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Weber Liu/Poetry

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A Little Bird

A little bird flew by my way
I asked it how it was today
It chirped and cocked its head to say --
Nothing -- before it flew away.

A Discourse on Poetry:

A nuanced reading of the text--
So hard to do correctly!
The stresses seen in poem's context
Must not be read directly.
Although caesuras be abound
You must not try to read around
The poem's hidden meaning which
Is bound to be something profound
Or hidden in some blasted niche
Where it waits to be found.

Special Advert!

But wait, there's more for you in store
Don't hesitate-- call now before
Our limited supplies run out
And then you'll have to do without
This wonderful product which is
So exquisite! Or so he says
That sleazy salesman on the tube
He lives nearby the Blue Danube
Which is a far cry from where he claims
To live. Why Princeton has no other names
Than what its founders laid to fame.

A Rash of Similes

Sly as a fox
Dumb as a dog
Fast as a cheetah
And slow as a log
Quick like a snake,
Ready to strike
Sluggish as a slug,
And snails alike.
Small like a mouse
Big like a house
Tiny like a louse
Who annoys your spouse
White like a rabbit
Black like a leech
Tan like the sand
You find on the beach
Comforting like a blanket
Irritating like a rash
And annoying like the person
Who's writing this trash.


Scribbled on last night's math homework
Lying on the floor
Among scattered papers
The letters trembling
As he wrote his last message
To the world
The only sound now
Shoes knocking gently against the wall tiles
Swinging gently with the wind
Limp like a dead rat
Arms locked tightly against his sides
Like a deadbolt
Face purple as a grape
Teeth clenched
And yet relaxed
Eyes rolled back into the skull
And tongue lolling out
Bleeding, chopped in half
Where the teeth came down
When he jumped
Out the window
Rope now tightly wound around his throat
And blood
Dripping softly
Onto the dark, green grass
Staining it
Brick red
And all is quiet

Laughable Limericks

There was a young boy from Caliefe
Who killed all his friends with a knife.
He bid them farewell
And said, "Go to hell!"
But by accident took his own life.

There was a young man of Strife
Who would kill rabid mice with a knife.
But he mistook his spouse
For a lunatic mouse
And so now he is missing a wife.

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