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Weekly Review

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Review the Tickler File
Look at all of the folders/pages from the past week, making sure that everything was done.
Re-Tickle anything that didn’t get done, if appropriate.
Jot down any ideas that occur to you while reviewing and put them in the In-Box.
Calendar Review
Review past calendar in detail for remaining action items, reference data, etc., and transfer into the active system.
Review upcoming calendar events - long and short term. Capture actions triggered.
Project Review
Evaluate status of projects, goals and outcomes, one by one, ensuring at least one current action item on each.
Browse through project plans, support material & any other work-in-progress material to trigger new actions, completions, waiting-fors, etc.
close and archive any completed Projects
update current and forthcoming Projects on the Project List
check the status of Next Actions that are in @Waiting For, and tickle or calendar a contact action for the person responsible for getting back to me. (Do not actually email them now, the purpose of this exercise is review, not do)
Next Action Review
Clean up the @Next Action list with the focus on “is the action/project still worthwhile” and “what is being waited on“. This is the third time the @Next Action list has been looked over by now, so any Next Actions remaining should be valid.
Review the Someday/Maybe list
Review for any projects which may now have become active, and transfer to “Projects.”
Delete items no longer of interest.
Review Waiting-For List
Record appropriate actions for any needed follow-up.
Check off received ones.
Review Support Files
Scan through these files and archives for inspiration.
Brainstorm Creative Ideas
What would your current projects look like from beyond the completion date? Envision wild success, what is the best possible result? Capture the features, concepts, and possibilities that you imagine as a result of this success.


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