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Valgris is the world the ECRPG mainly takes place on. Many of its denizens call it the MFW instead, hearkening back to its original presence as the Mobius Forums World in the progenitor RP.

Valgris, the proper name for Lakar II, is a planet not too dissimilar from Earth. It is an interdimensional hub, and as such, many of races and beings intermingle freely, and the schools of arcana, psionics and the like are constantly increasing in number. It would appear to have had numerous ancient civilizations long since past and buried.

As a dimensional hub, Valgris boasts an incredibly high level of technology, made available from alien races. It is also almost constantly under attack from one force or another, most likely because of its tactical advantage in interdimensional warfare. Valgris, since the incident with Bleakren has had two moons - one its own natural moon, the other the Arcadian Black Moon. The Emerald Lodge is more or less directly underneath the summer position of the Black Moon.

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Locations on Valgris
Valgris system

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