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Venus Razor Blade Coupons

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Venus Razor Blade's History

Razor blades had long been a product devoted to the needs of men. They required sharp, precise blades that could cleanly shave the face with no irritation. In 1915, marketing began to show up encouraging women to shave their underarm hair, something that women never did. Shaving leg hair came soon after. It was also primarily a result of advertising as well as shorter skirts. With the onset of female shaving needs eventually came the onset shaving products designed especially for female shaving needs.

Gillette is a brand from the company Proctor & Gamble. They offer a variety of personal care products, mainly safety razors. The Gillette Company was acquired by P&G in 2005, but the original company was founded by King Camp Gillette in the year 1895.

The Gillette brand is well known for their shaving products. King Gellette wanted to protect his business early on and began filing trademarks for his products. The first safety razors with disposable blades came out around 1902. He introduced the twist to open model, the Aristocrat, in 1934 and the first adjustable razor in 1958.

There have been a variety of razors that have come out on the market over the past century. The Sensor for Women was the first Gillette razor for women, but it was the same as the regular Sensor with a wider cartridge head.

Specialty Razor

Though there have been specialty razors for women from other companies for years, Gillette came out with the Venus Razor and put a lot behind it. It was advertised as the ultimate female razor. They put a lot of marketing into it, and they even introduced it to the world as well as the U.S. right from the beginning instead of waiting cross-country expansion.

The Venus Razor is the female version of the Mach 3. There are other versions such as the Divine, Vibrance, Embrace, and Breeze. Each have different specifications, most are just a female version of the original male razors.

Venus Razors

No matter which type of Venus Razor you use, it is well-known that Venus offers a close shave for women with easy use. They are a product of Gillette, which has mostly shaving products for men, but they are very popular among women.

Best Attributes of the Venus Razor

The best part about the Venus Razor is that it gives a very close shave. It leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, and silky without having to make several passes with the razor. One stroke is enough to get a closer shave than some razors get in two. It's sharp blade cuts close, and its pivoting head helps to prevent nicks and cuts. The pivot makes it ideal to use around the knees and other hard-to-shave areas.

Each blade has a strip with aloe and vitamin E. The strip is blue and starts to fade away when you aren't getting a good shave any more. The indicator strip tells you when you need a new blade. There are several different varieties of Venus Razors allowing you to choose the one that fits your needs best.

Where to Find Venus Razors and Blades =

Venus Razors and blades can be found anywhere personal care items are sold. You can get them at the supermarket, drugstore, and at almost any website that sells personal care items. You should be able to find the disposable razor blades where the razors are sold.

Razor Coupons

The biggest downfall with Venus Razors and the disposable blades is that they are expensive. There are several ways to save money on the blades, and the initial purchase of the whole razor. Getting coupons is an easy way because there are lots of opportunities for coupons with them.

Check online coupon sites. They list a bunch of current coupons that you can print out. They often have personal care items on sale, and they could have Venus razor coupons at any time.

Check the packaging your razor blades come in. Sometimes they include coupons for your next purchase. It doesn't require any extra work other than paying attention to your purchase.

Check the Sunday paper. Sometimes you can get coupons in the Sunday paper, too. Usually, they have the same coupons in the paper as they do online, but this gives you double the chance for coupons. Use the coupons on double coupon day if your store has it, and wait until they are on sale. Buy a bunch at once to save money. They are razor blades so you don't have to worry about anything spoiling.

Shop with a Discount Program

There are websites online, such as MyPoints, that gives you points for shopping. These points can be redeemed for gift cards. You can also get extra specials such as 10% off or free shipping. Shop at a drugstore website through MyPoints and you can get extra savings and free points.

Joint a Discount Warehouse Store

Discount warehouse stores such as Costco or Sam's Club sell razor blades in large packages with 16 blades or so. The price isn't usually much more than the cost of 4 at a regular drugstore. Take advantage of the bulk savings. You might be able to pay for an entire year supply of razor blades with one purchase.

Saving money on Venus Razors is possible with the use of coupons and discount programs. Take advantage of whatever savings are available to you, and you can get a great shave at a low price.

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