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Vermont Country Store Coupons

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About the Vermont Country Store

In 1879, Vrest Orton's father opened a general store in Weston, Vermont. He catered to the nearby towns, and people would come to his store to chat and wait for the stagecoach that delivered the mail.

Vrest remembered the little store fondly, and after he had married his wife, Ellen, they sent out a little catalog advertising their products of their own store to their friends at Christmastime. The year was 1945 and the response overwhelming. Vrest Orton was a skilled writer prior to opening his general store and had run a printing shop with his wife.

Their reputation for having well made products that the farmers and other people living in the area spread like wildfire and the next year they opened their store known ever since as The Vermont Country Store. They have a million customers every year and their clientele continues to grow because of their genuine interest in their products.

They will not sell something that they would not use themselves. The multiple generations of the Orton family stand by their products with old fashioned pride. Another store in Rockingham, Vermont, can also provide you with the same service as its parent store.

Online Catalog

Included in shopping at the store as well as through the mail order catalog, The Vermont Country Store also has their catalog online. This handy website offers the same great merchandise from the past as well as the present in the forms of candy, bedding, clothing, utensils, toys, holiday items, kitchen and house ware, outdoor, items for vehicles, and many more quality products.

Coupons for Vermont Store

Popular Products

People like to walk down Memory Lane with the tasty morsels that are still purveyed here. A variety of chewing gum such as Beeman's Clove Gum and Chiclets are just two types. Bun candy, Necco Wafers, and vanilla drops will bring back youthful memories.

Waking up to the sound of a Big Ben wind-up alarm clock will chase the night away. Old fashioned jams and jellies, rice, meats, breads, and baking mixes will delight taste buds. Syrup and other products made from maple are sold from the heart of maple country.

The Vermont Country Store also offers fragrances like Windsong and White Shoulders for women and English Leather and Brut for men. Nighties, socks, underwear for all seasons, tops and pants, and many other clothing items are reasonably priced and will be shipped promptly.

Store Coupons

The great news is The Vermont Country Store coupons can be found online as well as offline to help save consumers money on purchases. By adding "The Vermont Country Store coupons" into a search engine a variety of promotional coupon codes can be found. Savings can be $20.00 or more on some purchases depending on the offer.

Another method to find deep discounts is at the Yankee Bargains section of the catalog, but coupon codes online provide discounts on the fine product inventory. Seasonal sales offer special discounts on products for special times of the year.

Shipping and handling are commonly free for purchases of $50.00 or more. If a dilemma causes The Vermont Country Store coupons to not be properly added to a final purchase, contacting the company by email or telephone may remedy the problem.

Customer Service

The customer service at The Vermont Country Store promptly fills orders and makes each customer's purchase a satisfying experience. For people living near the stores, printed coupon flyers may be found in those areas. The Vermont Country Store coupons and discounts can also be found in local newspapers near the Weston, Vermont and Rockingham, Vermont stores.

The Orton family doesn't just have their own profits in mind. A percentage of sales every year goes to help a multitude of charities locally. The Orton Family Foundation also helps rural communities nationwide through their non-profit agency. Sales using The Vermont Country Store's coupons and coupon codes helps many people lead successful lives.

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