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Viz 2

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A popular nickname for Jose Vizcaino, especially the soft hitting, constantly annoying, and crappy fielding variety. Durring his 17 year career he's had the pleasure of playing for no less than 8 different teams including the Dodgers, Cubs, Mets, Indians, Giants, Yankees, Astros, and Cardinals. This nickname stuck when he shared a clubhouse with someone worthy of the Viz prefix (Omar Vizquel). Vizquel was everything that Vizcaino wasn't, thus the Viz 2 nickname.

Also known as El Dopo. Partly in deference so as to not confuse Viscaino with the greatness that is Omar "Dreamy" Vizquel. But mostly he is referred to as El Dopo because he always has a dopey look on his face when he boots a grounder, takes a called third strike, or runs out onto the field to play 2b when his team is actually at bat. Also because he looks like he never stopped sniffing glue--no matter the week.

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