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Valgris system

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Objects and bodies in the star system of Valgris (Lakar II).


Lakar is the interstellar name for Valgris's sun, and objects in the Lakar system are numbered according to their orbit number outward from the star.

Asteroid Field

In position of where the fifth planet in Valgris' star system might have been, there is a large ring of debris and rock, similar to that of the real-life Sol system. Within the field, there is known now to be an unknown quantity of Tiberium, as Halirjin pulled several of these towards Valgris, resulting in the Phazberium crisis.

The Sandarians have several mining stations in the belt, mainly for ores for smelting. In addition to this, they also have several observation platforms set up on the larger asteroids.

Tiberium (c) 200X EA Games


Ba'al (Lakar VII) is the outermost planet in the solar system Valgris resides. Due to this, its climate is quite cold and dreary. Most of the planet's surface is made of ice and crystal formations, giving the planet a shiny, cut look when viewed from orbit or a telescope. It has a single moon, which is red, and surprisingly extremely volcanic and violent. Somewhat due to this, parts of Ba'al are always warmer when under moonlight. While no native life exists on Ba'al, due to its moon, it is habitable, but still quite cold, especially in places where the moon never shines.

Ba'al was the current headquarters of the Four Terror Seekers organization until the Lodgers had to arrive to save a friend, causing the Seekers to have to flee to another location. Their base had been built on two previously existing natural(?) structures known as the Rooms of Chaos, and Tranquility, which both seem to have magical properties.

Space Colony ARK

This article or section reflects a concept or character as it is in EC, which is not necessarily consistent with the original source material. Please see the relevant links at the end of the article for the canon.

Concept art of how the Space Colony ARK would look in ECRPG today. By CyKairus.


Space Colony ARK was a research facility that was supposedly shut down over 50 years ago by the military organization, GUN. Among the scientists on board was Dr. Gerald Robotnik, grandfather of Dr. Eggman. ARK was closed under the premise of an accident; in reality the scientists were rounded up and either executed or put into prison by GUN soldiers.

In the events of Sonic Adventure 2, Dr. Eggman made ARK his home base, tricked by Shadow and his grandfather's diary into gathering 7 Chaos Emeralds into the ARK's Eclipse Cannon, instigating a doomsday program that was stopped by the combined efforts of Super Sonic and Super Shadow.


Space Colony ARK, as a research facility, is shrouded in mystery, though it seems to have served multiple research areas in different areas; the Eclipse Cannon, a massive charged particle cannon, and the Artificial Chaos, water-based attack drones, are the best representation the ARK had into its military research. Project Shadow was an enigmatic project by Gerald Robotnik that was underway until the shutdown of ARK. Other projects may have been underway, but no one, not even most top GUN brass, know what they may have been.

Recent Events

Recently, the Lodgers travelled to ARK to stop Dr. Henry Von Klaus from taking over the world using a combination of fusion reactors and the repaired Eclipse Cannon. The battle ended with Von Klaus' escape and the destruction of a good portion of ARK; the Eclipse Cannon was annihilated and a great deal of ARK's interior was lost in the explosion. ARK currently exists as a sort of hollowed out version of itself, its outer areas fragmented from the explosion of several microfusion reactors. ARK currently literally exists as a shell of its former self. Also, more recently, a massive alien vessel of unknown origin has crashed into ARK.

External Links

Wikipedia article on the ARK.

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