seriously. I attribute this to Nick leaving for a week. Apparently none of us can play nicely without Nick. So why can't we go back to the way we were before? When I joined the VGOC, sometime in grade ten (I remember Li's invitation fondly) we were a happy group of teenagers who played video games. We still play video games, but are we still happy? Recent developments here tell me No. Why not? Sean, while I agree with most of the things you have written (I unno if any of it is personal attack on me, I don't feel I apologized awkwardly) I would instead argue we be more like Oleg. Oleg, when insulted, does one of two things. 1. "augh...." *shakes head 2. FUUUUKKK YOUUU.... *shakes fist/middle finger. Oleg is very smart! He doesn't let anything affect him! And he never rants (liek this lol) about anyone else. We should strive to be less critical of each other. And the behind the back making fun of people thing? Yeah, I've done it, so have you, we can cut back. Make fun of me, but make sure you have the grounds to say what you say.--Jia² 19:01, 20 February 2007 (EST)

  • actually, now that I think about it, we're starting to act liek sterotypical american girls, I dunno, food for thought. Lol seriously, whats Nick gonna think when he gets home? We should have a VGOC meeting, talk this out between bros.--Jia² 19:05, 20 February 2007 (EST)



Step back, breathe, be real... by Michael Zhang

VGOC's newest "controversy", the biggest to date, has attracted attention from more than a few people. Let me be straightforward. In relation to what happened on VGOC, there deserves an overall explanation. VGOC was not created to harm anyone. It was originally meant to be a few guys who wants to play video games all night and honestly have nothing better to do. If this is gay, then so be it. The website originally was meant to be a way of informing people about upcoming video game nights so the hosts, MF and Li, don't have to call everyone. Let's remember this first. Admittedly, however, we have evolved. The disclaimer at the top of the page (which has been up ever since the website's creation) suggests that this is basically a way to (ab)use wiki technology and kill time. There is truth in that.

We must recognize, however, that some of the content has evolved to become inconsiderate, although perhaps not the original intention. Howard and Hank, especially, have been the unfortunate targets. For these two to be offended is perfectly understandable, and therefore VGOC owes them a sincere apology with no strings attached. Rocky has also been a target of ridicule at times, such as in the case of "Ice Cream Rocky". He is not offended about the pictures, although he did raise that certain things that were on the website were "quite mean". All of us, at VGOC or not, along with Hank and Howard, are all brothers, and any division between us is a sad joke. This division was the result of VGOC crossing the fragile line between things that are taken as jokes, and things that are simply offensive. That being said however, for people like Prasun to protest against what has, in essence, satirized his own constantly outright offensive behaviour, is quite frankly, more hypocritical than anything ever written on this page (including this very comment). Just today in Mrs. Brown's class Prasun was making fun of Hank -- many VGOC members have stepped up to protest Prasun's unacceptable actions, all to no avail. VGOC would like to apologize to Prasun, but our moral convictions tell us that it's somehow not right. But we will do it anyway.

So all that aside, we should go back to the time where we were, well... uh, basically a group of guys who wanted to play video games (and perhaps Mafia) all night long cauz we want to. There is only four more months of high school left. VGOC has learned from the experience, lest anything stupid like this plague us again. ~Zhang 23:19, 20 February 2007 (EST)

WTF: by Nick Spooner

Uh...What's going on? Can someone explain whats happening?

lots "changes" around here... by Li Tong

hmmmm.... ok.... interesting... I just hope that I didn't insult anyone in the pass, which I don't recall doing. However if I did, let me just say that we as very close friends tends to get too comfortable and sometimes insensitive to one and others, so if I did make someone feel bad I apologies, I have always tried my best not to make anyone hate me... Li Tong (p.s. I am ok with all the jokes you guys put on me lol)

Ultimate Shame: by Nick Spooner

Michael Zhang receives the Ultimate Shame of the Year award for missing the band trip to be an MC for freaking JA. Adding a 4th edition to the amazing memories and life altering joy of the Walter Murray Band trips, should be first on any Band members mind. But Zhang has given this up in order to be an "MC at some Junior Achievement" - Stephen Davis, a job that could be just as easily done by Rocky. All members going on the trip should express to Zhang their extreme and utmost displeasure in his course of actions. Shame! ~Nick

I just want to say that I am just as disappointed that I will not be going on the band trip. The Annual JA Banquet, which will also be my last, is an event attended by various government, community, and business leaders. For me to go to the organizers and say "oh, I can't MC for it anymore" because "I'll be going on some band trip" is as difficult for them to accept as it is for you guys to accept that I'm missing the band trip for "some Junior Achievement thing". Next time a rant like this is made, please consider the extenuating circumstances. ~Zhang 23:03, 5 March 2007 (EST)

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