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  1. Game
    1. Session Logs
      1. Antecedents PI: Case Logs and Reports
      2. Orphans: Mishaps and Adventures
    2. Setting
    3. Character Generation
    4. House Rules
      1. Dreaming
    5. Atlantis Background
      1. Atlantian Confederation
      2. The Orphanage
      3. Dor-Manis Surrender
      4. Friends and Strangers
      5. The Bloodlines
    6. Antecedents Background
      1. Age of Aquarius
      2. Antecedents P.I.
      3. Dr Butler
      4. The Antecedents team
      5. Fundis
  2. Antecedents Characters
    1. Andrew: Leopold Arkenov
    2. Byron: Victor Cabal
    3. Ian: Robert Stane
    4. Richard: Corey
    5. Samson: Kai
    6. Jim: Royce
  3. Orphans Characters
    1. Andrew: Puyter the Archonian
      1. Puyter's Plan
    2. Byron: Wendy (Woody) Winter
    3. Ian: Mouse
    4. Samson: Vecna
    5. Jim: Piper Jake

Bio Data

Name Victor Cabal
Gender Male
Nationality USA
Birth Location Amityville, New York
Height 180cm
Weight 80kg
Age 21
DOB June 6, 2006, 6am
Religion Non-denominational, non-practicing, Protestant
Western Zodiac Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Dawg
Blood Type AB+
Languages English (native level); Japanese, Arabic, Latin (accented)
Shtick Lawyer/Mind melter


What kinda fuckin' genius grads law school, picks up a job at his pop's law firm and has enough time to take on Vegas before his 21st? Me! - Victor Cabal, after his graduation ceremony, Yale.

September 3, 2027 - Trial by Firepower

Thong Song was on, well a contemporary remix at least.

The performers wowed the audience from all positions, on several stages and a central cat walk. Customers, voyeurs and Johns packed the joint, seated at the bar, the stages, various tables and booths. Victor and Eric sat back against the wall opposite the main door. There were no marked fire exists. Why would there be. The place was a speak-easy. The Fundis made sure of that. All flesh is unclean, they deemed and places that allowed such unfettered displays of flesh were dens of sin and hence outlawed. Fortunately for Vegas the Mafia and the Roman Catholic Church kept the casinos open.

Victor sipped his beer and enjoyed the show as patiently waited for his friend to finish his business. The thumping of the music seemed to have a numbing effect as he finished his beer and ordered another. After downing that one he decided it combined with his slightly blurring vision necessitated a closer chair, nearer the main catwalk.

He must has stood up too quickly, the club started spinning. Strangely enough, the music seemed to dim and the voices of the punters became clearer. Victor decided a pit-stop at the gents was in order, perhaps a splash of water or a piss would help shake the lead out. He focused on the faux brass plaque pointing towards the restrooms.

Everywhere he looked, people were speaking so clearly. How could he hear them above the music and over each other? Why where they say what they were saying. It was all becoming too much.

Victor could feel the bile rising in his throat at the voices and comments as the incessant chatter and strobe lights caused him to become dizzier and nauseous.

Victor could see his hand move inside his coat, he bolted for the door. Tiles exploded as bullets peppered the wall to his left. Outside was mayhem. Men in long coats were tearing the place up in a hail of gunfire. Punters cowered, on stage dancers lay dead, dying and wounded, some crawling, attempting to escape. Security and some punters even returned the favour, spraying the Fundis with slugs and flechettes of their own.

He poked his head around the corner to check the coast was clear. Ahead, the short corridor finished in a dead end. Gritting his teeth, Victor headed back into the melee. It was darker now, some of the lights had been shot out, but the gun smoke, strobes and chaos all added to aid his flight from the slaughter.

Victor broke from cover and surged towards the door. The gunman dropped his machine pistol as a shot from security floored him. He grabbed the gun as he dove through the saloon doors, charged up the stairs and out into the night.

The door opened long enough for him to dive in. Bullets sparked, peppering the sides of the car as it sped skywards.

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